Mayavi Maling 8th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Angad falls in trouble

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Mayavi Maling 8th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Trishanku laughing and hugging his son. Angad comes and smiles. Madhumali, Angad and Trishanku bless him. Adhivan says I didn’t get too skilled like you. Angad hugs him. Trishanku says we will celebrate his coming. Arak comes and says I caught the attacker. He sees Adhivan and gets glad. Eshwarya gets warned by Agnishakti. Antara uses her powers. Chegu calls her out. She gets disturbed. Eshwarya falls down the river. He says you have to stay safe. Chegu says dad permitted us to stay here. She says yes, I promised him you won’t keep any relation with Maling Rajya, Eshwarya is coming to meet you, I won’t let this happen. He asks how do you know this, I met her once. She says Eshwarya has to return. Eshwarya swims.

There is a celebration in Mahapuram. Trishanku gets happy. Angad says dad’s fav son has come, how will we kill him. Madhumali says calm down, maybe he got some time to live, I gave you a ring for Pranali, have this controlling ring with you. He asks did you make dad wear such ring to control him. She smiles. Eshwarya hears the wings sound and smiles. Chegu comes to her and asks why did she come again. She says you won’t ask why did I come. He says to sacrifice your head. She says I had come to return your thing. She gives the knife. He says I thought I lost this, I m glad to have this, go back, don’t come here again. Madhumali and Angad come to the cold cave. She asks him is he shocked. She takes him somewhere and shows him Pranali. He doesn’t understand.

She says Pranali can’t see us, she is seeing your gift. Pranali smiles seeing ring. Madhumali says you wear this vashikaran ring now. He says it means I can make her do anything. He wears the ring and says I don’t need this ring for her, she obeys me. Madhumali reminds Eshwarya. She says I want to know how she got the powers, Pranali will help us, you have to be in Maling, its possible just tonight, remember this will be just an ornament after moon rise. He asks how will I go there, by what reason. She asks him to make reasons. They smile.

Eshwarya asks what’s my crime. He says Rajmahal people aren’t allowed here. She says fine, I will go. He says wait, I will drop you. She says no need, I will drop you. He asks how will you go, by swimming, I will drop you after sunset, anyone can see. Adhivan hunts for whale and attacks. He misses the shot. Angad is on the other boat. He laughs and asks will you defeat me. Arak plays there. Angad attacks the whale. He misses the shot. He says I can’t lose to anyone, not even my brother. Adhivan says game won’t be game if you want to win, you can see the aim clearly when your heart is calm. Angad sees a whale coming from behind. Arak gets shocked and alerts Adhivan. Adhivan’s boat gets damaged when the whale attacks.

Adhivan manages to hold on. Angad gets angry on Arak. Adhivan says person loses concentration on anger, you can’t win today. Angad says I didn’t forget any lesson. He sees Maling Rajya and shows it to Adhivan. He says my would be princess is here, would you like to meet her. He asks the man to drive boat ahead. Angad hits Adhivan’s boat, when Adhivan aims at the whale. Both the boats turn upside down. They all shout for help. Angad and Adhivan see the whale coming. Adhivan stabs the whale. He says I did a disaster, sorry. Angad says whale will attack on us, you have to learn a lot. Arak shouts for help. Angad holds Arak and hits on his head. They get shocked seeing many sharks coming.

Angad and his group get saved by Maling soldiers. Maharaj gets all of them treated by Vaid. Pranali cries for Angad.

Update Credit to: Amena

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