Mehak’s Past – episode 3

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The episode starts with Mehak removing her hand from his clutches with other hand and says to him “The one who you are searching is died by your hands so better not come in my way I am not the not that person who always forgives and live with everyone.she leaves from the competition to Khanna’s house and went to her room , shut the door and reminding all the incidents which were happened today and a tear drop from her eyes.
Shaurya and others family members did not notice the conversation between Kharana and mehak since they are busy in celebrating the victory.Then they search for mehak but did not find her and kanta called her she said she was in home.So all are relieved and went to home.
Back In home mehak who reminded an incident in past
Then mehak replied to him that I WANT TO GO OUT NOW BECAUSE IN THIS HOUSE I FEEL SUFFOCATED WITH YOUR SO CALLED POETRIC FEELING.Good bye.He try to catch her while she was running away by making fun of him.
Then suddenly shaurya knocked the door and she comes into the present.
Shaurya asked mehak” why did you lock the door did you forgot that I will also stay here?”
Then mehak replied “This is my house I can do whatever I want.”
Then shaurya said “You said that I am hunger of power and money and I don’t value any relations like that.Now Look at you are having hunger to win the competition so that you are not even respecting your own husband.”
Then mehak taunts him that “the one can do anything to win the competition with cheap tricks must not gave me moral speeches like this”.
Shaurya says that “Tumse baat karna hi bekaar hai”
Mehak also says same feeling for me also and slept either side of the bed and slept .
Next day mehak wakes up who is not willing to go to competition but has to go because of the promise given to the mohit.she get ready and do the pooja and ask the god to give strength to face the obstacle and goes to cooking competition.Everyone from the mehak’s family also reaches there.
The anchor are preparing everything to begin the next round but Abhinav Comes to him and whispered something in his ears.Then anchor saying before starting the next round we have to present surprise or gift to winners of last round.So this is a gift to mehak .He says other than cooking with food mehak also knows singing and this is here memory.
The video plays where mehak sings in the video with song
Hmm…. hmm….
Ham toh bhai jaise hain, waise rahenge
Ham toh bhai jaise hain, waise rahenge -2
Ab koyi khush ho, ya ho khafa, ham nahin badlenge, apni adaa
Samjhe na samjhe koyi ham yahi kahenge
Ham toh bhai jaise hain, waise rahenge -2
Hmm… ham dil ki shehzaadi hai, marzi ki mallika
Haan… ham dil ki shehzaadi hai, marzi ki mallika
Sar pe aanchal kyun rakhe, dhhalka toh dhhalka
Ab koyi khush ho ya koyi roothhe, is baat par chaahe har baat toote
Ham toh bhai jaise hain, waise rahenge -2
Hamein shauq mehendi ka na shehnaai ka hai
Ho.. hamein shauq mehendi ka na shehnaai ka hai
Hamaare liye toh apna ghar hi bhala hai
Sunta agar ho toh sun le kaazi, lagta nahin kabhi ham honge raazi
Ham toh bhai jaise hain, waise rahenge -2
Ab koyi khush ho, ya ho khafa, ham nahin badlenge apni adaa
Samjhe na samjhe koyi ham yahi kahenge
Ham toh bhai jaise hain, waise rahenge -2
Aa aa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, oh ho ho ho ho ho …

When song started playing mehak who was drinking water breaks glass which she was holding and her hand bleeds…Then Abhinav comes and brings ice immediately and apply aid to her to make her pain goes away.Shaurya gets jealous seeing his concern towards mehak.
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Precap:Mehak says to abhinav I think you feel more pain than me Now I am now enjoying the game you have started Mr.Abhishek khurana.

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