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Hey! It’s me Anshita here with another promo of ME, YOU AND PASSION! Since I haven’t posted since a really long time, some of you might’ve forgotten all about the story. So, just for all of you to recall the previous storyline, I’ll be adding the link of the previous episode for all those who’d been missing up on any part or had forgotten about the story.
Here’s the link: click here

So let us begin….

A college trip to Shimla has been planned over the winter for all the students of the campus, and both Sonakshi and Dev will be going to enjoy their winters with all their friends and especially, with each other. On a brief count, most of the students have applied for the tour over the vacations, including Rahul. Over the short period of time spent by Dev and Sonakshi along with the rest in Shimla, plans for confessions will surely be made, but whether they’ll turn out to be a successful or not is still a key question.

(Sonakshi’s POV)
I know this has to be it. It certainly has to. I am sure I love him, I am sure he loves me, I am going to be getting really close to him, although I already have, then, why do I seem to be getting such a strange feeling? Is there something terrible that is on its way to both me and Dev? Does destiny have to play its own games? Or, is here something, or rather someone, who’s trying to come between us? God, I’ve always been devoted to you, and in return, I wouldn’t ask for anything more than keeping me and Dev together, at the end of the story. I know this will be tough, very tough indeed, but I know that if we both really love each other, we will surely be able to overcome all obstacles. After all, isn’t this story all about me, Dev and passion?

(Rahul’s POV)
I know I won’t fail this time, definitely not. This time, I’ll make sure that Dixit hero is nowhere close enough to my Sona. And, if he dare do so, I know only too well what will happen next. Although I’m sure he wouldn’t even think of coming anywhere near Sona, of course, since he’ll be utterly disgusted of her, I’ll still make sure Sona herself keeps out of reach, willingly. This is really going to be fun. A movie worth watching is soon coming up!

(Dev’s POV)
This is it. Yes, it definitely is. Now, another few hours and then, me and Sona will no longer have to name our relationship by using the term ‘friendship’. I’ll confide, surely. And, as far as I know, I’m sure she wouldn’t be dejected. After all, she too loves me, right? This is going to be the greatest day of my life. The day when me and my true soulmate become one forever is nearing, but despite all the happiness that is entering my nerves, why do I feel afraid? Nothing terrible is to occur, I’m sure. Then why, why do I get such a feeling as if, as if some great danger is coming towards me and Sonakshi. But, no matter what happens, I believe me and Sona will just be able to make it till the end. Yes, we shall indeed.

What is the great danger both Dev and Sonakshi sense all about? Is it something, or rather someone, who wants to cause some great trouble between the two? Perhaps it might be their imagination, but if it is so, what is Rahul up to? Has he gotten anything to do that will cause some great destruction in two lives, or maybe more? Is this trip meant to bring Sonakshi and Dev closer or pull them apart for a bit too long, if not forever? Will these two souls really be able to make it together till the end to become one? Or, will it take a bit longer than they’d ever expected?

To know more, stay tuned to ME, YOU AND PASSION by Anshita.

How was it? Hope it was up to the mark, and if not, do let me know so. Although it is a promo, I’ve tried to make it lengthy enough to please all my readers. Do drop in your comments/suggestions! I’d eagerly be waiting from head from all of you.
And, I’d also like to thank all those who’d commented on my OS- NIGHT-TIME. To all those who haven’t checked it out yet, here’s the link:

With love,

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  1. Manya

    Eagerly waiting❤️❤️
    If they will confess their love in Shimla I would like u to show something like YJHD like if there will a butparbat(haunted mountain)and DEVAKSHI will go their and confess it to each other
    It’s just a suggestion?

    1. Hey Ayushi!
      Well, I’ll surely try my best to not make you wait much longer this time??
      Hmmm…well, firstly, I hope you liked the surprise planned for you as per you’d wished- DevAkshi’s college trip to Shimla.
      Secondly, I’ll definitely try to add up something like that IF the two confess….Now, I won’t say any more and simply keep my lips sealed until the next part????
      Love ya loads!?????

