Mayavi Maling 11th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Madhumali curses Pranali

Mayavi Maling 11th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts Angad and Chegu seeing the storm and joking. Chegu asks him to come in the celebrations. Angad says I will come with Pranali. He worries for the bad omen. Servants have a talk. Madhumali comes there and makes them sleep. Pranali gets shocked seeing her. Madhumali says today everyone in Maling will forget a big thing, they will forget you, you have ruined my life, you got Marekasur killed. Pranali asks what do you want now. Madhumali says like you left me alone, you will stay alone, then you will know my pain. Pranali cries and asks her to stay away.

Madhumali says I curse you, like Angad forgot me, the world will forget you, you won’t be any Queen or someone’s wife, if you try to remind anyone, the result will be really bad. She throws some powder on Pranali and says you will always remember my revenge. She cries. Pranali shouts Madhumali…. Pranali cries and runs out to Sabha. She comes to Maharaj and Maharanis. She says mum, dad, Madhumali has come, she….. They all look at her. Pranali asks why are you all seeing me this way. Vaidehi asks who are you, how dare you talk to Maharaj this way.

Pranali says I m your Pranali, dad. She gets worried. She gets shocked seeing her plain clothes. She says what’s happening with me. Vaidehi calls her Daasi. Pranali runs to Angad and says I want to tell you something, your mum Madhumali…..didn’t you identify me, tell me you didn’t get affected by the curse. He asks what, who are you, Dasi if you have any problem, come to Darbar and meet, its a crime to call Maharaj by name, you will be punished. He asks soldiers to take her. She runs and sees everyone. Garima asks who are you. Pranali says I m your Pranali Didi. She recalls her family. She says Angad, I m your wife Pranali. She thinks I can’t try to remind them. Everyone disappears. She worries. Pranali says everything disappeared because of the curse. Angad says I think your mental balance is spoiled, I have no family, I just have a wife.

He calls Pranali and says she is Maling queen, my wife Pranali. She gets shocked and says no, I m your Pranali, identify me, you got married to me. He says you are a Dasi. She says how can you give my place to someone else. He asks soldiers to catch her. She takes a knife. Angad gets hurt. She runs away and hides. Soldiers look for her. Pranali sits crying. Angad asks who was she. His wife calms him down. He says its a big thing, I have to get her arrested. She says you can’t go out, your wound didn’t heal. He says I will not let this wound heal till the wound of my self esteem gets healed. An old woman wakes up and asks Pranali to run, is she stealing anything. Pranali worries. Angad looks for her. Pranali hides from them and thinks to leave. Angad stops her and asks her to turn. She sits and applies soil on her face. He sees her. She thinks did he identify me.

Pranali says I don’t look good, I have no work, will you give me work. Pranali meets Angad’s wife.

Update Credit to: Amena

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