Masala cafe!!! Epi-5 (Edkv,vishkanya,iknmp and kkb)

The episode starts with Neil starts work and sees money shortage.. He calls all his friends but all phone is switched off&??;Apu comes to hospital go meet her friend.. She sees Malay there.. She comes to him and asks what happened? He tells for me stomach pain. Doctor comes there and tells food poison

Malay tells I ate lastly in masala cafe.. He was about to shout.. Apu keeps hand on his mouth.. Her hair blows. Allah warriyan plays. She tells doctor that he is my friend and I will take care.. Doctor leaves from there..Malay signs her to take hand.. She tells sorry and takes it..

Malay tells I will inform police that u and u r father have poison to me. Apu tells for that only.. I told u another way not to eat.but u ate it is u r fate!!??He tells I won’t tell it. She asks him slowly why r u smoking?

He tells my friends gave me cigarette and made me drink when I was young and I was addicted. My parents does not knew about this. Becoz they are not in the world. But I miss them so much.. He cries.. Apu also get tear eyes and tells him to calm down.. Malay tells I am trying to leave this but can’t so I am smoking 1cigarettes in a day.. If possible can u pls help me? Apu tells sure.

Abhi and pragya gets ready and stands infront of their respective mirror and smiles at it. Shravan gets ready pushing pragya.. He shouts and laughs.. Pragya calls ragini.. She comes there and sees pragya face is full of powder and she also laughs??

Precap:Abhi tells pragya that this kid is not mine.. (By assuming mirror as pragya).

Credit to: Narendran

  1. Very short

  2. Hhahahaha…..nice humor man…I meant abt d powder comedy for Prags…hahah…chanceless…..also d part where apu n malay cries na….it was lil touchy…..also d food poisoning was hilarious…hahahah

  3. Hilarious episode naren… Laughed a lot ?? poor Nile … Enjoyed apulay moment a lot.. Good going … Excited for the next episode …

  4. please give mire abhigya scene

  5. wow i like masala cafe today apulay scenes were really good and other parts were good too

  6. anna very very short epi anna
    anna if u dont mind i like to give a small suggestion. 1 or 2 tamil dialogues kudithingana konjam jolly ah irukum. i told what i felt. dont mistake me anna.

  7. gud episode!!!

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