Matters Of The Heart ~OS Twinj happy birthday Jasmin Bhasin

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Matters Of The Heart ????

track of Tashan e ISHq Manohar coma..

Scene first#

Everyone was presenting in living room each and everyone was hell angry at twinkle who hide this truth from everyone and ended up like this today Manohar was in coma all blaming her while Kunj as well..

to be note Kunj and twinkle confess their love for each other’s before Aanat call come to Kunj..

Usha was standing near dinning table twinkle standing in side she crying so badly.

Usha: Bebe Tell this girl went out of this house because of her today my husband in this condition haan..

Kunj:Maa please handle yourself.

Usha:kunjjj throw her out of this house.

Bebe:Usha calm down.

Twinkle: mummy ji trust me I didn’t do anything purposely I just helping papaji.

Usha:you just shut up since you entered in our life’s just bad things happening you unlucky girl. Usha took knife from fruits basket.. Bebe and Kunj tell her leave my house all get shocked to see Usha.

Kunj: maaaa.

Usha: I’ll kill myself..

Bebe: Usha what is this.

Usha: I’m saying right Bebe I’ll kill myself.

Twinkle:no mummy ji she sobbing in between I’ll leave you wanted this na don’t hurt yourself please.kunj look at twinkle with painful eyes.Twinkle closed her eyes and turned her face.anita and yuvi was so happy in their heart because it’s all their master plan.. Kunj look at twinkle who taking baby steps towards door.,

Bebe:twinkle stop.she stop and look at Bebe.Stop this drama in this sensitive situation you all doing this all things Arey Leave this all things pray for Monu and you twinkle go in your room.

Usha: but Bebe?

Bebe:keh dita so keh dita mene Usha rani.Tum jao twinkle she blow down her face and went in her room anita and yuvi closed their eyes and get angry.

Usha throw knife and went in her room. Anant went behind Usha while each and everyone went in their respective rooms..

Kunj curse himself as well twinkle today he got so many happiness and this happened today only as well he tell twinkle how much he loves her even she too still she hide this truth from Kunj this make him really angry and more Manohar went in coma..

Kunj throw side vase and went from there.

At lobby yuvi and Anita standing and laughs out.

Anita: yuvi we fire but this bebe stop twinkle huhu now what next?

Yuvi:nothing mom this fire is enough this twinkle baby started seeing dreams with Kunj looser Manohar wouldn’t come out of the coma so soon so everyone will be angry with twinkle and it’s enough for us we wanted this only she becoming Mahan na now I wanted to see what she will do and how she and Kunj come closer in this brith not possible till when yuvi is alive he laughs out like a devil Anita smiled..

Twinkle sitting on floor she crying so badly

Twinkle:nobody believing at me what I’ll do now I’ll explain myself I didn’t do anything I toh try to save papaji and our family reputation but how could this happened I really don’t know.She closed her eyes and tears escaping from her eyes like anything.Just than weather turn to tempestuous badly.Lights started shaking up because of heavy wind.Kunj entered in room.Twinkle cuddling her knees and hide her face under her knees and sobbing Kunj see twinkle he closed his fist. Sometimes before they both were so happy now see the situation totally change.Twinkle heard voice she raise her face and found Kunj standing in anger fully.She get up and take steps towards Kunj..Kunj closed the door with jerk. Kunj about to go twinkle hold his hands.

Twinkle:Kunj please you toh listen to me once. I really don’t know about this I end Purvi chapter that day only at mrs Amritsar compilation?.

Kunj:Leave me..

Twinkle:no I can’t Kunj please listen to me.she begging at him.Kunj closed his eyes and remember Manohar condition he get so angry: he pinned twinkle at wall.

Kunj: what you wanted to do haan just because of you today my papa is in this condition haan what you wanted to show us twinkle he bang his hand on wall. Abhi toh ek dusre pe bharosa karne lage te aur tujhe abhi hi mera dil thod na ta haan why twinkle.Having tears in his eyes.

Twinkle:kunjjj don’t say this.

Kunj:tu Bol Kya bolu me haan.You break my heart and me as well leave me alone okay.He broke his shirt buttons in anger and take T-shirt and went In washroom. While twinkle sit down resting her head against the wall and crying loudly.

