May I Come in Madam 16th December 2016 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 16th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju calling his friend and telling the problem of Sanjana wishing to marry Bhupesh. He asks what, Bhupesh’s fake girlfriends, fine I will try this idea. He goes to Sanjana. He says I have to tell something imp, I can’t hide this. He shows girls’ pics and says Bhupesh has broken these girls’ heart, he sends pics to me to show me, this is his real avatar, he is so bad. She says how is he bad, in which times are you, why do you feel so, it means Bhupesh is popular among girls, what more I would want, you will not understand, think he is heartthrob, I feel so special, now I like Bhupesh.

He says even girls were after me. She says how characterless, just go. He goes to canteen. Chedi gets coffee. Sanju asks for wine. Chedi gives him. Sanju drinks. Chedi wears goggles and turns to boss. He says this is not allowed in office premises. Sanju says Sanjana wants to marry Bhupesh. Chedi says its good for me, I can get officially related to him. Sanju says you are seeing your motives. Chedi says everyone thinks for oneself, you are also thinking for yourself, thinking Bhupesh will dominate the office. Sanju says I did not think so. Chedi says good for you and goes.

Kashmira gets bangles for Sanjana. Sanju comes. Kashmira asks him to bless Sanjana and Bhupesh. Sanju says I can’t do this. Bhupesh gets juice for Sanjana. Sanju scolds him. Sanjana asks him to talk with manners. Bhupesh says leave him, I avoid him, what will you have in dinner. Sanjana says thats so sweet, you make anything with love, I will have it, I m so lucky. Sanju sends Bhupesh to check milk boiling. Kashmira asks Sanju why are you angry. He says you won’t understand. He goes out to Khiloni. He hits head to tree. Khiloni asks whats your problem. Sanju says madam is marrying Khiloni, think what will happen of me. Khiloni says it won’t happen. Sanju says she is marrying him as he listens to her, is this any reason. Khiloni says we will change reason, come I have an idea.

Its morning, Bhupesh makes tea for Sanjana. Sanju says shame on you, you will cook food if she says, will this go on forever. Bhupesh says this is serving. Sanju says madam will kick you out. Bhupesh asks why are you angry, why will madam kick me. Sanju says girls like real man, who shouts on them and dominated them, you have no respect. Bhupesh says madam is not like this. Sanju says she will make you servant. Bhupesh says don’t do this. Sanju says girls like husbands who does not listen to anyone.

Bhupesh says tell me what shall I do. Sanju says dominate madam. Sanjana comes. Bhupesh throws attitude. Sanjana asks how are you talking. He asks will you teach me now. She asks him to talk with manners. Sanju looks on. Bhupesh asks her to get glass of water. She scolds him. He gets angry on her. She asks him to shut up. He asks her to shut up. Kashmira and mummy come. Kashmira asks how is Bhupesh talking. Bhupesh says I have to control her. Kashmira beats him.

Sanjana says this is just too much. Bhupesh argues. Sanjana says I will not marry you, go to hell. Bua comes and asks what are you saying. Sanjana says he is saying by bad manners. She scolds Bhupesh. Bhupesh sees Sanju. Sanjana asks Bua to stay out of this. Bua says if you knew this man is cheap, why did you marry him.

Bua asks Sanjana to leave Bhupesh and marry someone else. She says but who will marry divorced woman. Sanjana says we will find someone. Sanju says I will find such guy for madam. He smiles.

Later, Kashmira shouts to Sanju and asks him to see her friend’s holiday trip pics. He asks are you mad, you scared me. She shows pics and asks him to learn from them. Sanju jokes. Kashmira says my fate is bad to get you. He says you won’t get someone like me. She scolds him. She asks him to have any hobby and their love will increase. He says its enough now, this love is enough, let me sleep now. She thinks he is boring.

Sanjana comes office. Sanju greets her and asks why did you wear boxing gloves, who teased you, tell me, I will beat him. She says relax, I worn this to quality check, I want to try it on someone. He thinks it does not hurt anyone and asks her to try it on him. He boasts of himself. She punches him and he falls.

Sanjana says I had many hobbies, now nothing interests me. Sanju says we will go on fishing. He enjoys the leisure.

Update Credit to: Amena

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