May I Come in Madam 9th March 2017 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 9th March 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanjana saying we are coming your home tomorrow to play holi. Sanju says I will fall in trouble. She says but Dadi permitted you, why are you scared. Rang lal comes there in disguise. Sanjana takes colors from him. She asks can I try this. Sanju asks why are you selling colors in this age. Sanjana applies color to Sanju. Rang lal slaps him. Sanjana runs. Sanju asks Sanjana not to run.

Its night, Sanju comes home and is hurt. Kashmira asks him what happened, and just sees his missing shirt. Mummy says if you play holi with others, this will happen. Kashmira asks him could he not wait for a day. He says see my state, holi is played by colors. Mummy says I think he applied colors to many girls. Kashmira asks how did you get beaten up. Sanju tells about mad man Rang

lal. He says I can lie, but my wounds can’t lie, tell Dadi we can’t play holi. Kashmira says fine, I will tell Dadi.

Sanjana calls Kashmira. Kashmira says I was going to call you. She tells everything. Sanjana asks how dare he do this, who is this Rang lal. Kashmira says Sanju is scared to play holi. Sanjana says Sanju will play holi, I will arrange bodyguards for him, we will have best holi. Kashmira tells this to Sanju. He asks is madam coming. She stares at him.

Its morning, everyone play holi. Sanju does not play holi. Khiloni comes to Sanju. Sanju makes his bodyguards beat up Khiloni. Chedi flirts with Ranwati and applies her black color. Bhupesh sees them. Chedi asks Bhupesh to fill water and come.

Sanjana and Kashmira play holi. Rang lal comes to Sanju. Sanju goes to play holi. Banno tera swagger…..plays………… Sanju takes colors and runs to apply color to Sanjana. Kashmira gets in between. Sanju says we will play holi at a corner. He plays holi with Kashmira. Rang lal sees Sanju. Sanju takes colors for Sanjana. Lets play holi………….plays………They all dance.

Sanju gets shocked seeing Rang lal. He calls bodyguards. He says he is Rang lal. Sanjana asks what’s your problem, how can you stop Sanju from playing holi. Rang lal laughs and acts crazy. He says I hate holi. Sanjana says holi is such where enemies meet, wrong happened with you, it does not mean you do wrong, you need a girlfriend, you will get when you find, for starters, you need colors in your life. She applies colors to him. He says sorry, happy holi. He applies holi to Sanju. He says I like Sanjana, now you play holi with anyone, except Sanjana.

Its morning, Sanju waits for lift. Sanjana comes there on bike and hits him. He scolds the biker for hitting him. He asks biker to remove helmet and apologize. Sanjana removes helmet. Sanju gets surprised.

He gives her tips. She says I m race winner. He says I understood, even I used to do such stunts. She asks really, which motorcycle did you drive. He says cycle without motor. She says you are very funny, I love bikes, I like to go on long drives, will you like to come with me. He says yes. She asks him to come. He sits beside her and says I want to have icecream. She says we will go there, hold me tight. Sanju’s imagination ends. He sits over liftman. Sanjana asks him what are you doing here. Sanju says nothing, when we go on long drive, I will tell you when to use horn. She says I gave you job to work, not to go on long drive. He says sorry. She says we can go on long drive if we want.

Bhupesh buys a new bike and calls Kashmira and mummy outside house. He shows the new bike. Kashmira and Mummy like the bike. She says I knew Bhupesh maybe stupid, but he will not go office by walk. Kashmira says Sanju can buy bike, but he has no savings. Bhupesh says I saved money by saving fees. Kashmira says we will call Sanju and give him good news. Bhupesh says no, I will show him bike and make him jealous. Kashmira goes to get aarti plate.

Sanju asks Sanjana to drop him home. Sanjana says enough of the drama, sit, I will drop you. Sanju smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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