MATSH: Our Endless Love (Episode 26 & 27)

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Thank you my dear friends for your lovely comments and likes. Thank you all silent readers. And Prince please don’t worry about dislikes. Not everyone has good taste right? This episode is full of ishveer scenes. let’s start

Ranveer and ishani went to temple. They prayed to God.
Ranveer(in his thoughts): god pls ishani should not know the truth . I can bear anything but I can’t lose her. Give me strength to hide this from her. Give her all the happiness of mine. Give me all the worries of her.
Ishani: god I am the luckiest wife in this world. I got a wonderful husband. He loves me more than I do. I want to give happiness to him. I want to give birth to his child. This is my only wish.
Ranveer: come let’s go.
Ishani: where?
Ranveer: I will tell you.
They went to parekh mansion.
Ranveer: you celebrated all your birthday with them. You get their blessings every year. So we came here to get blessings from our parents. You love me more than anyone but your love for your parents is unique. I have no right to take you away from them.
Ishani(with an emotional face): thank you ranveer.
Ranveer: no need to thank me. Come let’s go inside.
Harshad and falguni wished her. Ishveer got blessings from them. After an hour, ishani and ranveer came out.
Ranveer: tell your next wish.
Ishani: ranveer I want to eat road side chat.
Ranveer took her to some place. And order all street foods one plate. They had everything together.
Ishani: ranveer i am full.
Ranveer: are you happy?
Ishani: I am not just happy and I am just super happy. I enjoyed these street foods after a long time.
Ranveer: so let’s have tea.
Ishani: sure.
They had tea with lots of chitchats.
Ishani: ranveer seriously this is the best day of my life.
Ranveer: the day is not over yet.
Ishani: so
Ranveer: so tell me whats your next wish?
Ishani: wait. I have to think.
Ranveer: okay.
Ishani after sometime,
Ishani: I love to play football in rain with some children.
Ranveer: okay give me some ten minutes.
Ishani: but how will you bring rain?
Ranveer: how directors will bring rain in shooting?
Ranveer arranged everything for artificial rain. Ishveer along with some children were playing football. They were so happy. Ishani became a child while playing. Ranveer was so happy to see happiness in his Love’s eyes. But doctor’s words flashed in his mind. After sometime, he took ishani to home.
Ranveer: ishani go and change your clothes.
Ishani: first you go and change.
Ranveer: ladies first.
Ishani: no you go first.
Ranveer: why should we fight?
He took dresses in one hand and lifted ishani in his arms and went to washroom.
He opened the shower. Ishani opened his shirt buttons one by one. He unpinned her saree and removed her saree. Ishani was so shy. He hugged her. Ishani pushed him out of washroom in shyness. They changed clothes.
Ranveer: ishani it’s lunch time.
Ishani: so where are we going now?
Ranveer:nowhere I ordered pizza for us.
Ishani: so ranveer is in no mood to give me some chance.
Ranveer nodded his head with cute smile in his face. Calling bell rang.
Ishani: pizza came. Go and get it.
Ranveer paid for pizza and got it. He went to room and saw ishani who was sitting in bed and drying her hair. Ranveer was mesmerized by her look. He kept pizza in table and hugged her from behind. Ishani turned to see him. Ranveer was staring her like eating her. Ishani went so close to him.
Ishani(in his ears): ranveer I am hungry.
Ranveer came back to senses.
Ishani and ranveer started to eat pizza. He saw a small piece was present near her corner of lips. It was seems as that piece made ranveer jealous, as that piece was very near to her..he ignored two times but when it was of not use he said to ishani. But she wiped other corner. he pulled her close to him and tasted that piece which was irritating him. He continued to suck that part. That small taste converted into a passionate kiss. He left her after sometime. Ishani was blushing. Her cheeks turned red. After lunch, Ranveer gave her medicines. She had those medicine.
Ranveer: ishani take rest for sometime.
Ishani: no ranveer it’s already 2’o clock. I have so many wishes. So can we?
Ranveer: okay tell me your next wish.
Ishani: can we go for long drive in bike?
Ranveer: sure wait I will bring my bike keys ishani.
Ishani: but one minute. I am going to drive not you.
Ranveer: what?
Ishani: why ranveer? Are you afraid of sitting behind me?
Ranveer: do you know how to ride bike?
Ishani: no.
Ranveer: then how will you ride?
Screen freezes with ranveer’s confused face.

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    Wowwww….fantastic update……great romance….but when will Ishaani come to knw the truth??…hope nothing will go wrong…..very great episodes…..loved it a lot….looking forward to it….be safe n sound

    1. Bhavani

      thanks for your lovely comment. keep reading. I will update next as soon as possible.

  2. Bhavani

    sorry readers I am stuck with some works. will update tomorrow

  3. Hii bhavani thanks for updating, really loved this epi full of ishveer love and romance. The pizza scene really brought back those funny old memories of ishveer when they were fighting over a pizza. Thank u for keeping ishveer alive in our hearts dear. God bless u..

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