Mastaangi 21st June 2016 Written Episode Update

Mastaangi 21st June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anaita asks Veer of what he is doing and he asks if she feels pain as Zubair hit her with the needle here. Anaita says that it doesn’t hurt and asks of how Zubair got the idea of pricking her with the needle, Anaita says that she got scared and will die now. Veer says that you didn’t now did you and tells that he gave these needles to Euro and told him that it would help Zubair escape. Zubair did the same and the cops acted on dying and Zubair thought it was poison. Karan congratulates him and says good jo while Veer brags and says that I have been doing this so long that I can fool anyone, Anaita cuts in and says not me. Veer says that I can’t as you are already a fool, she comes to hit Veer but falls in his arms instead. He picks her up and Karan and Ria are looking at the two of them and Veer tells her to stop falling on him repeatedly and balance herself. Ria giggles and Karan says that at least because of this Ria smiled. Veer also agrees and says that you saved a man and have every right to live happily, Anaita goes and hugs her.
Veer remembers Zubair’s warning that everyone child will die and says that there was bitterness in those words and we have to find the bomb. Anaita says that he said children which means school students, Karan says that Zubair said that our friends will die with us and other children as well but we are not school students. Veer says that the bomb is planted in a college and Ria remembers the blue prints she saw and says that Operation Tabahi is Steven’s college it’s obvious. Karan asks Veer at the college that all the documents are destroyed, we don’t know where the nuke is. Veer asks where Ria is and Karan says that she came to the college before us and he goes to search with her.
Anaita says to Veer that a man who didn’t back up even after his son died think of how much hate will he have for us. Veer says that we have to forget him because of what he did the police has a lot of evidence for that and we can’t do anything for that. Anaita says that what if he hid the bomb somewhere else and Veer angrily says that are you trying to save yourself from the effort of saving the bomb, hence are asking so many questions. Anaita says that her question was valid while Veer says that he doesn’t like listening to questions only answers. Anaita says that you will never change and Veer agrees with her.
Karan and Ria are looking over the college for the bomb. Ria looks at Karan and remembers when he got hurt and Bhabi told her to leave Karan if she cares for him. She then remembers how she nursed him and looked after him and got him back on his feet. Karan is done with the room and as Ria is staring at him he asks of what happened. Ria says that nothing happened and he says that you are so cute that you don’t even know how to lie and the complexion of your face changes when you try to lie. Ria says that if you are Okay than my life is Okay and when you were not good my life ended as well, she says that two days I thought if we would ever be together but after 48hours we are back where we started. Karan says that you are crazy, first you got me out of that condition and then are now amused to see me like this and are like a little girl, Ria says that Bhabi said the same and Karan says that lets start the treasure hunt again.
Veer and Anaita are looking for the bomb when Anaita says that you just told us to find the bomb, don’t know how it looks, what the size is or how the wires are shaped. She stands up and Veer tells her to stop looking at him and start working and Anaita asks of how he can tell that she is looking at him without him even seeing. Veer says that what of he has two eyes behind him and that he didn’t say anything wrong. She tells him to start working while gets and idea and says that look I found the bomb. Veer tells her to pick it as he doesn’t wants to take her credit. She picks the box and gets her hand dirty, she asks for help while he says that its your problem while I am going to find the real bomb.
Zubair is crying in the locker and remembers when he hugged Euro and how his son died with his own hands. He cries for his to come back and the officer comes and asks of why he is crying now, he says that why are you doing this now as you son is dead now than why put up this act. The police is about to walk away when he trips her and gets her gun. He says that you won’t get this back and when my son died no one called the doctor then and says that I will fire and see how much it hurts. The officer calls for back up while Zubair keeps screaming and says that Ria Serene killed my son and asks the officer for the gun and says that tell me how much it will hurt while the policemen tie him up. He keeps saying to catch Ria Serene as she killed his son.
Veer, Karan and Anaita meet and Karan says that I searched everywhere but couldn’t find anything. Veer says that I couldn’t find it as well and Karan says that Anaita is right how we will find something we don’t even know what looks like. Veer says that we don’t have time for this and don’t even know if Zubair is playing games with us. Veer gets a call from the policemen and who tells him about the update and tells him that Ria has killed Euro not him. The policeman says that you all will have to come and testify your statement. Karan says to Veer that you know that Ria didn’t kill Euro and Veer says that even the police know that but Zubair is playing games with us but we just have to go to the asylum. He assures Karan that nothing will happen to her and Karan goes to get Ria. Anaita asks of why they are going and he says that we are not going to admit you there. Karan comes to Ria and says that we have to go the mental asylum and tells him about Zubair’s statement and says that we all are with you.

Precap: At the asylum they Zubair tries to kill Ria and Karan and Ria see a woman asking for her daughter Anu and is shocked to see Ria and Karan.

Update Credit to: Sona

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