Matchmaker Matched her own Fate Part 4

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Hi This is Khushi.Sorry for not updating other stories.They will have to be rewritten so in few days I will update all if them at once.But for now I hope you enjoy reading this part and must say if you enjoy reading it then comment down below.It takes less than 5 minutes.

It has been half an hour in car and so now they were bored.They were talking to each other.

Shivika Conversation:

Shivaay:You know we have a farm house in Lonavala.
Shivaay:We don’t go there that often.By the way where do you live?
Anika:I live in West Bandra.
Shivaay:That is 15 minutes away from OM.
Shivaay:Oberoi Mansion
Anika:You all have short forms?
Anika:From today ,I will call you SSO.
Shivaay:Be professional
Anika:Abhi toh hum dost hain na?
Anika:Then outside the office I can call you Billu.

Ishkara’s conversation:

Ishana:By the way thank you for listening to me.
Omkara:Friends main no sorry and no thank you
Ishana:Ok ,How many farmhouses do you have?
Omkara:3 or 4 but we still live like a typical and normal Punjabi family.
Ishana:Bada pyaar hain aapki family main.
Omkara:Way too much
Ishana:Aap bhi bade down to earth type insaan ho
Omkara:I try to be as down to earth as possible.
Ishana:Nice Tell me more about your family.

Romi and Rudra’s conversation:

Rudra:Which college do you go to?
Romi:The same college that Rehaan and Soumya go to.
Rudra:Since how many years since you know Soumya and Rehaan?
Romi:I know Soumya since 7 years and I know Rehaan since 3 years and tumhe ek secret batau par kisi ko batana mat?]
Rudra:Main kisi ko nahi bataunga.
Romi:Rehaan loves Soumya.

Rudra was confused and he wanted to tell Soumya to stay away from her.

Rudra:How do you know that?
Romi:He told me that.
Rudra:Does Soumya know he loves her?
Rudra:So they are just friends.
Romi:For now they are just friends.
Rudra:Does Soumya love him?
Romi:I don’t know
Rudra(thinking):I must talk to her later.

Soumya ,Dev ,and Priyanka’s conversation:

Soumya:Since when are you two together?
Priyanka:2 years
Soumya:Aur abhi tak shaadi nahi ki?
Dev:Hum abhi ready nahi hai Shaadi ke liye
Soumya(thinking):I need to get clues if he is really my brother
Soumya:Waise aap dono ka childhood kaisa tha?
Dev:Acchi si family thi joh aab nahi hai.
Soumya:Kaisi Family?
Dev:Parents aur choti bahen
Soumya(thinking):I found one clue at least and the rest of the clues i will find later but I think he is really my brother.
Priyanka:Waise tho Soumya ne humse itne sawaal kiye but tumne hume apne bare main kuch nahi bataya.
Soumya:Kya janana hai aapko.
Priyanka:Aapko mera bhaiyya kaise lage.
Soumya:Mujhe toh bohot acche lage tumhare bhaiyya.

After few minutes they were in their Lonavala farmhouse.The farmhouse was decorated nicely.Even the elders arrived in few minutes.
Rudra:Mom ,What is the decoration for?
Jhanvi:Actually your uncle’s daughter is getting married this weekend in this farmhouse.So this decoration is for functions.
Soumya:When does the functions start?
Pinky:The functions start from tomorrow.
Ishana:Which function is tomorrow?
Pinky:Haldi ceremony.
Anika:I can’t wait.
Dadi:You all will have to perform something.But it is dinner time.So get freshen up and meet for dinner in half an hour.

Anika ,Ishana ,Soumya ,Priyanka ,and Romi were sharing one room.Shivaay ,Omkara ,Rudra ,Dev ,and Rehaan were sharing a room.Soumya freshened up quickly and she went downstairs and saw Rudra sitting on sofa and she went upto him.

Soumya:Itne sadly kyun bol rahe ho.Kuch hua hai kya?
Rudra:Waise main ek advice dena chahta hoon tumhe.
Rudra:Tumna Rehaan se itna baat mat karo.
Rudra:Bas aise hi woh bohot accha lagta nahi hai.
Soumya:Thank you for being so protective.
Rudra:Friends main no sorry and no thank you.
Soumya:First time in life someone made me feel secure.
Rudra:And maintain a distance from him.

Then people started coming downstairs.Then they had dinner and then they went to their room to sleep.

Precap: All the couples dance for Heldi ceremony.Also a truth and truth game.


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    But truth n truth game?? Is it truth n dare??

    1. Khushilovesroumya

      Yeah Wedding is my fav season also and truth and truth is my version of truth and dare. You will find out more in next part.

      1. Aarti32

        I also love, clothes, dance, masti..?

  5. Superrr episode.I loved it.Keep writing dear.

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      Thank you and you will find out more about truth and truth in next part

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    Wowww what a lovely update……Rumya convo was outstanding, feels u are able 2 feel them when u write , just brought those cuteness before my eyes….thanks yaar for bringing it……So good 2 read,…And i loved anika also …..The most catchy line was sumo telling abt feeling of protection, awwwww……so beautiful 2 read that line…..I loved this part dear…..Another best episode from u, i enjoyed it a lot…..This one made my day…..Thanks for giving these kind of amazing works……Hats off…..

    1. Khushilovesroumya

      Thank you for always writing positive comments and you welcome

  11. Post next part asap.

    1. Khushilovesroumya

      I will try to post as soon as possible.

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    1. Khushilovesroumya

      Thanks and even I like them.

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