Kunj open the shower let water falls down on him his tears too flowing along with water.He closed his eyes and remember his and twinkle happy moments and today one specially they share their first kiss today.He wanted to make today memorable but this unexpected happens today with them.

Twinkle sobbing so badly his throats too get dry she get up due to saree she falls down and her hand hit with side table and she get cut on her palm.she winched and scream in pain.

Twinkle:ouchhhh..her best day become so

Worse since morning she was so happy just smiling now tears wasn’t stopping at all from her eyes.She become strong get up and take her clothes.Changed it she sit on side yellow couch her face fully drenched in tears.Kunj come out of the washroom and see twinkle.


Kise Puchu Hai Aisa Kyu

Bejubaan Saa Ye Jahaan Hai

Khushi Ke Pal Kahaan Dhundoo

Benishaan Sa Waqt Bhi Yahaan Hai

Jaane Kitne Labon Pe Gile Hai

Zindagi Se Kai Faasle Hai

Base Jitte Hai Sapne Kyun Aankhon Me

Lakire Jab Chhoote In Haathon Se Yun Bewajah

Jo Bheji Thi Duaa

Woh Jaake Aasmaan

Se Yun Takra Gayi

Ki Aa Gayi Hai Laut Ke Sadaa

Jo Bheji Thi Duaa

Woh Jaake Aasmaan

Se Yun Takra Gayi

Ki Aa Gayi Hai Laut Ke Sadaa)..

Kunj sit on his couch both twinkle and Kunj looking at each other’s.recalled their happy and sweet moments.Kunj turned his face to other side twinkle feels so bad she cuddles herself.

While yuvi enjoying his beer after all he won today anyhow..

Whole night passed in tears and pain..

Next day at morning..

Kunj wake up and look at twinkle she sleep in sitting position he about to went towards her but stop when reality hit..

Kunj:why you does this all twinkle today you bring us at this condition.When you wanted to do this than why you give me love and why we falls for each other’s it’s better we are same like old just stuck in this compromise marriage I give my best and you as well than what so important comes you have to hide this truth from me I asked you Many times but you didn’t tell me anything. Kunj went in washroom he get freshen up quickly and went downstairs.

Later twinkle wake up having headache badly because of crying non stops. She get up and her eyes finding Kunj and understands he went.she went In washroom she get freshen up and going downstairs yuvi come there and smirked at twinkle she see him and didn’t said anything..

Bebe and mahi bring everyone for breakfast Usha was dying big Anant and Kunj somehow bring her down and both sit with their mother and feeding her breakfast twinkle see this she smiled. Usha see twinkle she made face twinkle see she felt so bad she went in mandir and pray for Manohar.twinkle tell bebe she going to Guruduwara and she went. Even Kunj and Usha too went.

They see each other’s in Guruduwara Usha hold Kunj hands twinkle keep quiet they pray for Manohar health.They went outside twinkle calling Kunj there Usha come and hold her hand.

Twinkle: Kunj listen to me.

Usha:now stop coming near to

My son manhoos ladki leave my son.

Kunj:maa stop it …what are u saying ?

Usha:you toh just shut up ..not a single you have  to decide .you want your wife or maa?

Kunj:maa …now what is this ? How can i choose between you & her …

Usha:you have to choose… whatever comes in Usha mind she said to twinkle without even thinking for a bit twinkle feeling so bad she having tears and which falling tip tip. Even Kunj too felt by his mother words but he couldn’t help she is the reason for this.

Kunj:MAA leave lets go we have to go hospital.Usha sit in car before sitting Kunj he see twinkle high share pain full eye locks. Kunj breaks and sit in his car and drove off from there.

Twinkle:mummy ji right ??she wiped her face and went from there.

Usha and Kunj Visit to Manohar they went inside icu room and sit with him there Usha crying because of his mother Kunj felt more bad.Getting angry at twinkle as well.He went and talk to dr and he said still he is not fine and they can’t said anything as well.Usha request to take Manohar at home they can do their treatment from there only she wanted her husband in front of her eyes only. Dr get reay because of Usha request..

After sometimes later

Manohar come at home dr set everything in his room only.Everyone get happy. Yuvi and Anita come and see Manohar Anita started pulling chilli flakes on everyone wounds..

Anita:twinkle is really wrong. Don’t know what type of upbringing Leela gives her O my god what kind of bahu she is send her sasur in coma ?.

