May I Come in Madam 21st December 2016 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 21st December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju teaching golf to Sanjana. He scolds liftman and sends him to get the ball. She asks do you know why they are beautiful girls at golf course. He says yes, for romance. He sings Gungunaare hai bhavre…. and dances with her in imagination. She asks what are you doing. He says nothing. He teaches her to swing and hit the ball. She asks how to hold it. Sanju’s hand shakes. Sanju plays and hits ball. Kashmira comes and ball goes in her mouth. Sanjana says what a catch, Sanju was helping me in fulfilling a hobby. Kashmira bears him.

Sanju comes office and likes the decorations in Sanjana’s cabin. She asks why are you here. He says you called me. She asks him to remove clothes. He says here, if anyone comes. She says anyone will knock and come, hurry up. She shouts why are you removing all clothes, I want you to wear santa clothes. She gives him dress and says my friend has 5 year old son, he wants to see Santa, we have to make his wish come true.

She gets friend’s call and asks what, did the plan change, fine. She tells Sanju that there is no need for Santa now but I had dream to play with Santa. Sanju imagines himself as Santa and Sanjana playing with him. She finds him weird. Later at night, Sanju meets Khiloni. They talk about Santa. Sanju asks him to get Santa’s dress.

Kashmira goes and hears them. Sanju says I can do anything for her, if I go in Santa’s clothes, she will not be angry and sit in my lap, she will love me, I will gift her. Kashmira smiles and thinks to not spoil his surprise. She acts good to them and says I will send snacks. She goes. Sanju says Santa did not come and happiness is coming, I will become Santa for madam.

Chedi talks to Ramwati. Sanjana comes and says party was so much fun. They have a talk. She says Santa is all about hope of love and happiness. Khiloni tells Sanju that I did not get Santa costume. Sanju scolds him. Khiloni asks him to steal the dress from madam’s cabin. Sanju likes the idea.

Chedi comes and asks do you want tea. Sanju asks did madam come. Chedi says she will come late. Sanju asks him to get snacks for him. Sanju goes to cabin and gets the dress. He likes Khiloni’s idea and changes the clothes. Sanjana comes office. Sanju hears her coming and thinks where to hide. He gets ready as Santa and rushes to balcony. Sanjana talks to Lalwani. She throws coffee on Sanju. He screams.

Kashmira flirts with Santa, assuming him to be Sanju. Its Chedi. She asks who are you. Dadi comes and beats Santa.

Update Credit to: Amena

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