Mayavi Maling 8th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Madhumali gets punished

Mayavi Maling 8th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Maharaj and Angad leaving the decision on Lord, who will punish Madhumali. Maharaj goes. Garima says I don’t trust Angad even now. Her mum asks her to be quiet. Garima says Angad can’t be trusted, is any pic such, he stained his would be wife’s character and now he wants his mum to get beheaded. Rajmata says think of him, he was under the effect of black magic since childhood, how would he react, he spoke up in the court, he will get to hear the taunts in Mahapuram, I feel he should be given a chance. Vaidehi asks Maharaj what does he think. He says its tough to take a decision, giving a chance to Angad will be risky, if he is acting and holds black powers, it will be a danger for Maling Rajya, and if he is innocent, we can show our devotion in Mahapuram, we have to know Pranali’s opinion. Pranali says but I don’t understand, Angad is really plotting something, I can’t trust him. They get shocked seeing Angad. He asks them not to feel ashamed, Pranali has told this by her experience, he regrets that he couldn’t make a place in their hearts, he will leave for Mahapuram now. Maharaj permits him to meet Madhumali as he has all the right.

Adhivan comes to Angad and says I really regret for not seeing your real intentions, I don’t deserve to be called your brother, you can scold me. Angad hugs him and says I don’t know how to save you, you know what I did with Arak. Adhivan says meet him. He calls Arak. Angad gets shocked and says I can’t believe, I m surprised. He hugs Arak. Arak asks did we win, can I go anywhere now. Adhivan says yes. Angad says you won Arak, and I lost, but I don’t regret for this.

Eshwarya and Garima see them. Garima says Adhivan and Arak are good, but Angad is not as he pretends. Madhumali says you cheated me. Angad says sorry to do that. Garima asks did you hear him. He says its enough now, I didn’t know right and wrong before, but not anymore, I didn’t listen to you from heart, you never loved me and always forced your black deeds on me. She emotionally blackmails. He says I didn’t tell you truth, fearing you will kill me, I was waiting for this time, I m not Daanav vanshi, you are mistaken, you want to get the throne and power. She says you have always dreamt of it. He says your dream is incomplete, I m going back to our Rajya. She asks him not to leave her this way, or just see her death before going. He goes.

Chegu brings Madhumali at the lake. Maharaj comes and asks them to put Madhumali in the lake, Lord will decide her fate, if Madhumali returns alive, then she will go with respect, else she will die. She asks them to wish that she dies, else they all will die by her hands. Chegu puts her in the water. She gets burnt by the water and screams. They all look on. Arak gets scared. Everyone chants Maharaj’s name. Garima says Madhumali got punished, but we don’t know about Angad, if he is not a Daanav vanshi, he has to prove it. Dharani asks her not to interrupt, her dad is here to manage. Garima asks Angad to prove it by entering the lake.

Angad accepts Garima’s challenge and steps in the water.

Update Credit to: Amena

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