Bebe:shut up anita every time you started haan.Leave from here Monu wanted peace.They all went from the room.Just Usha was with Manohar.Everyone was sitting in living room rt and Leela entered there they sit and talk about Manohar health.Twinkle too come there.

Anita:lo Manohar culprit come why bebe you let her stay in this house..


Anita: what Anita give her good values always creating scenes.

Twinkle:acha it’s your and yours so called son right is.not mine so shut up blaming and I know I didn’t do anything.

Yuvi:hoo really we all know and see that video as well. Bebe shut up both mother and son.Than she told twinkle about Manohar. She get happy and went towards his room to see him.She about to entered Usha hold her hands.

Usha: don’t dare to entered in room. Stay away from my husband I don’t wanted your bad shadow falls down on him.

Twinkle:mummy ji please let me see papaji you taking me wrong.

Usha:I said she jerk her hands. And closed the door.

Twinkle:babaji I didn’t do anything still. She wiped her tears and went towards window. And window was opened she saw Manohar from there only and get happy. I’ll promise papaji I’ll find out who did this all and not leave that person as well.

Kunj was sitting in his room he didn’t have his breakfast and lunch as well thinking about Manohar and more about twinkle as well. Leela talk to him he said he needs time and as well space Leela tell twinkle she feels so bad and dishearten.Still she didn’t give up and understand she made a mistakes and it’s Kunj full right to get angry with her. She went in kitchen and fills plate for Kunj. She take in their room.

She entered in room and find Kunj sitting. She went towards him and keep the plate on table in front of him.

Twinkle:kunjj your food you didn’t have anything since morning.he look at her.He move the plate in side.

Kunj:I don’t wanted twinkle..

Twinkle:please kunjj don’t punish yourself.

You listen to me once after that I’ll not tell you a single word it’s my promise.sachi kunj tumhe woh lounge yaad hai waha mai purvi ke against proof lene hi gyi thi but kisi ne waha bhi mujhe trap kar diya tha.Kunj got more angry.

Kunj:pata hai twinkle aagr mai us din ni aaya hota toh kya ho sakta tha . He get up and looking at other side twinkle tell him each and everything how she get to ready to not take part in mrs Amritsar compilation but suddenly she get a video and messages and after she talk to Manohar and he tells her someone try to trapping him in this all. Later she dismiss all proofs and pictures and send Purvi in jail as well now suddenly this happened she really don’t know. Bas I hide this from. Trust me if you will not trust me than I don’t have hope with anyone you toh believe I never hurt our family.Kunj turned his face and having tears in their eyes.

Kunj:pata nahi ab sab jhoot hi lagta hai mujhe twinkle and stop explaining me yourself. and take this all things from here get it.He take food plate and throw in side twinkle shocked.He went in balcony.This seen my yuvi he laughs out lott and feels bad at twinkle condition..

Like this 2 days has been a passed away twinkle try all possible things to tell everyone she is all innocent but no was ready to believe at her but bebe was with

Her.Usha didn’t let her meet with Manohar but bebe Tell her she can’t stop twinkle. Twinkle taking care of Manohar so nicely. She itself check each and everything.

Today everyone kept pooja at their holy temple for Manohar wellness.. All went to temple for praying for manohar wellness… except twinkle and kunj ….

Kunj went to his college twinkle was all alone in Sarna Mansion Manohar was too.

She was sitting in her room sadly .

Twinkle:Twinkle thinks i have to do

something. kunj is very much angry .

Kunj entered in Sarna Mansion directly went to his room.He saw twinkle sitting on the bed he fully ignore her and went to washroom..

She took out a shirt for him to change.

But kunj didn’t wear that one he took out another one and wear that one only.twinkle brought coffee for kunj …

Twinkle:kunj have this coffee you will feel better..

Kunj:didn’t take it .

Twinkle:see kunj  i know you are angry but please just listen me once.was just helping papa ji and i have done nothing

He turned but by mistake coffee fell on her hand.

Twinkle:aaahh…ouch ..

Kunj:immediately took coffee from.her hand and put her hand under the water …

Both were looking at each other with teary eyes..

Twinkle:: please kunj let me explain once…

Kunj:twinkle please i don’t want to listen anything please Kunj went downstairs..

