May I Come in Madam 18th August 2017 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 18th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kashmira getting glad. Sanju asks why are you happy. Kashmira says that tv reality show of husband and wife, I got selected in participate. He says congrats. He taunts on mummy and Kashmira. Mummy says if you insult me, I will leave from the house. He says liar, you will always be here. Kashmira says you started this again, reality show is coming home, you have to do my make up, this is the task, we will win one lakh. He says I will make you fairy. He goes office.

Mummy says you will lose. Sanju doesn’t know makeup. Kashmira gets annoyed and taunts her. Mummy gets angry. Khiloni meets Sanju at office. Sanjana comes office. Everyone turns and sees her. Sanju smiles and says see how everyone is turning and seeing her. He jokes on Khiloni. They greet Sanjana and compliment her perfume. She says its imported, my friend gifted this to me. They get inside the lift. Liftman asks Sanju and Khiloni to get out, lift got overload. Sanju and Khiloni like the perfume.

Sanju gets an idea to steal her purse. Khiloni agrees. Sanjana asks Chedi to give the file to Chetan. He asks where were you till now. She says I m in meeting. He says I was so worried for you. He gives her pepper spray to use on someone who teases her. She says I know martial arts, I can beat that man. He says no, this spray won’t let anyone see till one week. She keeps the spray.

Sanju and Khiloni take thief’s disguise to steal the perfume. Sanjana comes. They catch her. She uses the pepper spray on them. They scream and run. She gets Sanju’s wallet and thinks thieves have stolen Sanju’s wallet, she will return it to Sanju. Sanju and Khiloni get burning eyes and get troubled. Khiloni says this can take us one week time to get fine. Kashmira calls Sanju home, as the reality tv people have come. Sanju goes home and can’t see anything well. He does makeup to Kashmira. Khiloni’s friend makes him fine. Khiloni says this was Sanju’s plan to steal perfume and she has sprayed pepper in our eyes. Sanju goes horrible makeup to Kashmira. The tv guys leave. Kashmira screams seeing her face and looks at Sanju.

She scolds him. Sanjana comes and tells what Sanju did. Sanju lies to her. She says I have heard Khiloni saying everything. Kashmira scolds him. Sanju says I didn’t tell you one thing, Khiloni requested me to sell pepper spray, I wanted to give practical experiment, you already had pepper spray. Sanjana goes. Kashmira gets a call and says you have won one lakhs, your husband did Chudail makeup. Kashmira hugs him.

Sanju asks why is liftman getting shy seeing you. Sanjana says there was an awkward moment yesterday.

Update Credit to: Amena

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