Mastaangi 29th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Mastaangi 29th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ria thinks of what she should do and sits back next to Zubair and he offers her food and says that eat it it’s your last anyway. Ria says that it’s your last biryani and he says that you are sharp as after Euro and the blast all of you will go in the blast so why don’t I blast away with you. He tells her to call Karan as the distances get smaller the frustration will begin and he will look for you all over the city and calls Karan himself. Karan doesn’t answer and he says that he doesn’t care about you, he must be sleeping somewhere while his love is tied to a nuclear bomb. Ria says that you are wrong like always Karan wants to keep his phone free for my call and your is an unknown number and I am happy about that. Zubair says it sad to hear about that as you have only two hours thirty minutes than happy birthday Euro.
He calls again and Veer tells Karan to answer, on hearing Zubair’s voice Karan says I will kill you and Veer puts the phone on speaker and tells the inspector to trace the call. Zubair tells Karan that his love is with him while Veer says to him to let them hear Ria first. Zubair says to Veer that it means the ring master is with the monkeys and tells them to not try to trace this call as they don’t know form which country it is being routed, he says that after 2.5 hours boom. He then tells Ria to talk to Karan and crying Ria talks to Karan and she tells him that she is fine. Zubair says that she is lying and I know why you are not talking to him, he will feel the pain in your voice and look for you everywhere like a lover and slaps Ria. She turns and sees a piece of paper on the ground. He says to them that she killed my son and now I will see this massacre with ease. Veer asks of what he means and he says that Ria’s price is 10 million and says ask why, Veer realizes and says Nuclear bomb and he tells him about the bomb and tells him to find it.
Ria thinks of getting that piece of paper without triggering the motion sensor. Veer says to Zubair that your death is written by my hand and he asks him If he is sure and says your time starts now. As Zubair is busy Ria gets the piece of paper and thinks of telling Karan about the location. Karan cries and says that say I am listening and Zubair hands her the phone saying beg for your life now. Ria tells Karan about them meeting the college hostel and says that she knows it’s their love. Zubair picks up the knife as Ria talks to Karan and when she is done, he says that why is there need for people like us to destroy cities yours pathetic love is enough. Karan says that this love will save this country and you don’t know what it means to be loved. Zubair ends the call and tells Ria that there is no need for riddles he will come and find you here like a dog.
Karan says that I will find Ria all over the city and Veer tells him to wait for the inspector to come with information. The inspector comes and says that we got nothing as the call was rerouted from three different countries during the call. Veer asks of what they should do now and the inspector says that we can’t do anything but try as Zubair has been away from a while and maybe he went out of town. Karan yells and says that listen to me Zubair is in this city and won’t leave as his son died here. The inspector says that if he is planning a bomb he won’t be here in this city while Karan is shouting and playing games while Ria is in danger and says that I love him and go to save her and don’t need anyone. Veer asks him to wait while Karan doesn’t listen to him and when he doesn’t listen to him, Anaita tells him to wait and gives him his phone and says that you are concerned but we are all her friends and are worried about her. Karan says that Udita and Kabir were your friends as well and look what you did to them. Jignesh tells Karan that it was the past while Karan says that if you were betrayed like that than I would ask you. He takes a step and Veer asks him to stop and look for clues with them, Karan says that you want to act like a spy so do and I’ll look for Ria, I don’t need your help. He goes to Anaita and says you did what you wanted to do in that lifetime and I don’t need you now.
He heads out and sits on the stairs worried and remembers what Ria told him about being fine and Zubair saying I know why you are not talking to him as he will feel the pain in your voice and look for you like a mad lover and you only have 2hours 30min to find her and Ria telling him about the first time they met. Karan wonders why Ria mentioned hostel as that is where they didn’t meet and heads there. Zubair is looking at his phone and tells Ria that only and an hour is left and no one has come for you. He decides to call Karan again and Karan asks if Ria is okay and she is. Zubair laughs and says that a bomb has been tied to this one and she says that she is fine. He tells Karan that think that you are talking to her for the last time and Karan says that we will be together in this lifetime I am coming Zubair.
He arrives and says that in this lifetime you must go, Zubair points the gun and says I am impressed and asks of how he found her, if by smelling. Ria and Karan talk and say I know you would come and say I love you to each other. Zubair holds Ria and says that do you want to talk to Ria and Karan says that remember these are the last moments of your life. Zubair says that people get blinded in love, know that you stepped in the pool of death now, no one will survive. He says that you don’t have a father nor a son so I will kill you both here. Ria hits Zubair with the plate and Karan asks for the gun but Ria can’t move and Zubair gets a hold of it. He holds Karan and says that you came for her and but she didn’t pass you the gun and tells Ria to open the jacket.

Precap: Anaita and Ria are hugging are Zubair points the gun at them, Anaita pushes Ria aside and gets hit in the arm.

Update Credit to: Sona

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