Mate – A werewolf love story (Chapter 7)

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Hey my peepliboos!! Yey!! I’m back here.. looooooonnnnnnnnnnngggggggg ttttttiiiiiiiiiimmmmmmmmeeeeeeeee…. Nnnnoooooooooo sssssssssseeeeeeee… heheh.. here I am now.. next update.. don’t kill me… I know this is one boring chapter.. bear with me.. please…

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Chapter 7- I will get her back

He walked back all disappointed to his mansion. Aashi who was just going to call him saw him entering lifeless. It looked like thousands of leeches had sucked the blood out of his system.

Oh, you could call him a zombie. No Frankenstein sounded better. He looked so pale. Hours back he was all excited, happy.

Now what happened to him?

Aashi went towards Arjun, but when he turned around, she stood rooted to her spot. He had a bottle of whiskey in his hand. And the most shocking thing!!

He was crying!!

It was all like a dream. It was the first time, after four years he was being so vulnerable. After his mother’s death, he had masked himself to be the heartless and ruthless Alpha. The flings were a distraction, but he grew addicted to it. He was so broken that he didn’t see it coming. Whatever he had done to prove himself had gone in vain. These four years got him so much of bad reputation. All his hard work. His kindness. Everything in the drain.

He gave her a sad smile, wiped his tears with the back of his free hand and made way to his room with great difficulty sipping the contents of the bottle. Staggering every second. Aashi ran behind and held him before he could fall and the bottle crashed to the floor, breaking into thousands of pieces. Aashi made sure he doesn’t hurt himself and herself too. She managed to pull him to his room in her human form. He was a big hulk. She made him lie down and covered him up with the blanket.

When she was about to leave, he stopped her.

“Why am I hated so much? Why can’t anyone love me?” he asked in a pained voice.

“Bhai?!” she exclaimed in shock. He was so hurt.

“Why does Radhika hate me? I love her. I love her so much” he whispered all pained.

“Bhai?!” Aashi exclaimed all shocked.

“I love her. She’s the one I’ve been dreaming about” he whispered again.

“I know” she said without any emotions.

“How?” he asked.

“Cause I’m her best friend” she smiled.

“She’s my everything Choti. I need her. Please help me” he cried.

“I can’t do anything bhai. It’s all your fault. You insulted her. You were so rude. You were a playboy. Not were, you are. Well, now you’re not on your flings. You’re the rude, heartless, ruthless human being. Well human to the world, but a really disappointing werewolf. Very disappointing one” Aashi answered.

“Am I really that bad? So, you were just smiling and bearing me for name sake? You too hate me. Everyone hates me. Even Neil” he said all hurt.

“Bhai I didn’t mean it” said Aashi.

She was regretting for letting out those words.

“It’s k. I deserve it. Anything else?” he smiled weakly.

“Bhai I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean it. I really didn’t. It just happened. Aarrgghh…. how did this happen?” Aashi cried as she gripped her head tight.

“Where’s Neil?” he asked.

“With Sam. Will be back in the morning” she answered.

“Let him live his life happily. Let him not be alone like me” he said as he settled himself more into the bed.

“But bhai….” Aashi started off, but stopped when he turned off all the lights.

“Good night Aashi” he mumbled as sleep took over.

Aashi felt bad. She hurt him. When he was already hurt bad. Rejected by the one he loved the most. He had never called her Aashi. It was either princess or Choti. She walked out all sad and cried. She called the servant to clean up the mess.

“Radhika please don’t leave my brother” she whispered as tears trickled down again.

Arjun got up in the morning with a heavy head. He gripped his head tight and looked around. Where was his bottle of alcohol? He scowled as he got up from bed, still gripping his head.

“Kiku my bottle of scotch!!” screamed Arjun in pure anger.

It was the poor lad’s responsibility to make sure that Arjun woke up looking at his bottle of fine expensive scotch. The boy in his late teens came in running with the big green transparent bottle, carved with fine designs filled with the brown liquid.

“Here you are Alpha” he said as he had his head bowed down.

Arjun threw the cap God knows where and gulped down the liquid as he looked at the Kiku with anger. Kiku feared but put a normal face on the outside. He knew it was going to be his last. He had filled Arjun’s room with the bottles, but they ran out in the blink of an eye. He was drinking so much. Aashi came in running with a glass of lemon juice and an aspirin. She heard Arjun’s scream from his room that had her panicked. She knew he’d have a hangover in the morning. But, this was too much.