    2. P.S.- This DP is killing me!!!???????????

      1. Manya


  2. Niki645

    So excited!!!!
    First of ll, I am so happy u posted! At last!
    How can anyone forget ur amazing ff???
    That Rahul???
    Pls let there not be too many problems between DevAkshi??
    This promo was too good!!
    Eagerly waiting for the episode!
    Post soon???
    Loads of love?❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️???????????

    1. Hey Niki di!
      Yes indeed! Finally, I posted!????
      Awww…I can’t believe you’d term my FF as ‘amazing’! Thank you sooo much!?
      Hmmm…honestly, I’d have hated adding any drift between DevAkshi, but let’s see…after all, the journey is all about Sonakshi, Dev and Sonakshi’s passion! And, before any problem arises, I’ll make sure to add some nice DevAkshi scenes for sure?
      I’m delighted to hear that you liked the promo!
      I’ll try my very best to post the episode as soon as I can! And hopefully, I won’t disappear this time again!
      Loads and tons of love to you!????????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. Amazing promo…..?❤???…..I hope u r ok…and when r u completely ok…..come with an amazing episode…..

    1. Hey Maleeha di!
      I’m glad to see that you liked the promo!
      Well, I’m getting better now expect for my cold and my left ankle sprain, which I’d gotten during Basketball.
      I’ll try to post the episode as soon as I can.
      Loads and loads of love to you!?????

  4. Rockzzzzzz

    Finally u listed…a promo at least…it was long gap,I must say…
    the promo was really stupendous…but i just has left me with so many questions….will devakshi get seprated by Rahul or that venoumus plan of Rahul will fail….
    I just can’t wait to know the answers so plzzzz post soon

    1. Hey Pari di!
      Hahaha…yes, finally did I post a promo, atleast! True, it sure was a long gap and I’d terribly been missing writing for all of you and viewing your lovely comments!
      I’m glad to see that you liked the promo quite a lot! Hmmm…you seem to have many questions in your mind, I see. But, don’t worry. Hopefully, they’re answers shall start being revealed in the upcoming episode pretty soon. You’ll definitely have to wait and see whether Rahul turns out to be successful with his plan or not.
      I’ll surely try to post as soon as I can manage to!
      Tons and tons of love to you!?????

  5. Angel20

    Hey Anshi! The promo is really very interesting! But please dont let Rahul separate our Devakshi! Eagerly waiting for the episode!

    Take care!
    Loads of Love <3

    1. Hey Maria di!
      I’m so glad to see that you liked the promo and found it pretty interesting!
      Hmmm..personally, I too wouldn’t want anything coming between DevAkshi, but I can’t say anything here??? And, no matter how many differences come between them, they’ll surely be together at the end, I promise.
      I’ll try to post the episode as soon as I can!
      You too take care!
      Loads and tons of love to you!??????

  6. U back..?
    I used to love ur ff..really I loved it?
    but u stoped posting..completely..i waited..i waited..but no posts
    I finally have up
    u know what,if u stupid writer cannot continue to post then u should not start itself
    what do u think of urself…played with my emotions????
    just stop would be better and those who have have good comments…they too are blo*dy fools..commenting for stupid post
    I know I am sounding very rude,but u deserve it..

    1. Angel20

      First of all its not her fault. She was busy in her studies and was having fever too as she said. She does not have free time like you. There are many more important things than this off. So please don’t bash her, if you are saying so much you start off and regularly post it. You will get to know how difficult it is. Anshi don’t pay attention to bashers.

      1. Thank you so much for your kind and supporting words Maria di! I truly appreciate it, really. I know how to face such people, and I’m ready to show them their way out. Once again, thank you sooo much! Love you very much!???

