Mayavi Maling 9th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Angad confuses Maharaj

Mayavi Maling 9th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Maharaj and Pranali getting shocked seeing Angad’s hands red. Maharaj says I had a doubt, but now its clear, I gave you a chance as well. Angad asks what is the matter. Maharaj asks Pranali to speak up, being Maling’s queen. Garima asks Eshwarya why is she tensed. Eshwarya says Chegu is coming with his mum. Garima jokes. Eshwarya says Chegu is coming to talk about alliance, just go there and ask him to return, this marriage can’t happen, garima asks why, you love Chegu, dad respects him and mum agreed too. Eshwarya says no, mum misunderstood, just go and make Chegu leave. Garima goes. Maharaj asks servant to keep door closed. Mandhari says sorry to come this way, but it was imp to say. She shows her hands coloured red. She says this happened with my son Pratap and Rani Bhoomi

as well. Maharaj and Pranali get shocked. Adhivan comes to Garima.

She says I keep coming here to throw stones in Maling lake. He asks do you know your dad’s reply for the alliance. She thinks Eshwarya knew this but didn’t tell me. Eshwarya sees Chegu and Antara coming. She shouts to Garima. She says I should have not depended on her. Dharani sees Chegu and thinks why is he coming this way. Eshwarya says Garima got me stuck. Adhivan says maybe you don’t know about this. He goes. Mandhari says someone joked with us, what will we do now. Angad asks Maharaj to complete his word. Maharaj gets confused. Garima says I forgot to stop Chegu. Maharaj says I was saying… Servant says Chegu has come with his mum, and want permission to come. Maharaj permits them. They come in with tribals.

Antara says I want to talk to you in private, can you permit us. Maharaj says sure Devi Antara. He asks her to go inside. Chegu sees Eshwarya and smiles. Pranali says I will find out who added color in the water. Maharaj says I will talk to you later Angad, I need to see guests. Dharani gets upset and goes. Garima apologizes to Eshwarya. Bhoomi tries to get rid of color. Garima laughs and jokes on her. Bhoomi gets upset. Garima asks about her and Adhivan’s alliance, what did dad say. Bhoomi says I don’t want to joke now. Garima says no, trust me, dad knows it. Dharani comes to see Antara. Antara says I m glad you have come, I know you are aware of it, I have come to ask for Eshwarya’s hand for my son. They get shocked. Antara asks didn’t you know about it. Maharaj says no, why do you think so, this has really shocked me.

Maharaj trains Pranali to become the lake protector. Pranali gets ready to take the risk and complete ritual.
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