Mayavi Maling 5th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Eshwarya lies to Angad

Mayavi Maling 5th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Eshwarya saying she doesn’t have any powers, she has just touched her sister with love. Angad says maybe it was written in fate that someone will give you powers. Garima says good thing is Pranali is fine. Angad says I m getting a strong smell of herbal paste here. Chegu hides. Eshwarya says I have used the herbs for my wound. Angad says sorry to come this way to meet you, thanks a lot. He leaves. Eshwarya sees Chegu.

Angad tells Pranali that he will meet her later. He goes. Angad, Madhumali and Trishanku return back to Mahapuram Rajya. Angad asks why did we plan this, we failed, can’t we kill him directly. Madhumali asks him to calm down, if they kill Trishanku here, they will just get Mahapuram throne, if Trishanku dies in Maling, they can get throne of Shil Aditya too. Angad asks why are we working hard to conquer over a small Rajya. She says its imp that Shil Aditya crowns you the king of Maling. Chegu gets ready to leave. Eshwarya sees him leaving.

Madhumali goes out somewhere at night. She looks behind. Antara waits for Chegu. He flies in air. He comes to Antara and sees the tribe. Chegu gets attacked by his step brother. Madhumali reaches some ice cave. Trishanku wakes up and thinks where did Madhumali go. Madhumali recalls calling Antara for help and cheating her. She injures Antara and takes away her wings by using her demonous powers. Antara bears the pain. Madhumali says I will ruin Agni shakti, no Dev vanshi can get born now. Antara slips inside the ice.

Madhumali says your story ends here. FB ends. Madhumali sees the wings and says its a proof of my win and your end, but how did Eshwarya get powers to save Pranali. Madhumali comes back to palace. She asks Trishanku not to worry for her. He says its late, how did you come here. She says I m worried. He asks her to forget it as a bad dream. Pranali recalls Angad’s words. She imagines him. He says you can stay with me if you want forever. She gives hand to him and is about to fall down. Garima saves her. Pranali says something felt down. Garima jokes and goes. Chegu is tied by the the tribals.

Antara’s husband scolds her and says Chegu has to become like us, I want his wings. Someone enters Mahapuram and attacks Trishanku.

Update Credit to: Amena

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