Mayavi Maling 13th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Pranali meets Angad’s wife

Mayavi Maling 13th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pranali applying the mud on her face. Angad sees her and turns to go. She greets him. He asks why were you not answering me. She says I don’t look pretty, I have no work. He asks how does this relate to my command. He asks what are you doing in market. She says I was coming to meet you. She stops and begs him. She asks him to kill her, its better than dying of hunger. He says its not right that you have no work, fine come with me to palace, you will get some work.

Angad and Pranali come to palace. Angad smiles seeing his wife. Pranali gets shocked. Angad says see what I got. His wife asks who is she, I liked your gift. He says I know you will like her a lot. She says you know how to win my heart, I don’t like anything pretty around me. He says yes. Pranali thinks maybe Angad lost his brains, he got blind in this woman’s love. He asks Pranali to open the windows. Pranali goes. Angad says your beauty will get golden by the sun rays. He gives her a rose. Pranali gets angry. The wind blows and all the rose petals fly off. He asks did you go mad, how can you work this way. His wife says you have to teach her palace rules. She asks Pranali to go out and wait. Pranali goes out and cries. She applies the mud to her face again.

She tries to hear them. Servant sees Pranali and scolds her. She says I m the queen, but no one identifies me, don’t command me, servant. He says you are also a maid, not a queen, go and clean utensils. She thinks I have to make this fraud girl admit truth, only then I can end the curse and remind everything to Angad, my family will come back then. She goes to Angad and says why didn’t Angad come out. Angad is sleeping. His wife wakes him up and romances. They smile and run around in the room. Pranali says Angad isn’t coming out, I have to do something. Angad and his wife come close. He adores her beauty. Pranali makes a cut on her arm and shouts to Angad. She says you are my husband, Angad. Angad and his wife hear them.

She acts and calls them out. Angad and his wife come out. Pranali says that woman has hurt me, she has run away. Angad goes to find the woman. He finds the servants sleeping and scolds them. He asks them to inform everyone and find that fraudster. Pranali says I can do anything to end the curse. She goes to Angad’s room. Angad’s wife comes and asks are you searching for me, Daasi. Pranali says I m not Daasi, who are you, tell me, what’s this magic, that you came here. Angad’s wife says I know who you are, Pranali….

Pranali and Angad’s wife have a swordfight. Pranali cuts the hand of Angad’s wife. Angad comes there.

Update Credit to: Amena

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