Twinkle started crying .what should i do ..? Kunj is not ready to listen me once that means he too don’t believe me .why baba ji ? Why me always….everything was so good .i why it’s happened with me only?

Kunj came with cream..He applied on her hands .Twinkle was still sobbing…

Kunj : is it paining?

Twinkle:you put ointment on this …but what about me kunj …?My heart is paining after seeing you ….please try to understand kunj …i have not done anything…

Kunj:leave twinkle i m.not in mood to.listen anything..

Twinkle:then leave this as well.let it be .it will give me pain that’s it .rahne do i can handle .meri chot hai na mai handle kar lungi. She jerked his hand.


Twinkle:what twinkleee haan.She grab his collar you said you love me still you can’t see truth in my eyes Haan Kunj.Cupped his face look into my eyes did you see anything wrong.

Kunj:bas kar twinkle.What love haan.

Twinkle: what love mean Kunj you don’t love me haan. He look at other side why

You looking here and there look at me say you don’t love me..

Kunj:haannn I love but what I get in return twinkle.

Twinkle:even I love you too Kunj trust me.

Kunj:what trust you didn’t tell me anything.Everything not childishness work out.


Kunj:Leave my way.

Twinkle:I wouldn’t cupped his face believe me damn itttt.she pulled Kunj herself and grab his lips with hers.She kissing him Kunj try to push her but he cuddles him tightly by the time he too gave up and started kissing showing his all anger through kiss. He grab twinkle hairs and Clutch tightly.They moving while kissing Kunj pinned her towards wall which is near bed.He kissing her fully she too both open Their eyes and look at each other’s.They both falls down on bed.They break the kiss and both look at each other’s.

Kunj:Kya Than Yeh twinkle stop this all things.Kunj get up from bed and look at her he went down.Twinkle composed herself she too went downstairs everyone come back from temple.Kunj correct his shirt yuvi look at him raise his eyebrow.

Twinkle went to check Manohar she see he breathing so heavily. She scream and everyone come.

Twinkle: papaji..

Usha: Kunj tere papa.Kya Hua.this happened because of you.Cherry call dr he come and examine Manohar.And everyone was standing outside of the room.Manohar open his eyes dr get happy he went outside and tell everyone.All get so happy.

Dr:it’s good he come out of the coma.

Kunj:thanks dr.he smiled and left they all went inside.And they all smiled to see Manohar fine expect Anita and yuvi.

Usha:you go from here twinkle don’t show your face to him.

Kunj:maaa.. Usha show him her hands. Twinkle about to go Manohar stop her.

Usha:why you calling her you don’t this all happened because of her only.Manohar just looking at twinkle he calls her she went towards Manohar tears escaping from his eyes.Manohar moving his hands towards twinkle she hold his hands.All get confused.

Manohar: what she did haan usha? She didn’t do anything she helping me.. twinkle closed her eyes in low voice Manohar tell each and everyone all get shocked more kunjj.thanks beta.

Twinkle:aap mujhe thanks kyu Bol rahe hai papaji it’s my duty you become fine fully that I wanted bas.Manohar smiled and wiped Manohar tears as well.Bebe smiled Kunj feeling so bad.Usha was all shocked she didn’t said anything. Twinkle went in side everyone meet with Manohar Kunj eyes just stuck at twinkle. After sometimes twinkle went in kitchen and made soup for Manohar and send by maid.She get call from leela she went to Tm.

Usha feed soup to Manohar he apologised for each and everything to Usha understand her value what she does for him. Usha smiled even Kunj too.

Bebe:Usha Rani you blaming twinkle puttar for everything see today our Monu with us because of her only.Usha nodded in yes. Bebe and Kunj went in living room they finding twinkle.

Bebe: Kya Hua?

Kunj: woh twinkle we all took her wrong bebe.

Bebe: Haan puttar she telling us but we didn’t listen her once. We should sorry to twinkle.

Kunj:yes bebe.. I feel so bad I was so rude with twinkle Hurt her as well. Bebe cupped Kunj face.

Bebe:koi baat na puttar ab you know na everything meri nuh ko phir se mana lena okay. Kunj smiled and nodded in yes.

Kunj went in his room and searching twinkle he giving her voice

At Tm twinkle and Leela sitting twinkle her everything she get happy for Manohar.

Leela: I know puttar you are always right and don’t worry Kunj and you become like before.

