May I Come in Madam 2nd August 2017 Written Episode Update: Sanju kidnaps Sanjana

May I Come in Madam 2nd August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju coming to Sanjana. She asks how did you come. He says I just had to see you, I want to read lingerie jingle. He says I have to change jingle now. She asks him to read it. He reads the jingle. He imagines Sanjana flirting with him. She bites his hand and gets him to senses. She says sorry, I wish to bite and chew, weird thing, like teething. He asks what teeth are you getting in this age. She says shut up, you deserve that bite, make new jingle. He asks her to explain well. He tells a new jingle. She asks him to get out.

Mummy calls Kashmira and asks for food. Kashmira says I did not cook food, Sanjana is getting food. Chedi asks mummy did she call him to insult, he won’t come here again. Mummy sings wo hai zara khafa khafa…… and dances with him. Sanju meets Khiloni. They argue. Sanju says I can’t live without madam. Khiloni asks him to confess feelings to her. Sanju says I will lose job, think something that I get a corner in her heart. Sanjana comes there and hides hearing them. Khiloni says we will kidnap madam, you save her and become hero.

Sanjana thinks Sanju and Khiloni are cooking khichdi here. She sees a guy staring and slaps him. The guy signs Sanju to see Sanjana. Sanjana hides. Sanju calls Khiloni dracula. Khiloni says dracula really exists. Sanjana goes. Its morning, Sanju and Khiloni wait for Sanjana. Sanju says madam will come, kidnap her. Sanjana comes and hears them. She acts to not know them. Sanju says we want to kidnap you. Khiloni says if you scream, we will run. Sanju and Khiloni make her sit in the car. Chedi sees them and shouts.

Chedi meets mummy and cries. Mummy says Sanjana should have not got kidnapped. Chedi worries for Sanjana. Rampath asks did he get ransom call. Chedi says no, I have seen kidnappers from behind. Kashmira says Sanju’s phone is also off, Sanjana is kidnapped, is there any connection. She imagines Sanju and Sanjana running away and shouts no. Rampath asks what happened. Kashmira says I was shouting as Sanju’s phone is not connecting. Chedi says don’t know, what are kidnappers doing with her. Sanjana thinks where is Sanju. Khiloni comes and talks like kidnapper. Sanju comes there as hero to save Sanjana. She thanks him for coming. Sanju fights with Khiloni. Sanjana goes and shuts the door. She fixes fake dracula teeth. They get shocked.

She scares them. They run away. Kashmira asks Chedi not to cry, else he will get unwell. Chedi gets emotional. Rampath says I will find the kidnappers, they will come shouting. Sanju and Khiloni come shouting and ask Chedi to save them from Sanjana, she has become dracula. Kashmira asks what nonsense, she is kidnapped. Sanjana comes there and says I have fooled Sanju. Khiloni says oh no, it means there is no dracula. Sanjana says Sanju and Khiloni planned to kidnap me, I heard them. Rampath asks Sanju to come with him. Sanju asks Kashmira to save him. Kashmira asks him why did he do this. Sanju lies that he did this for women’s good. He makes a story. Dadi comes and beats Sanju for troubling Kashmira.

Sanju gets shocked seeing Sanjana going for swimming.

Update Credit to: Amena

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