Anidita – Love or fire? (Part 3) Meet Anirudh Roy Choudhary

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Guys for people who didn’t know about Bondita’s Entry I will start Thank you.

Present In London

Bondita! Bondita Where Are you? Oo My friend where are you? He said in a sarcastic voice.

Coming! What happened wait.

She said.

When? A call is there for you!

From where?  She asked with a some hope. Maybe from Tulsip..Sakha Babu! She whispered faintly

What did you say? He asked.

Noth…nothing Rudra. She turned her head towards him her long hair fell on her behind. With a wide smile she ran towards the phone booth. ‘Hello’ Who? She said with some excitement. ‘Hello’ ‘Sa..Sa..Sakha Babu’ She stammered. But after a minute she was  getting impatient with a high tone voice said Hello Sakhababu. Maybe Her Lips carved for his name. After 5 yrs she was waiting for this call. Sakhababu! But the call got disconnected. She was wondering who was that Maybe Sakhababu was crying  or what? Whatever she was happy to know.

Diya! Her Teacher asked?

Ye yes mam!

See you are a topper but I need to talk with your family me..

Why mam? She interrupted.

What happened? Dont you have a family?

Mam but but..she was not ready to tell. Her teacher sensed it. Ok ok I understand. No problem You can carry on. All the best!

Thank you mam. With a tear drop on her cheek. She ran to her room.

Her teacher felt something wrong.

It was your sakhababu right? But why he didnot talk? How would I know? She whispered. What did you say? Asked Rudra. Nothing… She froze there

Ice Cream? Ice cream? Bondita Ice cream? He clapped but she was not responding. Bondita? She was thinking something Maybe about her Sakhababu.He thought.

“Bondita” He screamed. “Yaa” where was I? She asked him with a doubt.

Yes Yes Yes I dont know where You were but Ice Cream? Yes of course. She said with her head high. Yes Yes you are always ready for a argument and an ice cream. Right? ” Yes of Course” She said proudly. After a couple of minutes Rudra Came with a two cone ice creams in his hand. Bondita Your Ice Cream. ‘Thanks’ She took her ice cream. I am thanking to make a complaint on… he was  about to say on vut she said Our Miser Caretaker! By god if there was any tax on misers then I swear the government would not have got the money. Hahaa… They Laughed. She is a miser miser…. Hey I am going Bye! He said. Bye Rudra She said

In her room

She was writing a letter to her mother.. Precap – Yes..Jamai Babu Bondita should Pay for our losses. Anirudh Says I will never meet Bondita everafter. “NO DADA PLEASE DONT SAY THAT, DONT DO THAT. She said.

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