Mayavi Maling 19th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Madhumali revives Trishanku

Mayavi Maling 19th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Madhumali telling Angad about Haran’s message. She says Shil Aditya and his daughters are warned by Chegu, they are coming to meet Trishanku, whose presence is imp in your marriage. He worries. Pranali comes to market with Haran. The girls smile seeing Haran. A man attacks Pranali. Haran stops the man and fights with him. Everyone claps for Haran. Haran smiles. The fight goes on. Pranali prays and stops the fight. She sees his blood and faints. He holds her in arms.

Shil Aditya, Eshwarya and Garima visit Mahapuram. Madhumali welcomes them. Maharaj asks about Trishanku. She says he is bit unwell, he will be here soon, you have come yourself for the ritual. Maharaj says I came to meet my best friend. Garima gets dizzy. Eshwarya worries for her. She takes Garima. Garima vomits over Adhivan and apologizes. He asks her to come. Arak sees this and laughs. Adhivan changes and goes to Maharaj. He says Garima is treated, he will be fine soon. Arak comes playing and stops. Maharaj apologizes. Adhivan says its fine. Maharaj says I want to meet my friend now. Adhivan asks him to come. Angad tries to stop him.

Madhumali uses her powers. She captures a servant and gives his soul to Trishanku’s body. Maharaj looks for Trishanku. Angad gets tensed. Trishanku comes and says welcome, I was waiting for you. Angad gets shocked. He gets scared and stumbles. Maharaj asks how are you now. Trishanku says I got fine on seeing you. Arak comes in between and sees something in Trishanku’s eyes. He shouts he isn’t our dad, he is an evil man. He runs away and shouts. Madhumali comes and says Arak’s mental state is getting worse. She signs Angad. Adhivan says but he never behaved this way, can he see something imp.

Angad says you also started now. Arak says I want my dad. He cries. Angad says come with me. Arak bites his hand. Angad screams. Arak runs out. Angad runs after him. Adhivan stops Angad and says I will manage him. He apologizes to Maharaj. Maharaj gets thinking. Madhumali says Arak couldn’t recover. Maharaj says I can see him in pain, I will pray for him. She asks him to come for breakfast. He says I want to talk to my friend in private. She says fine, just don’t touch Trishanku, else his pain can get high. Maharaj says I will be careful. She goes. Trishanku asks did you agree to Chegu. Maharaj says no. Trishanku says that attack was done on me so that I regard you my enemy, some black powers are after this, there is a Rajya who is using tribals for their motives, are you thinking about the marriage relations again. Maharaj says I don’t jump to conclusions by hearing one side, I hope you…. Madhumali feeds the words in Trishanku’s words and talks sweet. Maharaj apologizes. He goes to hug and stops recalling Madhumali’s words.


Chegu says Madhumali will succeed if Maling and Mahapuram have a relation. Madhumali says none should touch Trishanku’s body dying marriage. Adhivan gets shocked seeing her and Angad’s truth.

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