Mayavi Maling 10th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Marekasur gets defeated

Mayavi Maling 10th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone asking Maharaj how is he. They all smile. Maharaj and everyone hear a sound. Chegu asks them to come out of the palace fast. They come out and sees Angad and Marekasur fighting. Angad falls down. Madhumali says this is fear on your faces. She asks Marekasur to kill all of them, but start with Angad. Angad gets up and flies back in the sky to fight. Chegu stops Marekasur. They all smile. Chegu gets his wings and flies to Angad. He fights with Madhumali. Haran and Adhivan beat some goons. They see the big fight. Madhumali gets hurt. Chegu asks did you get fun. Marekasur says you can’t insult me this way by getting defeated. Angad defends Madhumali’s attack. She gets shocked. Chegu and Angad strike their powers together at Marekasur. Marekasur freezes their wings. Everyone gets shocked.

Maharaj says this Asur can just be killed by immersing him in the lake, but we can’t get him there, we have to get those powers here. Pranali recalls and says I will just come. Vaidehi worries. Pranali, Eshwarya and Garima ask marekasur to fight with them. They release a big arrow, which goes inside the lake and unleashes the powers. Marekasur gets pulled inside the lake. He screams. Madhumali gets shocked. Angad falls down. Chegu holds him. Marekasur gets burnt and dies.

Everyone smiles and hugs. Madhumali sees them. Maharaj says Paramdev has shown me this path. Maharaj recalls meeting Paramdev. Paramdev says you have just one path, that will take you away from Maling. Maharaj asks what, you want me to leave my Praja, family and daughters in darkness and go. Paramdev says being helpless is the first step of becoming capable, you are a father, you did your duty, you taught your daughters everything, now they have to use their knowledge, it will happen when you leave. FB ends. Maharaj says I left Maling, I m thankful to Paramdev. Everyone smiles.

He says I didn’t know I will get a son when I return. He praises Angad. Angad laughs and says I don’t think Pranali will like this that I become your son. They laugh. Maharaj says Pranali’s wish is always above everything, I want to make one more relation now. He goes to Chegu and says I wanted to give you answer in one day, will you forgive me for delay, I want to get Eshwarya married to you. Chegu and Eshwarya get shy. Maharaj says Eshwarya wants to marry you, I accept this alliance. Chegu agrees. Maharaj says Eshwarya, I m proud of your bravery and choice, go. Eshwarya hugs Dharani. Dharani says I m also proud of you. Garima says are you not proud of me, no one is talking about my marriage. They all smile. They hug Maharaj.

Maharanis ask Maharaj to handle his throne again. Maharaj says Pranali is managing the throne well, it depends on her how she manages everything, I will stand by her as her father and guide, I m sure Pranali and Angad will fulfill their duties well. Dharani says yes, they are totally capable, Maling’s future is in safe hands. They hear the thundering. He asks how did thundering start. Bhoomi says I feel something isn’t right. Someone comes in palace. Eshwarya makes Pranali ready for the first night. She teases Pranali about Angad. Pranali teases her about Chegu. Eshwarya compliments her. She says I will go and see the preparations, you and Angad come soon. They hear the thundering sound. Someone is seen.

Someone comes to Pranali. Pranali comes to everyone and says mum, dad…. Everyone refuses to know her and call Maharani Pranali there…. Pranali gets shocked seeing someone in her place.

Update Credit to: Amena

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