Mayavi Maling 8th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Angad confronts Pranali

Mayavi Maling 8th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Madhumali laughing and asking Angad to see his look alike, who has done the thing which he couldn’t do. She says he has made your wife a Daanav vanshi in one night. Angad says this can’t happen. Madhumali says we will know it today, we will see how Lord takes Pranali to punish her, if not, she has become a demon. Angad uses his powers to get free. She frees him. He goes to attack the duplicate. She uses her powers and makes the duplicate disappear. Angad falls down. She says now you can go to your wife, you have to do the rituals with her, you don’t tell her about the stranger, else she will die, she shouldn’t know this. He says your soul is dead, how can you do this with your son. He leaves.

Angad sees Pranali coming and goes to her. She gives him aarti. He takes aarti and says I m your husband, I can joke with you, I had to ask something about last night. She recalls. Pranali worries. Eshwarya says you are here, come fast, there is imp work. Pranali goes. Eshwarya asks did anything happen last night. Pranali says no, Angad slept and woke up in morning. Garima asks did he do anything. Pranali says I lied to him, that our relation got completed. Eshwarya says you have done right, we don’t believe him. Garima says nobody believes him, will you go with him at the lake, can’t you cancel it. She hugs Pranali and cries for her. Madhumali comes to Angad. She says Pranali has spent night with a stranger, you can’t believe this. She laughs. He gets angry and goes. Pranali asks everyone not to worry, she will return soon.

She greets them and asks Angad to come. Madhumali stops them. She asks Angaad to take bidaai from her too. She says a son can go against mum, but a mum can never forget her son. She does drama and goes smiling. Eshwarya asks them to go. Everyone leaves. Angad watches Pranali opening the secret door by the key under the throne. She keeps her hands on the block and asks Angad to keep his hand too. The throne moves. The door opens wide. Pranali asks him to come. He holds her hand and stops. She asks what happened. He says you don’t even recognize your husband, I thought you love me, so I went against everything so that I get your love. She says its not true. He asks what do you have to say then. She says I truly love you. They cry. He says don’t lie now, if you loved me, you would have not spent the night with that stranger. She cries.

Madhumali says Angad didn’t get his aim, he will be punished. She asks Marekasur to show his powers to Angad and everyone. Marekasur comes. Maharaj looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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