Mayavi Maling 9th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Angad proves his innocence

Mayavi Maling 9th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Garima asking Angad to prove his truth by entering the Maling lake. Adhivan tells them that Angad isn’t scared, he will prove the truth. Angad asks won’t I get a chance to cry for my mum’s death, even if she is evil, don’t I get time to accept her death, I don’t agree to this, I m leaving. Adhivan asks Garima to let Angad leave. Garima says but…. Dharani asks Garima not to say a word now. Angad leaves. Dharani scolds Garima. Garima says its about Pranali and her future, I doubt on Angad as he is acting as saint. She asks Maharaj to be sure of Angad, its her duty to think for Pranali’s good, she didn’t do wrong by asking Angad to prove his truth. Chegu says Garima has said a right thing, which elders couldn’t say. Maharaj says but people will think we don’t know to respect guests, our family’s name will get on stake, Garima should have seen time and place.

Chegu says guests will go home and forget what happened here, listen to me, Garima did right to ask Angad. Vaidehi asks him not to cross limits. Maharaj says you have a thinking like any immature guy, this haste will make you fall in trouble. Garima says fine, I did a mistake. Pranali says I don’t know what’s right and what’s wrong, I m fed up. Angad comes and says anyone will be fed up…. by this belief and disbelief game, I want to end this, there is just one way, I request you all to come to the lake. They all go. He says I will step in the water, I will come out unharmed and prove it to you all, I thought to keep my respect, I didn’t wish to leave from here with anyone’s doubt. Adhivan says I m proud of your decision. He recalls Madhumali. He steps in the water. They all get shocked when nothing happens to Angad. Chegu and Antara can’t believe it. Angad sinks inside. Arak says Angad has sunk. They all get worried.

Angad comes out unharmed. Everyone gets shocked. Pranali smiles. Angad comes to Maharaj and says I hope Maling lake has washed off your doubts and the questions on my identity. Garima cries and says I was sure that he is Daanav vanshi like his mum, his truth will be out and he will die, but now I have become wrong. Eshwarya consoles her. Garima says I have ashamed dad. Pranali says I can’t console you, its better Garima minds her own business. Eshwarya asks what are you thinking. Pranali asks them to talk anything else than Angad. She taunts Garima. Angad concentrates his powers. He thinks of Marekasur’s help. He gets the shield to get saved from the Maling lake. He thanks Marekasur for support. He says I will reach close to my aim by your help. Servant says Pranali has come to meet you. Pranali thinks his anger is justified, he doesn’t want to meet me. Servant says maybe he is sleeping. She enters the room and looks for him. She gets shocked seeing…

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