May I Come in Madam 28th July 2017 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 28th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with mummy flirting on call. Kashmira come to her and says I m much worried, Sanju is not giving me attention, give me some solution. Mummy asks her to attract Sanju. Kashmira says I tried everything, nothing happened. Mummy asks her not to cry, there are many ways to get him. Dadi comes and scares her. She says Kashmira is in problem. She talks to Kashmira. Mummy looks on shocked. Dadi says I will break Sanju’s bones. Kashmira says no, give any other solution. Dadi says then stay away from him, he will come close to you. Kashmira says I can’t do this, when Sanju comes close, I can’t stop. Dadi says don’t worry, I will come. Kashmira agrees. Dadi goes.

Sanju talks to Khiloni and makes a plan. A girl comes to him. He sees Sanjana and starts acting. He says I m very decent, no beauty can woo me. Sanjana thinks to test him. The girl slaps Sanju and scolds him. He says this is acting. She says I m inspector. He says I m sorry madam, I work here. She asks about Bhupesh, he was teasing a girl, tell him not to do this. She goes. He calls Khiloni and scolds him.

Sanjana calls Sanju in her cabin. She asks him to tie the back button. He thinks he can’t do this as he has to be decent, madam is doing this to know if I was acting. He says sorry, my principles don’t permit me. She asks how did these principles come out suddenly, do what your boss is saying. He says sorry, I can’t. Chedi comes. Sanju says your zip is open, I will zip it up. He hurts Chedi and says he is old, what does he have now, I can fix diaper to him too, my principles are just for women. He goes.

Sanju says I controlled so much today. Kashmira comes. Sanju flirts. Dadi comes and scares him. Kashmira gets upset and sleeps. Sanjana waits for Sanju. Sanju comes. They get inside the lift. Sanjana sends the liftman. Sanju asks what’s the secret meeting. She flirts with him. She goes. Sanju says I m helpless to do this. He goes to washroom and calls Khiloni. Chedi hears him. Sanju tells him what happened in the lift. Chedi asks who’s that person. Sanju gets shocked and drops the phone seeing him. He scolds Chedi. Chedi wears goggles. Chedi scolds him.

Sanjana calls Sanju in her cabin and asks him to think if they had an affair, what would they do in this office. He imagines that he will wipe the love mark. She asks what. He makes excuse. She says I m in love with you. He thinks why is she doing this.

Sanjana romances with Sanju.

Update Credit to: Amena

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