May I Come in Madam 13th July 2017 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 13th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju saying this recording is good. He collides with Kashmira. Dadi comes and throws his phone. She slaps him and scolds. He checks his phone. Sanjana comes and asks about the proof. He asks her to see the video. She asks do you want to proof he is innocent. He asks her to see more. Video gets error. She asks where, He says it was there, phone fell down just now. She says you are fallen, its my fault, I will never going to trust you. She goes. Kashmira beats him.

Sanju runs to office and says liftman is coming, we will beat him. Sanju closes lights. Sanju and Khiloni beat up Chedi. Liftman comes and asks whom are you beating. They see Chedi. Sanju says you ruined our plan and scolds him. Chedi wears goggles and scolds him. Sanjana taunts Sanju for falling so low. Sanju and Khiloni catch liftman and warn him to go away from Sanjana’s life. Liftman beats them up.

Everyone comes in engagement function. Bhupesh and Ketan ask liftman to leave the radio atleast today. Sanjana says I m glad I m not marrying a plant or dog, liftman is better than them. Sanju gets drunk. Chedi asks Sanju to sing a song. Sanju says I can’t sing. Chedi insists. Sanju sings tera gham agar na hota….. Sanju cries.

Chedi says we will start engagement. Khiloni and Sanju look on. Sanju says I wish someone comes and says this engagement can’t happen. Pandit comes and says this engagement can’t happen. Sanju gets glad. Pandit says Sanjana is not manglik, I got her birth details from Bua ji. Sanjana says it means I don’t need to do engagement, I m tired. She goes. Liftman asks what about me, I m manglik. Sanju says pandit will get you married to dog.

Sanju gets a dream again. He sees Khiloni as Sanjana’s groom. Sanju wakes up and says this can’t happen. Kashmira asks what happened. He says I saw a dream, Khiloni married Dadi. She argues.

Its morning, Sanjana comes to meet Sanju at his house. They do skates. Sanju sings Chala jata hoon…..Sanju’s imagination ends. He hugs Khiloni. Bhupesh scolds Sanju. He asks since when is this going on. Khiloni says what nonsense, Sanju fell on me. Sanju slaps Bhupesh and sends him.

Sanjana asks Chedi why did you steal income tax, if we are earning, its our duty to pay tax. Chedi says its Sanju’s mistake. Sanju comes and asks what happened. She insults him for giving bad opinion to Chedi. Sanju says I will do something.

Sanju and everyone sing sad song and act as beggars.

Update Credit to: Amena

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