    2. Hello! I may not know you, but if there’s one thing I’ve figured out, then it’s the horrible way you think of people.
      And yeah, I’m back, dude!??
      Great. Great to see that ONCE UPON A TIME, you sure did like my FF. Infact, you REALLY LOVED it.
      Yes. Yes, I did stop posting. Yes, I did. You waited, really? If yes, then THANK YOU! And if no, then I couldn’t care any less.
      Okay, so you’re calling me ‘stupid’, huh? You think it’s easy to post frequently? Maybe yes. I mean, for a person like you, who’s completely free and has gotten nothing to do, of course, it is simple to post soon. I started on a happy note, and too bad, but I’m still ever-happy. You know what? Start your own FF. And, then make sure to post EVERYDAY, okay?
      And, I’m not here to play with your emotions. I’ve gotten much more useful stuff to do than play with YOUR emotions.
      Firstly, if you REALLY loved my FF and had been waiting for it ever since, why hadn’t you ever commented before? Why didn’t you ever tell me to post soon? Why didn’t you ever try to convey your message? Because you didn’t really care. And now, when I’m finally here despite my bad health, you wanna play the blame-game. Cool. Like, if you’d ever commented on any of my posts and would’ve let me know that you were waiting, then I might’ve posted a bit earlier, you know. I mean, after knowing that there’s someone who’s DESPERATELY waiting for my post like crazy, I’d preponed the date. But dear you, never could you ever open that mouth of yours.
      Let me tell you, I WILL NOT STOP POSTING. However, you can surely stop commenting, if you wish to do so. So, you’re calling all these people commenting over here ‘bl**dy fools’, huh? Same to you!!! I may sound terrible and my language can worsen to a terrible extent, so better stay off and keep in limits! And, dear, you too are amongst those bl**dy fools commenting on this post!
      No, you aren’t sounding a bit rude. You sound really kind, you know. And yes, I surely deserve KINDNESS!
      So please, KEEP OFF!!!!!!!!!
      And yes, first of all, please learn how to respect people and speak to girls!

    3. Erina

      Hllo dear ,
      U loved her ff ryt but I’m shocked ur love was this much only ….nd how can u ulter such a stupid things about whom u loved once . I wounder then what u hve done if u r at my place ????? U know I loved to read ff nd whom ff I love to read I always wait for that no matter how much will it return aur not but I always hoped to get her nd his ff bcse I loved that nd I think its true love nd for ur kind information ultering against someone something is vry bad as its not her only one job infact u should be grateful to her that she back to entertain u only she is nothing expecting from u but only love nd if u can’t even give that then plzz stay away
      Nd yup those who comment good they r bad in ur thought as its upon u only how u want to take things. U know I waited for 3 months nd 5 months for ff only nd when they comed back I was hell exicited but not lyk u ulter such a bad or harsh word … I know u were upset but if u want to show our anger use other way not such cheap nd low way dude …. Its ridiculous…. Coming here nd doing this yukkk….

  7. Ria

    Hey Anshi,
    Finally? I was so eagerly waiting for this. I swear. Well, I’m so excited to see what’s in store for us that you’ve planned. This Rahul seems to be a nuisance? I don’t like him.

    Okay, don’t pay attention to the bashers. I know it hurts, but you can’t change the mentality of some people.

    I’ll be waiting Anshi for the chapter. Hope you get to post like real soon.

    Loads of love?

    1. Hey Ria di!
      Yes, finally!??
      I’m glad to hear that you’re quite excited for the upcoming track! Yes, this Rahul sure seems to be a nuisance. Let’s just hope he doesn’t do something a bit too terrible! I too don’t like him, honestly.
      I’ll take your words in and actually, I don’t really seem to be much concerned for such people. It’s just the way they are and I’m least interested in trying to change such unknown people.
      I’ll try to post as soon as I can possibly post!
      Loads and tons of love to you!?????

