Mayavi Maling 2nd August 2018 Written Episode Update: Pranali attacks Angad again

Mayavi Maling 2nd August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Angad saying I was scared of losing you, I m sorry for my behavior, that wasn’t right. Madhumali says I know your temper, I will check if I m fine. She says my neck is fine. He laughs and asks her to rest. She says I can’t get sleep, there was someone’s sign on that power, didn’t you notice this. He recalls Antara and says your sister. She says no, she has no such powers, its Paramdev’s doing. He says Paramdev didn’t create hurdle in our path till now. She says he has done this by some medium. He recalls Pranali. Garima says Madhumali was shouting for help, she was worried for her life. She laughs and then cries.

Pranali and Eshwarya hug her. Garima says dad will return, everything will get fine. Eshwarya says yes. Maharanis come there and get glad seeing them. Madhumali says Pranali has done this. Angad says I know her, she can’t do this, I believe her. She says she can’t go against you, but she can go against me, you don’t go, I m worried for you. He says I trust Pranali. He goes to meet her. Adhivan and Arak stop Angad and anger him. Angad asks what’s happening inside that I m not allowed. Pranali, Eshwarya and Garima come out.

Eshwarya says we trust Adhivan and Arak, and got them here to stop someone. Angad asks are you protecting my wife from me. Garima says we don’t know what happened to Pranali and can’t trust you. Pranali says I have no danger from him. Angad says you have to choose either them or me, tell me whom will you choose. Pranali says my sisters are worried for me, I know the blames on you aren’t true. He says then prove it, I need to talk to you, ask them not to come in between us.

She says don’t put me in this big dilemma. He says fine, I will choose one. He goes. She asks him to stop. He says your sisters don’t trust me, knowing you don’t trust me, my heart broke, mum was right, you got that attack done on my mum, you got Paramdev’s powers. She says no, do you think I can do this. He says how do I know, you don’t trust me, how shall I trust you. She holds him. He gets a burn and falls away. Pranali gets fire in her eyes. She gets normal and gets back. Adhivan says Angad’s pulse isn’t running. They get shocked.

Madhumali comes there and sees Angad. She says I don’t know if I can heal Angad by my powers, you have hurt me much. Pranali cries. She uses her powers and gets dizzy. She tries again. His wound heals. Angad coughs and gets conscious. Everyone looks on. Pranali asks are you fine, I didn’t do this. Madhumali asks how are you. He signs he is fine. She says I knew that Pranali… she faints. He gets shocked.

Chegu says just a Dev vanshi can give powers to someone by his will, it doesn’t matter receipt is Devanshi or not. Pranali asks how did I get this power. Eshwarya says I have a solution.

Update Credit to: Amena

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