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Mastaangi 23rd June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anaita asks again if she took their lives and the lady says that it was the month of June and my baby was hiding something from me. Anuskha is telling her mother that does he even knows how much I love him, everything about him is a happiness in my life why can’t he understand that I love him. The lady says that Anuskha knew that Kabir loved Udita and was about to meet her there and though I tried to stop her but she didn’t and went with a gun. Anushka went where Kabir and Udita were together and Udita had pointed a gun at Kabir. Anushka was the one that fired at Kabir as she said that If Kabir couldn’t me mine than he couldn’t be no one’s. Anushka got angrier and shot Udita as well saying that you don’t deserve to live and as Udita died she smiled as if her love got completed. Anushka got

frustrated even more but then my daughter committed suicide at Heer Ranja point.
Veer asks Anaita to say something and she says that I was the one who killed the three of us. Karan says that this is the previous life so forget it while Anaita says how she can as she took their lives, I was thinking for such a while on whom killed us and took our lives and it was me in our past life. Her mother is not aware that they are reborn while Anaita says that I am the worse and asks everyone to stay away from her. Veer says that was the previous life not the previous year so stop being foolish. Her mother asks, you are not my daughter than where is she and starts crying as Karan fails to explain about the three of them, so the doctor takes her to her room and Anaita runs away as well.
Zubair crying for help and says to the doctor that he needs some help or with die otherwise, the doctor agrees and takes out a syringe. He struggles against the bed and yells to open his hand and as he gets free he injects the doctor and says Ria you killed my son so you must die as well. Anaita runs crying while Veer and Ria are looking for her. Karan is wondering why Anu did such a thing in the previous life, and remembers the lady saying that Anushka, Kabir and Udita’s love triangle. Karan wonders how this could be and says Anaita why did you do such a thing.
Anaita comes to the roof and locks the door and goes to the edge and sees herself saying that are you scared now, do you feel bad now but why you couldn’t bare someone else with Kabir than and the person you loved the most you took his life, you were so jealous and only because he loved and when you saw Udita dying in happiness with Kabir you couldn’t handle that as well. Udita was happy that at least she Kabir were together but you were selfish then and are still now. You never thought about your mother and look she spent her entire life in a mental asylum and you ruined everyone’s life in that lifetime and this one you are just a coward. Anaita yells saying that she is just a human being and made a mistake, she realizes her mistake now but she is not a bad person and not a coward. Her vision says that prove it and control the fear of you being acrophobic and end this guilt of yours and end this forever. You took the life of two people and one of them was your best friend or you were acting to be his. She says that do it as there is nothing left in your life and what are you thinking about now and how can you live after taking the life of two people and tells her to jump.
Veer is knocking on the door asking her to open while Anaita says that I will pay for sins of that life in this one and all my sins will go away. She walks over the grill remembering what her mother told her and just as she steps over Veer holds her back and says that have you gone mad what are you doing. Anaita says that this is her life so let her go. Veer pulls her back and as she struggles and tries again, Veer slaps her and says that what you did can’t be fixed so stop this madness. She says that I can make my decision and who are you to stop me, I tried to ruin Ria’s life and killed my best friend in the previous, I am just a jealous girl. Veer says that you don’t deserve this as if you didn’t save Ria the other day than those two wouldn’t be together. Anaita tries to jump again while Veer picks her and takes her away.
Jignesh and Sohani are with Karan and Ria and ask them of how thye could trust that lady even if she is Anaita’s mom but how could you believe her story as how could Anaita kill you. Karan says that he couldn’t believe it as well and Jignesh says that things like these happen in movies only. Anaita killing you two and committing suicide. Veer drags Anaita to all of them and Sohani asks if she is Okay, Anaita says that she is not and tries to walk again. Sohani asks Karan to take Ria and Anaita home while Veer says that leave her with me I will handle her. Jignesh says that how can you say it Ria and Anaita are great friends and they should spend time together. Anaita says to Jignesh that what are you talking about I am no one’s friend as I took her life while Veer tells Sohani to take her to the car. He says that this is why I told you to let her be with me because if she is with you she would keep singing this. Karan agrees with and Veer asks of how he got hurt and where the bandage is from Jignesh asks well and Veer leaves. Karan says that I will tell you and can’t understand that we were the best of friends and she took the life of two lovers.

Precap: Veer says to Anaita that if you get out of here you will try to commit suicide again as you already dead to me and if I leave no one will come to save you this time. He gives her a bottle of poison and says that drink it if you want while Anaita says there is nothing in this, Veer says that if there isn’t then go ahead and she drinks it while Sohani is watching on a computer.

Update Credit to: Sona

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