Masala cafe!!! Epi-2 (Edkv,vishkanya,iknmp and kkb)

Thnx for u r support guys!!.
Many have one confusion that is shravan is who? He is son of Neil and ragini.. So let us start..

Neil asks ragini do u love me or not? She tells more than my life!! Allah warriyan plays.. Neil tells ragini to drink this tea for me..?Ragini tells for my stomach pain and she leaves??Neil drinks it and spits it and tells worst. Pragya comes down.. Ragini asks her do u want tiffin? Pragya nods and tells not made my papa..??Neil tells u all are joking at me.. See one day this cafe will be the best.. Then u all will ask for share. Pragya tells never and. Leaves to school.

Shravan comes there talking in mobile ragini gives him tiffin.. He thnx her and hugs and leaves from there.. He comes back and hugs Neil and leaves. Apu comes there stretching her leg.. Ragini asks her to clean all utensils for hotel!! Apu sees table and tells nobody is here so for whom I need to wash??She leaves to room.. Neil sits.. Ragini laughs.. Title track plays they share an eyelock.

Suman tells Malay to get ready fast.. He tells wait didi.. Suman keeps food on his table and tells him to have it. Malay nods his head and leaves from there and comes near some shop and gets cigarette and smokes it.Apu sees him from up and taunts his character and leaves.. Malay does not see her and comes to office and starts his work.

Pragya comes to school and starts class.. She sees on kid late.. She tells her to call u r parents!! Kid cries.. Pragya takes his ID card and calls them and tells them to come on time. Pragya leaves him inside and takes class.. Abhi gets a call saying about matter.. He tells I will handle.. He starts his Duke bike and rides fast and comes to school and comes inside.

He wears cooling glass. He asks who called me? Pragya comes there and asks u r the one? Abhi tells yes. Pragya tells him to remove the glass??Abhi tells I will not. Pragya tells u want respect? He removes. She tells that u r kid is always beating others and coming late daily. Abhi tells for that what I can do? Pragya tells him to teach u r son good values.. Abhi was about to tell that he is not kid son.. But she leaves from there

Shravan comes to company and starts his work.. Owner comes there and announces that shravan is new MD of this company all claps for him.. Shravan thnx him and sits on chair..

Precap:Abhi comes to pick up kid from school. Pragya sees him and laughs.. He asks for what u r laughing? She tells u have put the dress wrong side??He sees it and tells it is fashion!! Pragya leaves. Shravan interviews suman. Apu walks on road and clashes with malay.. Neil tells ragini that he got big contract..

Hope u all liked it bye guys..

Credit to: Narendran

  1. prag abhi ya kid oda appanu nenaichita ha ha..anna precap is superb. u r giving imp to all pairs thats nice of u. anna neil oda big contract big flop dana? ok i’ll wait. sry for long cmnt. nan konjam vayadi adan. epi nalla irunduchi.

  2. nice………..superb comment for Abi’s glass

  3. Good n funny episode … I luv each n every characters here naren… Well portrait… Oh poor Neil… ?? keep on writing… Good going….

  4. Hahaha….ur precap of abhigya is lol… an lol episode….I loved it

  5. Good one…

  6. Nice

  7. Haha lol lots of masala in masala cafe love this too my 2 fav FFs of yours horror, masala cafe btw I read ur krisnAdaasi ff my friend found it somewhere she liked it I also read I liked it and she told me to comment on her behalf so do I will check out for your Krishnadasi ff. And when r u gonna updat the IKRS n TPK combo ff love that too one of my fav and also TEI, MMZ, vishkanya combo

  8. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Fatarajo di.. I won’t write IKRS and tpk combo.. If I have time I will write.. But my other ff I like it.. So others will be posted whenever I find time. I mean free.. Aastha thnx ??And others also.. Sorry I cannot reply to all.. Becoz I need to leave outside.. I will try to send today or tmr.. Next epi will be posted..!!.sorry.

  9. Superb naren I loved the epi very much

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