Meet my prince- a swasan journey: episode 6

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Hi guys!! Here I’m with my consecutive second epi today…this is my sixth epi….Do read it and comment on it guys..

The episode starts with swara and kriti leaving the class as the west sun shun on swara’s face..
Kriti: swara! I must be disturbed with all this stuffs..just go home and rest..dont let anything bother you….
Swara: hmm..okkriti…but how Did you come over there???
Kriti: (recalls sankaar’s Promise)…I came in search of you (stammers) found you there with arjun and I complained to avinash sir…the rest you know..
Swara: ah…ok..kriti ,,you leave first..i’ll come later..

Kriti: be safe dr…bye..
Sanskaar standing at a considerable distance from swara..sees her beside him..
Sanskaar: oh no!! if she sees me with ankit..then …I have committed a mistake..I must tell her the truth before she herself finds out..But now what to do??
Sanskaar signals ankit and ankit rushes aside before swara sees him.
Sanskaar: thankgod !!she seems to be leaving…
Swara turns around and notices sanskaar..(gives him an angry look) and moves towards him…
Ankit: (in a low tone) he’s gonna be bashed…come on swara..scold him…this idiot deserves it…
Swara comes near sanskaarand stares at him…Sanskaar Lowers his eyes..
Sanskaar: swara! I actually…(stammers)

Swara hugssanskaar tightly and sanskaar is struck …his hand trembles..breathes heavily…and hugs her back…
Ankit:what is happening around here? Im not daydreaming..(he pinches himself hard)…hug uh? How?
Someone calls sanskaar on mobile…and swara,sanskaar get conscious simultaneously breaks the hug..
Sanskaar: uh..(cuts the call) swara….you fine right??you only said na to leave…so only….or else..I would have helped …(stammers)
Swara: today soulfully I’ll ask you …sanskaar will you accept me as your friend?
Sanskaar completely puzzled looks on at swara….

Sanskaar: swara..I cant understand anything..
Swara: I know you helped me …you asked kriti to do so… right?
Sanskaar: no swara…I didn’t help you…kriti must have ..
Swara: kriti didn’t say anything …..
Sanskaar: someone has just fooled you, ..
Swara: no…sanskaar… I myselfsaw …
(Fb opens Up).

Swara gets relieved seeing kriti with avinash sir and as she rushes to her she notices sanskaar at a distance and notices kriti signaling sanskaar indicating him she’ll take care of swara….
Swara: I’m not dumb sanskaar.. I can sense people, the truth through their eyes…I confirmed that you are disclosing the fact that you helped me..your eyes hesitated to meet mine…you avoided seeing me directly…
Sanskaar: sorry (holds his ears) swara..
Swara: no sorry nd no thanks between friends sanskaar…friends right?( raises her eyebrow)…
Sanskaar: uh… you have satisfied my condition( refers to the hug which swara refused to do previously) I’ll accept..(gives a grave expression and then winks cutely).

Swara : this much attitude not bad….ok bye I’ll leave sanskaar..its late..
Swara turns and starts moving..
Sanskaar: swara!
Swara turns around..
Sanskaar: same place?..

Swara: same time tmrw we’ll meet k??
Sanskaar smiles and turns around…ankit looks out finding swara has left..he comes to sanskaar..
Ankit: you cheap..liar…(starts hitting him)
Sanskaar: ankit..stop yar…you hit me for everything..
Ankit: why didn’t you say it to me yaar???
Sanskaar: actually ankit…I thought you all will assume things…so only…
Ankit: ahh…is that so??helping her wont let anyone assume things…we all know about arjun …. I myself would have done it…If I were there..
Sanskaar: sorry…buddy!!
Ankit: don’t utter a word sans…
Sanskaar: please ankit…I’m really sorry…I thought you would scold me for helping her..
Ankit: but after I scolded you for not helping her… you could have said it na???
Sanskaar: you very well about me that I don’t divulge or like to expose myself when I help anyone…then toooo…

Ankit sighs and turns around ..
Ankit: haann…all these stuffs are pretty good… what was that I saw??
Sanskaar: what??
Ankit: seriously sanskaar??hug !!! I was shocked buddy…
Sanskaar: uh… buddy it’s getting late shall we leave?
Ankit: but sans… what would happen if she gets to know about you?
Sanskaar: I don’t know …

Ankit: why didn’t you reveal it today?
Sanskaar: didn’t you see what the problem was…and the situation …she thinks me as her friend and if I reveal the truth…she may be …I ..
Ankit: cool…buddy…let’s see what the future has in store for you…
Arjun overhears everything….upset with his suspension…..he vows for revenge on sanskaar.

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  1. Rosey

    wow yaar amazing swara got to know that sanskar help him great

  2. Arshaanya

    Wow swara got knew it was sanskar who hlpd her…
    Nyc chappy

    1. Aradhana

      thnks dr…

  3. Raina

    very nice

  4. Abirsha

    Wow super dr

  5. Awesome….

  6. Anurta

    Amazing awesome fabulous superb
    Loved it alot post next part soon waiting eagerly for it …………

    1. Aradhana

      anurta dr…my 7th epi is posted already…watch out…thnxxxx for commenting dr..

  7. awesome…!! loved it…!!!

  8. Mind blowing

  9. Mica

    wwaaaaa… smart swara

  10. amazing

  11. Simi

    Awesome ?

  12. Neeti

    The Avinash nd Arjun wala prt was awesome. I am really glad that he got suspended but now he is planning against Sanky?. Please isse aha se koi nikalo. I was very happy that Swara got to knw that it was Sanky who helped her. The hug was????? loved it. Nd Sanky is so sweet. Nd make the wpis bit long please.
    Ok bye, more cmnt on nxt epi- Neeti

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