Mayavi Maling 29th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Kalindi claims Mahapuram throne

Mayavi Maling 29th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Angad asking Pranali to throw out Kalindi. Pranali asks Kalindi does she have to say anything. Kalindi says I m a businessman’s daughter, my dad was really rich, Madhumali was my mum. They get shocked. She says she got her goals reached and then she married Trishanku, she was a big cheat, Trishanku and my dad didn’t know about her, I found out that she is alive and became Mahapuram’s queen, my dad died till then, I had no emotional bond with her, I didn’t try to meet her, but she was my mum, I m eldest daughter and the first heir of Mahapuram throne. Angad says you have seen her motive, I won’t leave her, she is a fraud, believe me, make her out of Maling. Pranali says control your anger, don’t forget that we regarded her our guest. She asks Kalindi why did she come.

Kalindi says I had to come, I got news that Madhumali and Trishanku died and Angad is here since some days, I got to know that he is captive here.

Pranali says he is in my heart, I m waiting for your answer. Kalindi says I have come here to tell Angad that I want my rights on throne, so that one calls me a backstabber. Angad gets raging. Everyone gets shocked. Kalindi stops Angad. Arak goes after her. Garima comes in the way. Arak asks is she my elder sister. Garima asks how will I know, your family is strange. He says I wanted an elder sister, will she play with her, stop, why did you wish to become a part of our family, I heard you talking to Adhivan. Garima says he is a fool. He says you are really short. She says I didn’t go to him, he came to me and told me. He says you are a fool, he doesn’t like you, he likes someone else who is taller than you. She asks who is she. He runs away. She says I have to find out.

Eshwarya says why did Kalindi come, something is wrong. Chegu smiles seeing her. Eshwarya asks did you come to know about Kalindi or something else. He says something else. She asks what. He asks her to think. Dharani comes and sees them. Eshwarya says he came to tell me about Kalindi. Dharani asks her to come. Kids ask Chegu to show his wings and fly. Chegu goes. Angad says I never raised hand on any woman, but Kalindi deserves it. Pranali says she looks like your mum. Maharaj says I feel Kalindi is Madhumali. Angad asks who is she. Maharaj says I won’t hide anything now, she is related to your dad’s death, Eshwarya found out that Madhumali has filled poison in the bottle to kill your dad, it means she is alive, maybe…..

Angad says no, Kalindi did this, mum died in front of us, Kalindi wants to get the throne. Angad taunts that they hide things from him, he is punished, he is not trustworthy. Pranali feels bad. Angad goes. Maharaj says sorry for this, I m helpless, I can’t tell him everything, I can’t trust him completely, you shouldn’t trust him, don’t share secrets with him. Eshwarya says we were just talking. Dharani says I have seen what was going on, this can affect your dad’s pride, tell me what’s going on between you two. Eshwarya gets silent. Dharani cries and asks what are you doing, no, you are playing with fire, everything will be ruined.

Kalindi says Angad should know that none can stop air and Kalindi, I will take help from Pranali, but I will go Mahapuram. Angad asks her to stop day dreaming, Pranali is my wife, she won’t help you. She says your wife has captured you, she will give me a ship for sure. He gets angry. She gets her sword. Angad says my soldiers are free to attack you, stay in your limits. She threatens him. He goes.

Pranali says I have chosen you, you go to Angad Rajya and get all the truth regarding Kalindi. Angad and Kalindi have a sword fight.

Update Credit to: Amena

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