May I Come in Madam 22nd December 2016 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 22nd December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju coming as Santa with all the tree leaves on him. Liftman wishes him merry christmas. Bhupesh and Sanju get inside the lift. Bhupesh asks who are you. Liftman says he is Santa Claus, he gives gifts to everyone. Bhupesh asks for gift. Sanju goes. Chedi is also dressed as Santa. He calls mummy and says I will give you such gift that you will jump happily, I have become Santa, I m coming to meet you at night. Mummy says I will wait for you. Chedi flirts and ends call.

Sanjana sees Chedi and smiles. She goes. He says did Sanjana hear my plan, anyways show must go on. Sanju gives Santa clothes to Khiloni. He goes home. Kashmira says I was waiting for Santa. He says you are stupid.

He says even Bhupesh said same, Santa does not exist. He goes. She says I know Sanju will become Santa at night. Sanjana scolds Bhupesh in office. She gets Riya’s call and says really, your son will be happy seeing Santa, I love Santa. Bhupesh hears this and thinks to buy Santa clothes. Khiloni gives Santa clothes back to Sanju. He asks Sanju to go and change. Chedi goes to change clothes. Sanju also comes there. Sanju and Chedi become Santa. Khiloni sits drinking. He asks Sanju to come soon. Sanju and Chedi say changing, wait. They don’t see each other.

Sanju thinks madam will be impressed. Khiloni goes to see Sanju. He asks Sanju to come. Sanju and Khiloni ask Chedi who is he. Chedi asks don’t you see me. He goes. Sanju says maybe some lover, that girl will be lucky to have such lover. Khiloni says cheap man. Sanju slaps him. Chedi goes to Sanju’s home. Kashmira hugs him. She says I was waiting for you, and takes him. Mummy looks for Chedi.

Bhupesh wishes merry christmas to Sanjana. She thinks he is Chedi. He wears Chedi’s glasses. She thanks him and hugs. Sanju comes there to meet Sanjana. He says why did Chedi become Santa today. Bhupesh gives her toffees. Sanjana thanks him and says you should have given this to me in childhood Papa. Bhupesh says I m Santa. Sanjana says my second wish is to sit in your lap and play with your beard. He asks her not to remove it. She sits in his lap and shouts love you Papa. She laughs. Sanju gets jealous. She says selfie time, where is my mobile. Bhupesh says its your house. She says its your house also Papa. She goes to get phone. Sanju thinks to go back. Bhupesh removes the beard. Sanju gets shocked seeing him.

Sanju says I will not let this happen, madam will come and sit in his lap, its my right also. He beats Bhupesh and takes him. Thief gets dressed as Santa and thinks to steal items. Mummy says Chedi ji is nowhere. She sees thief and thinks he is Chedi. She lifts him and takes.

Kashmira flirts with Chedi, thinking he is Sanju. She asks for her gift. Chedi thinks how to give her necklace and dress I got for Ramwati. Kashmira asks will you not give me gift. He nods. She goes to kiss him. He gets away. She asks where are you running away, I will shower love on you. He says stop, I m Santa. She asks who are you. Dadi comes to beat him.

Ramwati/Mummy dances in room. Thief looks on. She asks did you like my mujra, I will take money, its mine. She tickles him and checks knife in the bag. She asks who are you. He says thief. She hears Chedi. Chedi and thief collide. Dadi and mummy shout to them to stop. Mummy sees Dadi and worries. Dadi wishes merry christmas.

Sanju asks Sanjana to sit in his lap. Sanjana asks him to close eyes, as return gift is exciting. Sanju thinks she knows its me. She beats Sanju.

Update Credit to: Amena

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