May I Come in Madam 18th November 2016 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 18th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Lalwani telling about his new product. Sanjana says fine, show the product. Lalwani gives some tablet. Sanjana eats it and acts weird. She makes sibilant sounds. Sanju looks on. Lalwani says you good idea. Sanjana says I think Sanju enjoyed it. Sanju says yes. She calls him cheap mindset and scolds him. Sanju goes. Chedi looks on. He asks what is this. Sanjana says challenge, I will force Sanju to give resignation, he will do it very soon.

Its night, Mummy shows necklace to Kashmira. Kashmira says don’t annoy me showing it again and again. Mummy asks her to get it from Sanju. Bhupesh says forget it, Sanju can’t give it to Kashmira. Kashmira slaps him and says I will make Sanju do overtime. Sanju comes home. They all stare. Sanju asks what happened today.

Kashmira asks Sanju to go back to office. Sanju says I m coming from office, are you mad. She asks him to go and do overtime. Bhupesh says Kashmira likes a diamond necklace and wants it. She says yes, go for overtime. Sanju says I will get in loan. Mummy calls him poor.

Kashmira says I want to wear necklace by your hard earned money, go and do overtime. She makes him leave. Sanju sits with Khiloni and taunts him. Khiloni asks Sanju to change his mind and think good. Sanju says lecture is good, how can I control mind. Khiloni says someone are strong minded, they have art to control mind, it needs practice. Sanju says make me practice if you know, else I will lose job.

Khiloni says fine, look into my eyes. He does stupid things and winks to Sanju. Sanju asks what are you doing. Khiloni says think I m beautiful girl inviting you, control thoughts. Sanju says I m not getting any thought seeing your face and scolds him. Kashmira comes and Sanju hides. Khiloni lies about Sanju. She says I have to take Sanju’s tiffin to office. Sanju hears this and runs to office. He calls Khiloni and says Kashmira is ruining my time.

Sanjana comes there and tries to flirt. She asks why are you not seeing at my side. He says nothing. She asks don’t I look beautiful. He says its nothing like that, you are here at this time. She says I came to give you company. He says I will manage. He thinks fine, stay here and I will get just good thoughts. She says lets work it out together. She acts of leg sprain. Sanju cares for her.

Sanju holds her leg and thinks how can her leg be so beautiful, is it real. She shouts what are you doing, you got bad thoughts, leave my leg. He says no, I m not thinking anything, wait. They see Kashmira and scream. Sanju says madam got leg sprain. Kashmira says I got tiffin and I was worried Sanju will be alone.

Sanjana talks to her. She says some men’s thinking is so bad, they get cheap thoughts seeing beautiful girl. Kashmira says men are such cheapsters. Sanjana says I m reading this amazing book on mind reading, you can read what’s going on in a man’s mind. Kashmira asks for book. Sanjana says you should read it. They go.

Sanju thinks how to stop thinking, what a leg, it was so smooth, mind blowing. Its morning, Sanju comes home. Kashmira says I was waiting as you are working hard. Sanju says you are eyeing just diamond set, I will take loan. She refuses. He argues. She sends him back to office. He meets Khiloni and says I worked all day and night yesterday, I came now and Kashmira is sending me back, madam is troubling me in office, I wish to die. Khiloni says then die. Sanju scolds him. Khiloni angers him. Khiloni asks him not to get bad thoughts in mind. Sanju says madam is changing my thoughts, what shall I do. Khiloni sees kids playing blindfold and gives idea to Sanju, to get blindfolded and go office.

Sanjana says I m your mad fan since your school days. Sanju gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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