Twinkle:hmm Maa acha now I should go it’s too late.

Leela: okay. They share a hug. Twinkle left for Sm. Kunj was sitting in balcony twinkle coming to Sarna Mansion he saw her.

Kunj: she is here. He having tears in his eyes.Twinkle went inside she meet with bebe.Even bebe to sorry her she said it’s okay.She hugged her and see Manohar before going in her room. She went to her room.

Twinkle entered in room.Kunj standing at balcony door.Both look at each other’s twinkle looking down she sit in side and holding her injured hand.Kunj look at her. He went towards her..



Kunj: you went to Maa house,,

Twinkle:hmm she get up about to go Kunj hold her hand.. kunjjj.

Kunj:I’m really sorry he pulled her towards himself cupped her face I don’t have words twinkle in what way I apologise you you telling me you aren’t wrong I shout at you lott didn’t listen everyone blaming didn’t took stand for you.Even my Maa toa cursing you lot.Twinkle look at him. I m really sorry.Today for very first time I saw my papa so humble and nice with my Maa he sorry her for everything this happened because of you only twinkle. I was angry because you didn’t tell me and this happened.really very sorry I m ready for your punishment. He hold his earlobe twinkle smiled and cupped his face tears falling down from his and her eyes,

Twinkle: acha punishment?really ready?

Kunj: yes give me.Twinkle giggle slightly she peck at Kunj lips.Kunj shocked and look at her.

Twinkle: it’s okay if you didn’t with me at this it’s not bad because it’s because of situations if I’m at your place my reaction will be same it’s about papaji life.And your reaction was right absolutely after all he is your father.And second I’m not angry with you no need of sorry and all’s.I get you I m happy.I just love you kunj really.Kunj smiled.

Kunj:haan why you are so nice twinkle he smiled I’m lucky have you in my life.he cupped her face and wiped her tears.I M really sorry.

Twinkle:if you said one more time I’ll not leave.

Kunj:he arching his eyebrow you do everything expect that he smirked she understands?.twinkle started hitting on his chest.

Twinkle:Sadu Sarna huhu.She hitting continuously Kunj giggles hold her hands.

Kunj: siyappa queen?

Twinkle:Sadu Sarna both laughs out and hugged each other’s tightly caressing each other’s bones.they break the hug and joint their heads both smiled like anything. In her mind.Kya Hua yuvi tere plan tere pe bhari pada na.Mere aur Kunj Ka pyaar Sacha ha.. Kunj caress her face and peck at her lips.

Kunj: I love you twinkle.

Twinkle:even I love you too Kunj.

Yuvi was hell angry he drinking mahi saw him and she get confused.Twinkle and Kunj cuddling each other’s on bed they closed their eyes and doze off with smile.

At morning: they wake up together both smiled and wish each other’s good morning.Twinkle went in washroom Kunj take out dress for her. He went in balcony she come out in bathrobe and she found a dress on bed and she understands it’s done by Kunj she smiled and took the dress and went in washroom she changed and come get ready fully Kunj went in washroom.He get ready fully.Twinkle went downstairs she goes in kitchen and prepare breakfast for everyone.Yuvi see twinkle she ready fully looking so beautiful. Kunj come downstairs even he look happy as well. Everyone come for breakfast even Manohar twinkle bring breakfast place on table she saw Usha took her hand back.Usha see her.

Twinkle: sorry mummy ji?

Usha: I’m sorry twinkle not you I didn’t understand your value I’m sorry I told you so much. Twinkle was surprised Usha fold her hand in front of her. Twinkle hold her hand.

Twinkle:no mummy ji please don’t do this. You expect me your bahu and Kunj wife I’m just happy with this only all smiled more Kunj and Bebe. Usha keep her hand on her head she take her blessings and she give as well. They share a hug twinkle get happy together everything happened good with her she went in kitchen and bring coffee for Kunj she give he smiled and she sit beside him.They all happily having breakfast Kunj hold twinkle hand under the table. She shocked he making puppy faces both smile and enjoying the breakfast.They all finished breakfast happily.

Kunj was in his room arranging his office bag twinkle come with lunchbox she give to Kunj. He smiled and winked at her she blushed. Kunj get up and took her both hands in his hands

Kunj:acha Sun confession sab Hua ab Kya Socha hai he went near her ears kiss bhi Hua next what wifey ??.SHe look at him corner of her eyesight.