  8. Aarti32

    I’m waiting for it vry eagerly..n I’m sure I’m gonna luv it

    1. Hey Aaru di!
      Glad to hear your quite excited for it!
      Well, I just hope you really do like it!
      Love yah!?????

  9. Pooja26

    my darling 😉 😉
    howz u ??
    ; )
    waiting for u …. u know 🙁 🙁
    missed u dear 😉
    glad to see u back ….

    lovely promo…….
    waiting eagerly dear 🙂 🙂
    post asap….. 😉 😉

    1. Hey Pooja di!
      I’m doing good now. Hope you too are wonderful!
      Yes, I know you’d been waiting for me, thus, as an attempt to get a lovely smile on your face, I posted????
      I too mused you veryyyyyy much! I’m really glad to be back with you!
      I’m delighted to see that you liked the promo!
      I’ll try to post as soon as I possible can!
      Love ya!???????

  10. Heshine

    Hey Anshita….!!???dear…!hope u r well now….!!!how is ur health…!?and ur studies….!??and yeah finally my wait is over….!!so swweett…of u….!!!u have posted the promo of ur ff…!!!despite ur health….!!! Oh…?????????u r really lovely dear….!!!but may be some don’t knw that ….!!!so don’t u ever take those words into ur mind….!!!its waste of time….!!!and yeah pls dear….!!!it might affect ur health too ….so juz….throw those words off ur mind….those people cannot do anything since u have many more followers fa ur ff….!!!rather saying many more….I would juz say everyone….!!!so dear hope u understand….!!! Yeah….!!!coming to the point….!
    Oh the promo….!!!!??????????i juz loved it…..????????its awesome….!!!juz mind blowing……!!!oh I don’t have enough words dear….!!!its juz flawless…..!, rapturous….!, amazing…..!,
    But I’m afraid what is gonna happen next…!!!oh Anshita ….u r juz making me so crazy fa ur ff….!!!??????do post the episode really soon dear…!!!I have a hell lot questions in my mind….!!! What’s gonna happen next…!???????????wil dev propose sona….or is there something Rahul is planning….!!I’m sure that he is planning something but it shud not work ….as we need our dev and sona as devakshi soon in ur ff too……!!!??☺☺???so do post really soon….!!!but not with ur I’ll health OK…!?u can post after u r completely recovered….!!OK..!?hope u knw understand….. My dear….!!as I already said that “health is wealth” hope u remember is it…!?????
    Hmm well….!!juz waiting fa our devakshi to come together once again…..!!!???in ur ff….fa frst…..!!!then wat not….!!!Shimla……??oh its awesome….!!!oh it thoughts have no bounds as my joy….!!!!it’s really awesomeeee….!!!????u really wicked me…..!!!!so yeah post ……..soon….!!!waiting eagerly….!!!and BTW u r an awesome writer dear….!!u even manage ur fans by at least posting os or promo and satisfying them….!!!love u dear….!!!???????????????????????????????????????????????????????❤❤?????????

