May I Come in Madam 19th December 2016 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 19th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanjana asking liftman to help. Liftman sprinkles wine on Sanju. Sanju gets up and asks Sanjana did she get hurt. She says no, I like to try again. He asks her to give gloves to him, he will check it. She says I m stressed out. He asks her to try hobbies, it calms mind, person feels good. She says how to find hobbies. He says I m here, I will be your hobby guide, this will increase your love, I mean bonding, we will go fishing, its a hobby. She says it sounds food, its relaxing. He says I will arrange all things.

They go for fishing. Sanjana checks her phone. He smiles seeing her. He catches junk bottle instead fish. She says this is hobby of patience. Sanju boasts of his skills. She goes. He calls her out. He imagines catching Sanjana in the trap. He dances. She asks why are you dancing, whats wrong. His imagination ends. He says I was happy and danced in excitement. She asks him to catch a fish and show him. He says I will catch big one. She says I will go and sit under shadow.

Sanjana calls Kashmira and talks. She says I was feeling bored. Kashmira asks her to have some hobby. Sanjana says even Sanju suggested this, so we came out for fishing, Sanju is helping me. Kashmira gets angry. Sanjana says Sanju did not catch any fish till now. Kashmira says he is trying, that’s much. Sanjana ends call. Kashmira tells mummy that Sanju did not listen to me and went for fishing. Mummy says Sanju went to trap jalpari Sanjana. Kashmira says I will see him today.

Sanju thinks fish will make sound when its trapped, weather is good, its fun. He calls out Sanjana. Sanjana sees him getting inside water and says it that a crocodile. She calls him out and worries. Sanju comes and calls out. He says crocodile did not eat me, I tickled it. She asks how did you not see such big crocodile. He says I slept. She asks how can you be so irresponsible. She asks him to come, we shall leave.

Sanju comes home. Kashmira and mummy ask him about fishing. Sanju asks them to know why he went, he wanted some promotion and higher salary to fulfill Kashmira’s hobby, you will just beat me, come beat me fine. Kashmira asks did you do this for me. Sanju says yes, crocodile pulled me and I saved my life. She says sorry and hugs him. He asks mummy to say sorry. Kashmira makes mummy apologize. He thinks I got saved.

Its morning, Sanju goes to Sanjana. She asks him to catch frisbee and throw back, you made me recall childhood hobbies. She throws Frisbee. It falls down. She asks can’t you catch it. He says it flew. She says we will go fr new hobby, we will go club and swim in pool after club timings. She says get your swim suit, I will also get mine, go and work now. Chedi runs and collides with Sanju. Sanju scolds him. Chedi looks for his specs. Sanju says I will kick you now. Chedi says I have to go and see mujra. Sanju asks whose. Chedi names. Sanju scolds him and asks him to forget specs now. Liftman gets specs. Chedi wears specs and turns to boss. He says I will see you later. He goes.

Kashmira asks Bhupesh did he take money from her purse. Bhupesh says Sanju did this. She says he did not come, you say truth. He cries and says you are blaming me of theft. She slaps him. She calls mummy. Mummy says I m with Sanju’s boss to help him in hobby to save Sanju’s job. Mummy/Ramwati dances for Chedi.

Sanjana says this is my latest hobby, Karaoke. They sing song Jaane jaan…. Chedi and Sanju fight for mic.

Update Credit to: Amena

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