Mayavi Maling 17th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Pranali tries to convince Angad

Mayavi Maling 17th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pranali saying I can tell this Chudail’s truth to Angad. She waits outside and sees her leaving. Angad’s wife asks guards not to allow anyone inside her room. She goes. Pranali tries to go inside, but guards don’t allow her. Arak plays. He sees Angad’s wife and says she came in my dream and scared me. Chegu says I will teach her a lesson. He asks her to call real Pranali. She says I will get you behind bars, but you have something in you that I m getting attracted to you. Chegu asks really. She reminds Arak about the dream. Arak gets scared. She laughs.

Chegu says I m with you, see what I do. Chegu pushes her under the sun. They see her burning by sunlight. She screams and disappears. She comes behind them and calls guards to arrest them. Chegu goes under sunlight, and asks them to catch now. Pranali sees Angad leaving and follows him. Chegu fights with soldiers. Angad’s wife lifts Arak in air and asks Chegu to surrender if he wants to save Arak’s life. Chegu worries and tries to use his powers. She laughs. She says this palace is cursed by Madhumali, your powers won’t work here. He says stop, guards arrest me, leave Arak. She leaves Arak. They get arrested. Angad hides his face and goes somewhere. Pranali follows. Angad’s wife chants mantras and tells about the sacrifice of Angad. She sees someone and says you won’t be of any use to me soon, then I will free you from this pain. Pranali thinks shall I go in or not. Angad makes Pranali’s sketch. Pranali comes there. He asks what are you doing here. She sees the sketch and says its beautiful. He covers the sketch and asks why do you always follow me. She says no. He holds her face and asks her to say the truth. He punishes her.

She gets away and says you will face big problem if you put me in prison, I will tell your wife that you are making some woman’s sketch. Angad’s wife looks for him. She asks guards about Angad. She asks them to find Angad, his life is in risk. Angad says you have no proof that I have made this sketch. She says color on your hand matches with this sketch color, this is the evidence. He washes hands and says you will be punished for this. She shuts the door and tells him that his wife is a Chudail. He scolds her. She asks don’t you feel you are her puppet. He says I won’t come in your trap. She says marriage is union of two souls, its a blessing, can you leave with her for seven births. He angrily throws water on her and says you will be dying.

She wipes her face. He sees her and gets shocked. Angad’s wife says I should have killed Pranali that day itself. Angad says you tried to kill me. Pranali asks can I do this, I will kill myself before killing you, I m not your enemy. He holds her. Angad’s wife gets the dupatta. Angad gets close to Pranali. His wife knocks the door. Angad ties up Pranali. She says just think why you were making my sketch, you understand me and I understand you, your knee has a snake bite sign. He asks how do you know. Soldiers break the door. Angad’s wife comes in. She says you attacked him again, I will kill you. She asks Angad is he fine. He nods. She asks guards to take Pranali away. Pranali says your life is in danger, don’t leave outside at night, stay inside temple. Angad stops the guards. He says let this maid go. His wife says she attacked us. He says I know what she did, she did a mistake, let her go. His wife says Angad’s heart is very big, so he is letting you go. She asks soldiers to leave her far from Maling. Angad looks on.

Pranali shouts for help. She says how will I save Angad from that Chudail. Angad falls asleep. His wife plans to kill him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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