May I Come in Madam 4th April 2017 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 4th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju coming to Sanjana’s cabin. He sits crying. He says I lost madam, I thought I will pass, but I will fail now. Sanjana comes and hears him. She asks Jaaneman…. He says I was saying that for Kashmira. She says I heard you calling that to me. He says its foresight, Kashmira will leave me if I lose job, you demote me, I will come back to my position, don’t fire me, use me any way, you said I m your toy. He imagines and dances. She shouts stop it, you are clapping in this situation, yes I said you are my toy, now you have become junk, such toys are thrown. He says I will pass by hardwork, then will you sell me in junk. She says pass and show me, all the best. She goes.

Bhupesh and Sanju come home. Mummy asks them to get freshen up, my brother is coming.

Sanju asks who. Kashmira says he is my uncle, we have to call relatives home.

The old man comes. They greet him. Kashmira introduces Sanju and Bhupesh to uncle. They fold hands. Uncle recalls and looks on. Kashmira says come, its dinner time, we will have food and then talk. Sanju asks uncle not to tell anything to Kashmira. Sanju says I will work hard and give test. Bhupesh says your son and I are best friends. Sanju says forget everything. Uncle says fine, I will ask 4 questions, if you answer well, I won’t say. Sanju says ask. Uncle asks questions. Sanju and Bhupesh are blank. Sanju answers wrong. Uncle slaps him. Mummy and Kashmira get shocked. Sanju says nothing, we have good tuning.

Its morning, Sanju and Bhupesh sit for exam. Uncle comes. Chedi says I m the peon. Uncle asks who is the owner of this company. Chedi wears goggles and says I m owner, I did not do MBA, I got lottery. Uncle asks him to write exam. He asks them to remove clothes to check if they have hidden chits. Sanju thinks I knew this will happen, so I have chits in socks. They remove clothes and gives him.

Uncle starts the exam papers. Sanju smiles. He gets chits from socks and cheats. Bhupesh sees chits. He cries. Sanju asks for sheet. Sanju helps Bhupesh in exam. Bhupesh happily cheats. Sanjana comes and sees them cheating. She asks how are exams going on. Uncle says they have no way to cheat. She says I doubt, check their socks. He says that’s a great idea and checks their socks. Sanju gets caught. Sanjana says Bhupesh is copying from Sanju’s answer sheets. Uncle says then I m sorry, I have to fail them, you may have to fire them from job. He gets a call and says sorry Sanjana, you can’t fire them, this rule is exempted. They get glad. Uncle asks them to take training and give mba exams.

Sanju comes home and rests. Kashmira dances on halkat jawani……..She romances. He says I don’t have mood, I get tired. She says even I work a lot and get tired. He taunts her for mummy and Bhupesh. She shouts. He gets angry and asks her to go, let him rest. She says he does not value my love. She calls Sanjana. She asks her to give her some work in office. Sanjana asks why, you are a homemaker. Kashmira tells everything. Sanjana asks what, such a typical thinking, I will make Sanju tired by making him do household work. Chedi says make him tired. Its morning, Sanju comes office. She says I have some private work. He asks her to say. She calls him close. She says I want you to take my waist measurements. He imagines weird things and removes his pant. She shouts on him. He says sorry.

Sanjana asks Sanju did she cut vegs. He says yes. He worries that Kashmira will also make him do such work is she knows this.

Update Credit to: Amena

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