    1. Hey Heshine di!!!
      Gawd! I’m badly in love with you and your comments!??? Really!??
      Well, my health is a lot better than it had been before, all thanks to your sweet and warm wishes, of course!???
      And, my studies too are going great! The only thing is that there’s sooooo much to do!??? But, I always manage to keep myself happy by thinking of you and all my dear ones over here????☺️☺️
      Yes, your wait have finally come to an end! Finally indeed!????? And, you might not be able to believe this, but I’ve already started working on the next part!!!?????? Hahaha??? Actually, I’ve started to find some time between my studies to write a bit down, to get my work easier and quicker.
      Awwww….I might seem really sweet to you sweetheart, but trust me, you’re ever sweeter! Actually, you’re the SWEETEST!????
      Honestly, I also think that paying heed to such harsh words of people truly is a sheer waste of time. So, I’ve decided to keep your words in my mind, and I will no longer pay attention to such comments. And, if at all this is casing harm to my health, I’ll definitely make sure to trash out these words or else I know only to well that my lovely Heshin di will be really disappointed, which is something I can’t even think of in my worst nightmares! For me, more than the criticism, your love is what really matters???☺️☺️☺️???
      Coming to the promo, I’m soooooo soooooo soooooo glad to know that you loved it! I mean like, seriously? You really did it flawless? Thank you sooooo much honey! You’re really veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy sweet!<3333333?????
      Hmmm….the future sure seeks suspicious right now, but let's just hope for the best!
      Oh, am I really making you fall for my FF? I simply can't believe it. Really.
      I'll surely try to post the next one sooner than I can even think of, after reading your comment!???
      Hopefully, the answers of the key questions should be revealed really soon!
      Let's see what happens…will Dev propose Sona or will they part ways due to Rahul?
      I too hope to get Dev and Sonakshi as one and make them DevAkshi really soon, but I just can't say when. I guess it'll take them quite some time to get together, after all their drifts!???
      Of course, I'll post soon, provided with my well health. So, you don't have to worry, okay?☺️☺️☺️ Yes, I do remember your words, and never will I ever forget them!??
      Shimla, hope it's good enough in my FF as well! Since I haven't ever been there, all I'll write will be made up. So, fingers crossed for now!????
      Me, an awesome writer? No way! Infact, you're an awesome Sister to have! A lovely Friend indeed! However, I'm glad that I could make you all happy even with just a promo!??☺️☺️??
      Loads and tons of love to you di!<3??????????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️???????????????

      1. Heshine

        Haha…!!well I knw dear how terrible the skl work is….??.and yeah I’m happy that u have started to work on the next part…!!post soon dear…!!will be waiting….and yeah believe me ….I mean every word in the above cmnt…!!!???

    2. Yup, school is the best part of my day, but all those tests and homework sheets definitely aren’t!?????
      I’ll surely try to post soon!
      Awwwww…and I too meant each and every word, really I did!?????????

  11. Erina

    U know what I’m upset … Aisa bhi koi krta hai kya???? Huh.. ??nd where were u ????? Nd after seeing ur track record now I don’t want any promise from u …. Hope u got my words but if not then come to me again nd u know what I come to know about ur health from one of my frnd so how r u now ?????
    I missed u nd ur ff so much ?????koi nhi now u r here . coming to promo what to say its mix feeling after reading sometimes its giving so much hope .. ?☺???? but sometimes it snatching all those hopeshopes????? but what a promo swtheart. Its full of suspense, hope nd ol? ???????. I must say u r back with bang my love nd u will definitely rock with ur ff too . ☺??????????nd I’m happy to c u back in my lyf… ?☺????? nd how can I forget u nd ur ff ??? U know this much about me?????

    With loads of love to u
    Erina ☺?????????????

    1. Awwww…I’m sooooo sorry di! I really am! I’ll surely try to compensate for it as well! If possible, I’ll write an OS especially for you!!?????
      My health is way better now, nearly perfect!☺️☺️☺️
      I too missed you sooooooooooooooo much!!!??????? But, I’ll not disappear again!????
      I’m glad to hear that you liked the promo! True, it is very suspicious to me as well!?????
      Yes, I’m back here with a bag just for you and I’ll rock it all with your love!???☺️☺️☺️????
      I am soooooo soooooo soooooo happy to get YOU back in my life!!???????????
      Awwwww…I’m sooo happy to hear that you didn’t forget my FF! Di, I mightn’t know much about you, but I’d surely love to!?????????
      With tons and tons of hugs and kisses<3?????????????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️????

  12. HarSHaN

    “Luv is a Dare”!!!!Superbb…I bet Rahul ‘ll mesmerize n fall in Luv while seeing Dev’s confes/Propos..The view of Individual is scripted NYC.. “..Though Rahul try to stop Dev,his mind felt Dev as a “Hero”…The m4a I hear now is “Luv is a Dare” too!!!Strongly matched..!!Make the next soon Anshita…

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