MATSH: Our Endless Love (Episode 25)

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Thank you friends for your lovely comments. I was in no mood to continue this. But you made me to change my design by your comments. Thank you all ishveer lovers for still loving them unconditionally. They will be in our hearts always and forever.

Shivanya: ranveer why did you hide this from me?
Ranveer(in his thoughts.): Did she see the reports? Oh my God what will I do now?
Shivanya: you should have told me naa? Tomorrow ishani’s birthday and we didn’t start any preparation.
Ranveer(in his thoughts): in this tension I forgot about ishani’s birthday. Because of that bitter truth I am spoiling all the happiness now. No I should not do like this.
Shivanya: ranveer where are you lost?
Ranveer: shivanya I forgot to inform you.
Shivanya: Thank God rithika told me.
Ranveer: how did you know rithika?
Rithika came inside the cabin.
Rithika: yesterday we met each other in your home. RV we will make the arrangements in your home garden. We will celebrate at night 12. After that we will give you both complete privacy.
Shivanya and rithika came out of his cabin.
Shivanya: why did you hide the truth from him?
I am going to tell everything to sharman now. Then tonight at party I will tell them both.
Rithika take sharman out.
Sharman: why did you bring me here?
Rithika: I am going to tell you something.
Sharman: tell.
Rithika: wait okay first see this.
She gave him some book. He read the title of that book.
Sharman: what HUSBANDS can do for their pregnant wives… but why did you give this to me? Wait you mean.
Rithika: yes sharman I am pregnant.
Sharman hugged her in happiness.
Sharman: I love you.
At 8 pm, ranveer asked shivanya to take ishani out for dinner. He went to home and make all arrangements for her birthday.
At night 11.59 ishani came to home. All lights were off. Ranveer came near her. He hugged her from behind and closed her mouth.
Ranveer(in her ear): don’t panic. Come with me.
He took her to garden. Everyone shouted, “surprise”
Ranveer hugged ishani.
Ranveer: happy birthday my love.
Ishani thanked all.
Sharman: we have a surprise gift for you. Not only for you. Rithika will I tell?
Rithika: no sharman I will. Ishani I am going to become a mother.
All were happy to hear this. All left from there.
Ranveer and ishani were alone.
Ishani: Mr. Vaghela we are alone.
Ranveer: so?
Ishani: where is my birthday gift?
Ranveer: sorry baby I didn’t buy anything.
Ishani was upset and went to their room. She opened the door and switched on the lights and surprised to see their room. Their room walls are beautifully painted with their romantic pictures.
Ishani: ranveer did you do this?
Ranveer nodded his head as yes. She hugged him with Happy tears.
Ishani: this is the best birthday gift of my life. I love you ranveer.
Ranveer: this is your day. I am going to fulfill all your wishes.
Ishani: I have so many.
Ranveer: your first wish before sleeping.
Ishani: kiss.
Ranveer: what? I didn’t hear you.
Ishani: if you don’t want, then it’s okay.
Ranveer: wait when did I say like that?
He went so close to her.
Her arm, where it pressed against his, burned. She shivered, cold penetrating all the rest of her.Then his arm went around her, drawing her back from the edge, and his face bent to meet hers as she looked up, startled.Those lips met hers .His grip tightened across her shoulders, pulling her into him, pressing himself into her. Her hungry mouth melded into his.
At night, Ishani was sleeping peacefully but ranveer could not.
Ranveer (to himself): should I tell this problem to ishani or not? No I should not. If she comes to know this, she will leave me. I should hide this from her.
Next morning, ranveer came to his room with two coffee mugs. Ishani was sitting on bed and watching him. He gave one cup to her.
Ranveer: good morning and happy birthday my love.
Ishani: good morning.
Both had coffee. Ishani and ranveer came down to have breakfast. Ranveer closed her eyes with his hands.
Ranveer: there is a surprise for you and please don’t open your eyes.
He asked her to open her eyes after few minutes and she was surprised to see all the favorite dishes of her in table.
Ishani: you cooked?
Ranveer: yes for my sunny.
He served her.
Ishani: come we will eat together.
Ranveer: no birthday girl first.
Ishani: come-on ranveer. It’s my wish. So sit we will eat.
Ishani was admiring him. She was falling for him again and again.
Ishani: ranveer I love you.
Ranveer: I love you too. I think Mrs. Vaghela is in romantic mood. Then let me cancel all the plans.
Ishani: no need.
After breakfast, he gave her one parcel. She opened it and saw a saree.
Ranveer: I am going to make you wear saree and we will go out.
Ishani: smart ranveer you planned so well. And you left no other option for me. Okay let’s get ready.

Screen freezes with their smiling faces.

Will ishani get to know about her problem? If she, will she able to digest the truth? Let’s wait and watch what destiny planned for our ishveer. But love will find its way. Thank you for all your support. Without you it is not possible to come for 25th episode.

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    Fantastic episode again…..loved it alot….I dnt knw which idiot disliked this story……but anyways it’s a marvelous update…..eagerly waiting to c how Ishaani will come to knw the truth…..waiting for nxt… safe n stay healthy

    1. Bhavani

      thank you for your comment. you always support me. thanks a lot. I will be writing ishveer till the end of my life. I am undergoing many problems. but this story make me come out of all my problems for some time.

  2. Hii bhavani… thanks alot for updating. I’m soo happy that u changed ur decision, thank u soo much. Yes ishveer will always be in our hearts and people like u makes us to love them more and more. Ishveer will always have a very special place in my heart and I can’t even tell you how crazy I used to be for them. They are magical and this is their magic on us that v can’t forget them. If I know what’s love then its only because of them. The epi was cute and beautiful….really loved it dear. And I wish and pray that u overcome all the problems that u r going through just like our ishveer, may god give u strength.. Take care

  3. Lovely episode dear… Loved it soo much. Soo happy that you are continuing it. Love you so much and may god help you come out of all the problems in life and bless u with love and happiness.

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