May I Come in Madam 24th April 2017 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 24th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju asking Bhupesh how did you say shayari to madam and beating him. Kashmira comes office and stops Sanju. Sanju insults Bhupesh. Bhupesh says madam got happy hearing my shayari and kissed my hand, Sanju got jealous. She asks Sanju why was he jealous. Sanju says we come here to work. He argues with Kashmira. She asks Bhupesh to say shayari to Sanjana every day, she can become my Bhabhi. Sanju asks her to stop nonsense. She jokes. She gives tiffin to Bhupesh. Sanju thinks she will always be a fool.

Khiloni talks to Sanju and says what, madam kissed Bhupesh’s hand. Saju asks him to say some good shayari. Khiloni jokes. Sanju slaps him. Khiloni says I got the idea, I will give you ghalib’s shayari, madam will hug you. They see Sanjana coming with Bhupesh. She asks Bhupesh to tell one more shayari. Bhupesh does shayari. She laughs.

She kisses his hand. Sanju gets angry and drinks. She thanks Bhupesh for lightening her mood. Khiloni asks Sanju how much will he drink. Bhupesh jokes on Sanju and does shayari. Khiloni whistles and says great, what a shayari, one more please. Sanju stares at Khiloni. Sanjana and Bhupesh leave. Khiloni says sorry, the shayari was good. Sanju goes and gets ladder to beat Khiloni. Khiloni runs. Sanju goes home and asks Kashmira to hear her shayari.

Sanju does shayari. She likes it. He tells about Bhupesh’s cheat poetry. Bhupesh and Sanju say shayari and ask Kashmira to decide which one is better. She says we will call Dadi. They both go. Its morning, Sanju comes to Sanjana. He says I got a good poetry for you, you will be glad. She asks him to say. Sanju does shayari.

She says wow, you are amazing, you have gone cheap and stolen Ghalib’s shayari. He thinks madam knows Ghalib’s shayari, why is she liking Bhupesh’s cheap shayari. Bhupesh comes. Sanjana scolds Sanju. She praises Bhupesh and asks him to say some poetry. Bhupesh does shayari.

She says this is so amazing, its original, this is talent, lets spend some time together. Bhupesh says someone is jealous here. She says pest control people are coming, just make them do the work well. They go. Bhupesh asks Sanju to get pest control done well. Sanju goes.

Chedi plays a song and dances with mummy in the lift. Chedi says this radio is bad, it spoils the song’s meaning. He says it looks good. She asks shall we go to have icecream tonight. He agrees. They both make plans to meet and decide the signs to call.

Sanju meets Khiloni and says everything got finished. Khiloni asks did you finish wine and snacks together, Sanju slaps him and asks is there nothing imp in your life. Khiloni jokes on Sanju. Sanju says madam is getting close to Bhupesh by listening to his bad jokes. Khiloni and Sanju argue. Sanju slaps Khiloni. Khiloni says I was just kidding, now hear the idea, we never did anything except cheating, person should do the thing in which he is best, we will steal Bhupesh’s diary tonight. Sanju says then I will tell his shayari to madam. They also make plans to meet and decide the signs.

Sanju waits for Khiloni at home. Kashmira romances with Sanju. He thinks who will tie the bell in her neck now.

Sanju gives Mushaira invitation to Sanjana. She says I will come, I love shayari.

Update Credit to: Amena

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