Liquor early in the morning!!

Without brushing.

She saw Kiku shivering in fear with every second was ticking by.

“Kiku leave” ordered Aashi.

Kiku heaved a sigh of relief, giving a gratitude filled smile to Aashi as he walked out of the room as soon as he could so that he could escape Arjun’s anger.

“Hello baby sister” mocked Arjun as he sipped on.

“You didn’t brush you jerk” she scowled.

“Like I care. Why do you care?” he taunted.

Aashi’s eyes welled up. He was going worse. She was wrong. She knew it. She shouldn’t have spoke to him like that when he was drunk and on top of it, hurt. She was here to apologize.

“Arjun is this the way to talk to Choti?” a manly voice echoed from behind.

Aashi turned around to see Neil with Sam. She nodded in negative gesturing him to stop. She didn’t want Arjun to insult Neil. He was too drunk. Neil gritted his teeth and balled his fists as he saw Aashi holding back her tears. He came and wrapped an arm around her and gave her a gentle arm hug.

“I came here to say a sorry. For yesterday” hissed Aashi in between tears “and you have a Pack meeting in the next twenty minutes” she said as she composed herself, wiping her tears with the back of her hand.

Arjun almost spat out the contents of the liquid in his mouth as he heard the word “meeting”. He looked at Neil and Aashi.

How did he forget? How could he?

“Damn” he muttered to himself as he raked his fingers through his hair.

“Give me ten minutes” he said as he put his bottle down and rushed towards the washroom.

“First take the lemonade and aspirin” Aashi said in a low voice.

Arjun took it like a good boy and ran to the bathroom.

“What made him get angry on you?” asked Neil after Arjun went in.

“I scolded him. Blamed him for what he is today. He was already hurt. Radhika rejected him” Aashi whispered hurt clearly visible in her eyes.

“You were right. Don’t blame yourself” said Neil as he hugged his princess to him.

“Will you love me the same way even after you and Sam have your cub?” whispered Aashi as she had her face buried in her brother’s chest.

“Why you doubting on that?” he asked as he detached her face from his chest “you’ll always be my first priority. Even after I have my cub” he smiled as he wiped her tears.

“You should never doubt on Neil Chandra Mehra” smiled Sam as she came and stood next to Neil.

“I love you both so much” Aashi squealed as she hugged both of them.

“We love you too. More” both in unison.

They heaved a sigh of relief as they winked at each other. She smiled. They had changed her mood.

“What about me?” pouted Arjun as he stood behind them with his arms folded to his chest.

“Ummm…” started off Aashi as she looked up the ceiling as if thinking something.

“You’re two minutes late” smirked Sam.

“What?!” he gasped.

“Yes. You took twelve minutes” said Sam as she showed the time on her mobile.

“Are yaar” frowned Arjun.

“Now shall we move?” interrupted Neil.

“Yes, we’ll come in a moment” said Arjun as he looked at Aashi.

“What do you have to talk to me?” asked Aashi as she folded her arms to her chest and Neil and Sam had already left.

“I’m sorry Choti. For yesterday” sighed Arjun.

“Can we move? It’s late” said Aashi as she looked away.

“Choti please” he pleaded.

Aashi turned to him and saw his eyes filled with guilt and hurt.

“It’s k. Just try to be a bit kind” she clipped.

“A hug. Please” he said as he opened his arms wide.

She hugged him and he held his sister tight. Aashi knew he was going through a lot. Putting all his emotions inside him. She rubbed his back to calm him. Arjun pulled away and planted a kiss on her forehead.

“Now we have a meeting to attend” smiled Aashi as she patted his cheek.

“Oh yes. Meeting” he said as he pulled her with him.

“I promise you, I’ll get her. I’ll get her back. My Radhika” said Arjun as he held his sister’s hand.

“I know you will” she smiled.

“Ooh. And it’s going to be my first Pack meeting. And I’m so excited!!” clapped Aashi as she jumped trying to match the steps of her tall brother.

“It’ll be good. But you need to be careful of every word, tough and all decisions you take” informed Arjun.

“I’ll be fine” she smiled.

With that both the cousins smiled a mischievous smile and went to the Pack House and the meeting room.

Up next: Chapter 8

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