Mayavi Maling 17th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Chegu warns Maharaj Shil Aditya

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Mayavi Maling 17th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chegu falling down in the battle. Antara encourages him and asks him to get up, as his life has a big motive. Chegu gets up and attacks Ghori. He recalls his dad’s death. He bashes Ghori angrily. He gets a big sword. Antara and Rakhee look on. Chegu hits him. Everyone gets shocked. Rakhee cries. She says my son is still alive. Antara thanks Lord for saving Chegu. Everyone crowns Chegu as the chief. Chegu sits in the throne and gets respect. Ghori is tied up by them. They ask Chegu why didn’t he kill Ghori. Chegu says that would be not right punishment for him, Ghori did a big sin, he killed the chief, we all will punish him, but we need to first fulfill the task, we have to meet Maharaj Shil Aditya, Daanav vanshi are preparing to attack.

Garima jokes on Pranali for hitting stones at the tree. Pranali says nothing will happen to me. She asks bodyguard to stay away and not hear their talks. She tries to get some mangoes from tree. Haran says I m a bodyguard, not your servant to do your work. She says so you talk also. She takes his help and laughs. Chegu reaches Maling Rajya with tribal people. Maharaj gets informed. Chegu asks tribals not to use the arrow and bow. Maharaj and everyone see tribals coming. Eshwarya worries. Maharaj asks his men not to shoot. Tribals say we know what’s right and what’s wrong. Chegu asks his men to stop. Soldier says we have to stop them at the shore, else it will be tough to stop them. Chegu asks his men not to lift weapons, else they will be punished.

Eshwarya looks on. Chegu reaches the palace. Maharaj asks him why did he come with the tribals. Chegu smiles and makes his men drop the weapons. He goes for a talk. He presents the fruits from Kalkivan’s new chief. He says we should forget the old enmity, tough times are coming, we should deal with this alone. Maharaj asks what do you mean. Chegu recalls Antara’s words. Eshwarya comes there. Chegu says mum has told me that black powers are trying to capture Maling. Maharaj asks who are they, from which Rajya. Chegu says I will tell everything in private. Maharaj asks don’t you value my sabha, say openly, I trust them. Chegu says fine, Eshwarya knows everything. Maharaj gets shocked. Chegu says tell everything to Maharaj that we met before. Maharaj asks what.

Chegu asks won’t you tell anything. Chegu warns Maharaj about Daanav vanshi’s attacks. He asks Maharaj to end ties with Mahapuram. Maharaj shouts on him. He says look, Mahapuram is Rajya of my friend, its going to be Pranali’s inlaws, you are asking me to end ties. Chegu says yes, mum has seen the truth, Maling will be ruined if you bond with them. Maharaj shouts enough. He asks Eshwarya did she invite Chegu here. She signs no. Maharaj scolds Chegu. He says I will not forgive you. Chegu says our Praja will cry forever. Maharaj asks him to leave, and not dare to come to Maling again. Chegu looks on.

Chegu tells everyone that someone else on Maling Rajya will not give them peaceful life. Angad attacks Trishanku.

Update Credit to: Amena

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