May I Come in Madam 3rd July 2017 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 3rd July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kashmira and Mummy asking Bhupesh not to jump down. Bhupesh drinks and gets on the railing. Sanju says let him jump. Kashmira asks him to stop Bhupesh. Bhupesh tells him his love story. Sanju says I can’t help. Bhupesh says the girl’s brother is ready to get her married to me, he is a landlord, he said he will get his sister married in a big rich joint family. Sanju says make him meet mummy. They pass taunts. Bhupesh asks will you all help me. Kashmira says call them, I will manage. Bhupesh says I m coming home. He falls down on mummy. They get glad that Bhupesh got saved. Kashmira asks Sanju where is he. Sanju says I got under the ground. Mummy gets up. They see Sanju lying flat.

Its morning, Sanju comes and greets Sanjana. He imagines Sanjana playing with him. She asks what are you doing. He makes excuse. He asks why are you worried. She complains about her ex boyfriend, who is coming to India, he was very rude, but he did many favors on me in London. He says then meet him. She says I just told him that I have a boyfriend, he wants to meet me and my BF. He says your life is not a joke. She asks if you can act as my BF, its a bad idea. He says I will become your BF. She asks really, do something to know your potential. Sanju imagines making a pot with Sanjana. Zehnaseeb…….plays……He holds liftman. Sanjana asks what are you doing and throws the ball at him. Liftman says I came to tell madam that lift will be off for two hours. He goes. Sanjana says don’t try to explain. Sanju’s hands shake while he holds her. Kashmira comes and screams, asking what’s happening. Sanju says nothing.

Its night, Sanju asks Kashmira not to misunderstand him. He tells Sanjana’s problem. Chedi comes to become Bhupesh’s dad in front of the girl’s family. Chedi says I got everything. Mummy asks him will he like to become her child’s father. Chedi asks real. She smiles. Bhupesh asks him not to dream, he has to just play a role. Sanjana calls Sanju and asks if he had to kiss her in front of her ex, how will he do. Sanju says it will be done. Sanjana asks him to do it and show. Sanju sees Kashmira beside and goes talking away. Sanjana says I can’t hear it. Sanju kisses on phone. She ends call. Kashmira gets angry.

Sanju meets Khiloni and gets wine and snacks. Khiloni says sorry, I won’t get beaten up for your work, you need my help. Sanju says its small work, you have to stay in my house as servant. Khiloni says its too much, limit is getting crossed. Kashmira comes and asks will he not do this for her. Khiloni jokes on her. He agrees to become servant.

Its morning, Sanju comes to Sanjana. She asks are you ready, my ex will come anytime. He says yes, I m born to become your boyfriend. She says he is here. They start acting. Her ex boyfriend comes and looks on. The man asks what’s happening. Sanjana asks when did you come. He says on right time, I m ashamed to love a girl like you, I will leave. She gets glad.

Its night, Sanju asks is this moustache necessary. Kashmira says you have to look landlord. Bhupesh says he has come. Sanjana gets shocked seeing Sanjana’s ex. He thinks how did he come her, he is Bhupesh’s would be brother in law. Bhupesh welcomes them. Kashmira introduces themselves. The man says I think I saw you somewhere. Sanju makes excuse. Chedi comes with sword and does overacting. Sanju says stop him, else he will look mad. The man asks Chedi to cut his finger and do his tilak. He makes Chedi do tilak. Chedi scream by the wound. The man says I wanted Komal to marry a real landlord, I hate cheats.

Update Credit to: Amena

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