Mayavi Maling 6th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Madhumali traps Angad

Mayavi Maling 6th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Angad and Vaidehi coming back to everyone. Vaidehi hugs Pranali. Angad says dad was angry on me and wanted to kill me, but Pranali saved me, dad took all my powers and went away, when I fell into lake, nothing happened to me. He asks Chegu if he has to say anything. Chegu says nothing. Angad says I never behaved well with my two brothers and Haran. He acts happy and good. Angad says Haran is a trustworthy servant, I was wrong about him. Haran thanks him. Angad says Pranali, I promise I will always keep you happy. Pranali smiles. She goes with Angad. Everyone looks on. Vaidehi thanks Paramdev.

Eshwarya says Angad has returned from lake safely even before, do you remember this. Garima says I find something is wrong, I didn’t understand his sugary talks. Adhivan says me too. Chegu says something is wrong. Eshwarya says Pranali would feel happy with this, did she believe Angad. Pranali lights diya. Angad says I know dad wanted to punish me, but you had some powers with you that you saved me, I m very happy, lets forget this now, welcome me now. Madhumali comes to ice cave and asks how are you, are you liking it being here, you know how much I love you.

Angad says I still love you, my heart beats just for you. Pranali says you want to say you will forget your aim, there won’t be any battle now. Angad says no, I have left the battle. She asks is the lake safe now. He says completely. Madhumali traps Angad and smiles. Angad says no one can use the weapon in the lake. Pranali asks don’t I need to become Daanav vanshi. He says no, we both are humans. He hugs her. His eyes turn blue. Angad tries hard to get free from the ice walls. Madhumali laughs. She says you can’t get out of here. He says everyone knows this place, if Pranali knows I m captive here, think what she will do with you. She says no one will come to find you, because you are here and even there with them, your dad has sent your lookalike there, demons can do anything, your lookalike is with Pranali right now. He gets angry.

She says I m hurt seeing you like this, you know how much I love you, but whatever you did, this was right, your wife is with a stranger now, who will get her love tonight, Pranali will become Daanav vanshi after that. Angad smiles and says you don’t know my wife, Pranali knows me well, you will fail in your aim. Angad gets close to Pranali. She stops him. Everyone comes there. Arak says we can get some laughing sound, maybe they are playing some game. Adhivan says we aren’t needed here. Chegu laughs. Garima says fine, but…. to ensure that everything is fine, we should check. Angad’s lookalike stops Pranali and romances. Garima worries when a vase breaks. She tries to hear what’s happening. Chegu goes to hear sound. Eshwarya gets scared. Angad and Pranali get interrupted. She opens the door and everyone falls inside. She asks what’s happening. Angad looks on.

Angad’s look alike says I m happy as ordinary human, I won’t let anyone hurt Maling. He talks to Madhumali. Pranali smiles. Angad and Pranali get close.

Update Credit to: Amena

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