Mayavi Maling 22nd May 2018 Written Episode Update: Eshwarya runs away with Chegu

Mayavi Maling 22nd May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vaidehi scolding Pranali. Haran comes and says I have come to resume my duty, I will not tell anything to anyone. Vaidehi thanks him and calls him loyal. She asks Pranali to thank Haran. Pranali thanks him. Haran says its my duty, I will always do my duty. Mandari sings and teaches singing to her son. She sings so badly. She sees some shadow and goes to see. Garima teases Eshwarya. She asks Eshwarya to tell everything to her. Eshwarya says you are so excited. She teases Garima about her lover Adhivan. Garima says even if he is tall, I will look at him, his eyes talk a lot, do you want to say something.

Eshwarya says I have to look into the book now. She asks Garima to go and get ready now. She hears some sound and asks who is there. Chegu catches her. She gets scared. He says I didn’t wish to scare you. Mandari tries to spy and see him. Angad does the havan. He tells Adhivan that there shouldn’t be a reason that guests mock them. Adhivan asks Trishanku what’s his opinion. Angad says its my marriage. Madhumali asks them to focus on puja. Trishanku gets up and goes. Adhivan looks on. Maharaj is with his wives. They tell him about the marriage arrangements. They pray for Pranali’s happiness.

Mandari comes crying and says its a disaster. Chegu says you have to come Kalkivan if you want to save Maling and Kalkivan, don’t worry, none will be able to find us. Eshwarya asks what about Pranali’s feelings and future. He says she will thank us when she knows the truth, we have to stop the marriage. Maharaj asks what’s the matter. Mandari says I have seen Chegu in Eshwarya’s room, maybe Chegu has controlled her by words. They get shocked.

Eshwarya agrees to go with him. Maharaj comes and asks Chegu how dare he come in his daughter’s room. Chegu and Eshwarya run away. Maharak asks soldiers to follow them. Adhivan keeps an eye on Angad. He goes to Trishanku and asks why are you so upset, what happened to you, what did mum and Angad do with you. Madhumali comes and asks him what is he talking. He goes to touch Trishanku. She stops him. It gets windy. He gets shocked. He says I know your truth. Angad comes and asks what truth. Adhivan says I know you both are Daanav vanshi. They get shocked.

Adhivan says I want to help you. Angad asks him to kill Arak. Chegu is declared as an intruder.

Update Credit to: Amena

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