May I Come in Madam 17th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Sanju and Khiloni unite

May I Come in Madam 17th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju talking to a psychiatrist and getting angry. Sanju misses Khiloni. Sanjana hears their conversation. Sanju tells his friendship story. Doctor gets emotional. Sanju says then we stayed together always, now he will go leaving me, I can’t even stop him, He cries. Doctor also cries. Sanjana asks are you okay. Doctor says he can never get fine, its strong friendship, I understood this, maybe I also had such friendship. Liftman comes there. Doctor sees him and identifies. They turn out to be friends and hug. Sanjana holds her head. Sanju says drink with a friend. Doctor says but you have no friend. They go.

Kashmira talks to Khiloni’s wife. She says she is an ill mannered woman. Sanju says Khiloni is here. Sanjana asks what did she say. Kashmira says nothing, she said flight tickets is booked. Sanju and Khiloni argue. Sanjana asks Khiloni does he have any solution to convince his wife. Khiloni says no, she is a difficult solution. Sanjana says you all always have ideas, now you guys can’t come up with a solution. Khiloni says no. Mummy comes and asks are you going or not. Khiloni says yes, what do you want. She says don’t ask me, Sanju will get angry.

Sanjana says I got a solution. Sanju says anything will work, tell me. She shows poison and says you have to drink this in front of your wife, its fake poison, don’t scare her. Sanju says fantastic idea, go and drink that in front of her, then we will come to save you. Khiloni comes home and tells his decision. She scolds him. He threatens her. She beats him with sweeper. He drinks poison. She shouts.

Sanju thanks Sanjana. Kashmira says even if Khiloni stays back, just stay in control. Sanjana says spend time with family. Sanju says I will try. Mummy asks Sanjana to call Chedi and ask him till where did he reach. Sanjana says why, is he coming. Mummy says yes he messaged Darling I m coming. Sanjana says then you call him. Chedi comes and asks him about Khiloni. Sanjana says he went to convince his wife. Chedi says where is the poison bottle. Sanjana says Khiloni took it. Sanju asks why, was it real. Chedi says yes, I did a mistake. Khiloni’s wife calls Sanju for help.

Sanju runs to Khiloni. Khiloni’s wife cries and asks for help. Sanju says if anything happens to Khiloni, I will not forgive you. Khiloni cries and says poison was real. Sanju asks him not to shut eyes and keep talking. He lifts Khiloni and runs. Kashmira says this is called friendship. Sanjana says I m touched, I didn’t know Sanju can love anyone so genuinely. Kashmira says he loves me. Sanjana says apart from you. Kashmira says when Khiloni gets saved, Sanju will die to get away from him. Khiloni’s wife says nothing will happen.

Sanju admits Khiloni in hospital. He gets wine bottle and sings Diye jalte hai….plays….. Sanjana, Kashmira and Khiloni’s wife look on. Sanjana apologizes for the mistake. She tells their plan to Khiloni’s wife. Sanju scolds Chedi. Khiloni gets conscious and says Sajan, my brother, am I alive or did you come to hell to meet me. Sanju says you are alive. Khiloni asks his wife Ramkali about their flight. She says we won’t go, where will you get such friend. Khiloni says we will have a quarter. Sanjana says shut up, get fine first.

Sanju and Khiloni sit drinking. Khiloni says thanks for saving my life, did you scold Chedi for getting poison. Sanju says no, I will see him one day, he is my boss, I will take revenge when right time comes. Khiloni and Sanju argue and fight. Kashmira looks on.

Sanju and Khiloni take disguise and stop Sanjana, asking for the purse. She sprays pepper in their eyes.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I hate the character sajan. He’s such a pervert. He should be killed. Such production houses should be banned for showing such husbands who don’t respect their wives. This character is same as vibhuti and tiwari in bhabiji ghar par hai. . No feminists are there to take these production houses into tasks.

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