Twinkle: acha what? I didn’t get it.

Kunj: don’t worry tonight I’ll get you know everything kiss on her cheek bye.

Twinkle: bye.he left for college.

Twinkle was hell happy today don’t have words.She and Usha taking care of Manohar together this all making yuvi angry in anger he left for Chandigarh due to some work. While kunj messaging twinkle in between his breaks.She and he enjoyed lott this new things. Kunj words ranging in twinkle ears after finished her all work she went in her room and decorated her rooms beautifully with red rose and candles everything she was waiting for Kunj like anything she message Kunj and went in washroom she get freshen up. Later Kunj come and he asked for twinkle Bebe gestures he blushed and understood and went in his room. Twinkle was standing Kunj see room condition he was shocked even surprised as well he see twinkle and went towards her give her backhugged lock his hands around her waist she smiled and hold his hands tightly.

Twinkle: kunjj tum aagye I know even you can’t stay without me..

Kunj: yes and what is this.

Twinkle: you don’t know you only said na in morning.

Kunj: but I was joking you took in seriously


Twinkle: what she turned and look at him.

Kunj: what look at your face he laughs out.

Twinkle:you always making fun of mine so bad you are huhu.

Kunj: acha sorry now you did this all appreciate twinkle can’t wasted your hard work.. he pulled her towards himself. You looking beautiful Mrs Sarna. she blushed and lock her arms around his neck both share a eye lock. Twinkle push him and about to run Kunj hold her saree palu he pulled her lift her in his arms and place her on bed and come upon.

Twinkle: Kya kar rahe ho.

Kunj: dekh lena?. He caress her hairs kissed on her forehead thanks for everything for each and everytime all love and respect give and fulfilled your all duties I never knew this marriage become so important for us. She smiled.

Twinkle:thanks to you MAA took best decision of my life she finds you for me. I’m lucky  have partner likes you kunj.

Kunj: we will thanks to each other’s tomorrow not tonight I’ll let you waste in this talks because tere talktime full rahata hai ??.

Twinkle: huhu.He kissed on her eyes she smiled Kunj nuzzles his face in her neck. He kissing her passionately twinkle hands went on his nape hairs she caressing Kunj hairs while Kunj giving her sweet torture with his lips he bite her neck she moan his name loudly his one hand moving on her body. He leave his love marks on her both side of neck she looks at him he too.Her lips shivering Kunj grab her lips.Nibbling her lips fully she isn’t less.Both engrossed in deep lip lock. Kunj side her palu he moving his lips on her body and giving her kisses.both joints their hands and loving each other’s fully.Yuvi tries his best but can’t apart them. Kunj pulled blanket on them fully and take her permission they both take this compromised marriage to next level now which fully filled with love and trust.they both spend their whole night in each other’s embrace.

At morning.

Twinkle woke up and found herself in Kunj embrace see their position and room condition she blushed.And went in washroom she get ready Escape from here before Kunj wake up and teased her lott. Later Kunj wake up and smile while remembering last night he smiled finally they become one.he get ready and went downstairs and see twinkle she hiding from him. Bebe teased both of them lott. They just blushing. Twinkle went in garden Kunj went behind and cuddles her from back.

Twinkle: Kya Hai.

Kunj: me last night was so beautiful thanks for this.

Twinkle: acha thanks you are very bad why you takes lot time Haan.

Kunj: acha bachu you took ?. Nuzzles his face in her neck twinkle moan.

Twinkle: kunjj maa.

Kunj: so what. Leela entered their and see twinkle and Kunj position twinkle try to come out of his grip but Kunj didn’t let her she looking down leela smiled to see them. Kunj winked at leela.

Kunj: see Maa is so happy?.

Twinkle:shameless.Leela went from there twinkle turned and bite Kunj cheek and hugged him.

Everything happens for a reason. That reason causes change. Sometimes the change hurts. Sometimes the change is hard. But in the end its all for the best.Sometimes a mistake can end up being the best decision you ever make.



So this shot for Jasmin Bhasin today is her bday.????.

Happy Yashika didi??.

Hope you all enjoyed give your views please I just write in hustle bustle just for Yashika.??no proof reading ??

Bye love you..


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    At last true love wins ..
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    Amazing os dear
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    She love him unconditionally
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