May I Come in Madam 28th April 2017 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 28th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju meeting Sanjana. He asks her for a kiss and changes words. She says naughty boy, my friend wanted to go on a blind date and I called her to join in. Kashmira comes. He says Kashmira… She asks how do you know my name. Sanjana says he does face reading. Kashmira beats him up for touching her. He says I did not do anything. Sanjana and Kashmira scare him of police. He runs home. They laugh.

Kashmira asks from where is he coming. Sanju scolds her for going on blind date. She says sorry, Sanjana called me, the man kissed me. He says its a lie, I know why will anyone kiss you. She says Sanjana filed harassment case on her, he will get lesson now. Sanju worries.

Sanju meets Sanjana in office. He asks about the police case. She says he has killed my emotions, I will file case. Inspector Rampath comes and flirts with Sanju. He says we made the sketch according to your description. Sanjana says he was the one, arrest this man. Inspector says maybe he changed his look, how will we identify him. She says that’s a very intelligent point. Rampath says we will erase his beard and see. Sanju stops him. Rampath signs him. Sanjana asks what are you doing. Sanju says no need, laws can catch criminal anyway. Rampath says fine we will catch him the same way, I m sure we will find out soon. He goes.

Sanju meets Khiloni and tells entire story to Khiloni. Khiloni gives a suggestion. They burn a Hercules’ clothes. Khiloni says now we will sit and have a drink. Sanjana and Kashmira come there and see fire. Kashmira gets the clue and shows Sanjana. At home, Sanju asks Kashmira to sleep. Khiloni comes and asks Sanju to save him, police is after him. Sanjana comes with Rampath and asks for Khiloni. Rampath asks him to come out. Sanju asks what happened.

Sanjana says Khiloni killed Hercules and tries to end the proof. Khiloni asks what’s the proof. Rampath beats him. He says this is your keychain see. Sanju says anyone can get his name written. Khiloni says its mine. Sanju asks inspector to take Khiloni. Khiloni asks Sanju to tell truth. Kashmira asks what truth. Sanju says that he has killed Hercules. Khiloni says I won’t go alone, Sanju is Hercules. Sanju asks what nonsense. Khiloni asks him to accept it. Sanju accepts.

Rampath says then Khiloni is saved and you are arrested. Sanjana asks Rampath to leave him, and takes case back. Rampath says I m leaving as madam said. He goes. Sanju says I will explain why I became Hercules, madam was bored in office, I did this for cheering her up, I took her on blind date, I had no wrong intention, I did not kiss in restaurant. Kashmira says I know. Sanju says then who took the kiss. They laugh.

Sanju calls Sanjana and jokes. She says new bike, nice, when did you get it. He says today morning, from my friend, why don’t we go on a short ride. She says why not. He says I m coming and races the bike. He says brakes failed. She says don’t come here, go there. She falls in dustbin. Sanju falls down. He rushes to Sanjana and asks are you fine. Sanjana says no. He calls doctor and asks him to come, patient is in junk bin. Chedi scolds Sanju and says Sanjana’s life is in danger. Sanju says she got little bit hurt. Chedi says she will get angry, Sanjana fell in junk bin 15 years ago and made my life junk. Sanju taunts him. Doctor comes and says its bad news, Sanjana is angry as that happened to her. Chedi says what did this happen. Sanju asks him to say disease name. Doctor asks him to go and see.

Sanju and Chedi sit in washroom. Liftman dances playing a song.

Update Credit to: Amena

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