May I Come in Madam 16th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Sanju sad to live without Khiloni

May I Come in Madam 16th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanjana, Chedi and Kashmira scolding Sanju. Sanju says I did not steal, I was stopping the thief. Chedi says why did we not see any other thief. Sanju says maybe he was there, you did not identify, the beggar was there, Sanjana was talking to him. She says your track record is so bad, even if you are saying true, I can’t trust you. Kashmira says he can’t be a thief. Sanjana frees Sanju from the trap. He throws the trap angrily. Sanjana says I will cut that from your salary. Sanju thanks her. Sanjana and Chedi leave. Kashmira asks Sanju to sign cheque. He signs and asks her to live her life. Kashmira calls parlor and asks what, offer ended. Sanju gets glad and says money got saved.

Sanju meets Khiloni and tells about Sanjana’s dress. Khiloni says I m shifting, its my wife’s decision. Sanju asks what, you are saying me now. Khiloni says I have to do packing. Sanju asks with whom will I drink. They cry and talk of childhood. Khiloni slaps him. Sanju asks him not to go, he will talk to Bhabhi. Khiloni says she is Chudail, she won’t agree. Sanju asks why do you agree to her. Khiloni says she is older to me.

Chetan asks Sanju what’s the problem. Sanju says you know Khiloni, my best friend, he is leaving from city, how will I live without him. Chetan says yes, it hurts a lot. Sanju says don’t know what to do. Chetan starts working. Khiloni comes to meet Sanju. Sanju hugs him and says don’t go. Sanjana pushes him and scolds him. Sanju says I m worried for Khiloni, he is shifting. She says this better be true, else I will fire you from job.

Sanju tells Sanjana how much he misses Khiloni. Sanjana says I have a surprise for you. Sanju imagines Khiloni in Chedi and kisses him. Sanjana asks what happened, you are hallucinating. Chedi asks him to get treated. Sanjana asks him to take leave and go home. Chedi says get fine and come.

Sanju comes home and hugs Kashmira. He cries and says I can’t live without Khiloni. She argues. He shouts on her. She says I spoke to Khiloni’s wife, Khiloni will come. Sanju says I love you. Khiloni comes. Sanju hugs him. Kashmira asks Khiloni not to go. Khiloni says sorry, I have to listen to my wife, not Sanju. Sanju holds his leg and stops him. Mummy asks Kashmira to save her. Kashmira stops Sanju. Sanju says please stop Khiloni, else I will go mad. Kashmira says its good he is going, atleast now you will give us time. Sanju says you think I will come to you if Khiloni goes, I will sink in wine. She stops him. He pushes her and drinks.

Sanju comes to meet Sanjana. Sanju gives his resignation. Chedi asks are you also shifting. He jokes on Sanju. Sanjana says you have to serve two months notice. Chedi says you have to stay in company. Sanju cries and says I can’t stay without Khiloni. Sanjana says I will call psychiatrist to treat him, he needs counselling. Chedi says cut that treatment cost from his salary. Kashmira dances and sings Mann kyu behka…. Sanju sits sad.

She argues with him. He says my friend is going. She gets angry. She says I can sit drinking with me, share things with me. He says I slap him too. She says this can’t happen. Dadi comes and slaps him.

Sanjana asks what did Khiloni’s wife say. Kashmira says she said everything is final. Sanju and Khiloni argue.

Update Credit to: Amena

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