I married you to save you. (SS-Part 3) ~Romaisha

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I married you to save you.
Part 3

Recap- Part 2

(Kunj’s voice)

The next day arrived rather quickly. I woke up with my cuts hurting badly. I sat up and found my breakfast infront of me. I looked around and found a note on the dressing table.
It said, “Have your breakfast and wait for me to dress your wounds again. And please DO NOT MOVE.”
I smiled and unknowingly kissed the note. Twinkle had at least grew a soft spot for me. That was a good sign.

Ahh.. I was smiling too much. I began eating and after half an hour, she appeared at the door with the first aid kit.
She came closer and started applying the ointment. I felt better to be honest, not only because i was constantly looking at her, smiling, but my scars were somehow healing. What luck yaar!
She looked up and caught my eye and we both looked away at the same time. “Good Morning Kunj,” she said softly. I nodded and smiled.
“Don’t think i have forgotten what you did to me. If you want my forgiveness, you have to help me make them admit their crimes.” I looked at her in surprise. “What?? Am i hearing right?” I asked pretending to clean my ear. “Kunj, I’m serious.” She said and i apologized. “Acha, sorry. Of course. I want you to trust me back too. Can we at least please be friends?” I asked pleadingly. She looked at me rather hesitantly so i forwarded my hand so to make the situation less weird.

“Friends, Twinkle?” She sighed. “Okay. Friends.” And shook my hand. “Now, how are we going to expose them?” She asked. “I have a plan but for that you will have to look at their every move that might arouse your suspicion.” I said and she frowned. “Huh? My suspicion? I didn’t get you.” I hesitated for a while. I knew she didn’t like me talking bad about Yuvi and Leela Aunty but i had to at least for her to trust me. “Kunj, just tell me what you have to say please.” I sighed. “Okay. They might call you aside to show some kind of document and they could distract you and you sign without even knowing what’s on the paper.”
“Ok i get your point but distract me how? I Do need to keep my guard up so you might as well explain to me how they would do it.” I was kinda surprise at Twinkle. Maybe she really did believe me else she wouldn’t be asking all of this. Anyway i was glad to have her by my side again.
“Umm, they might hand you the paper and Leela Aunty, using emotional blackmail might let you sign it. Emotional blackmail meaning she will tell you that you don’t trust your own mother and so. Yuvi might get a bit romantic with you too.” I choked at the last Part and Twinkle also looked disgusted. She got up and started packing the stuff she brought and headed to the door. Before leaving she said, “I’ll tell you if anything suspicious happens.” I nodded. “Kunj,” she called again. “Yes?” “Thanks.” She said and left the room. I smiled and left to shower.

(The next day ; At night)

Twinkle came running towards our room and slammed the door behind behind her. I could see dry tears on her face when she turned around. She looked at me and began crying. I dropped the books i had in my hand and ran to her. “Here drink this.” I said as i passed a glass of water to her. She desperately drank at and I helped her sit on the bed. “What happened?” I asked curiously and then gave her a tissue. “Yuvi did it. He showed me the paper and tried getting close to me but i pushed him away and a jug of water fell on the paper and it tore.”

I was shocked. I mean i was expecting something like this but i was hoping for it not to be that blo*dy bastard. I wanted to get up and slap him hard a hundred times. “I won’t leave yuvi.” I said angrily. Twinkle rested her head on my shoulder and cried silently. I melted. I was really very sorry for her. I wanted to wrap my hands around her but i didn’t know how to. “Twinkle?” I called i silently. “You know Kunj, i was praying and hoping that this wasn’t true. But I’m broken. All they want is my property. Oh. I havent anyone to be with me.” She said sniffing. I moved her head from my shoulder and cupped her face. “Twinkle, you aren’t alone. I’m with you nah? Then please don’t worry. I’ll handle everything.” She touched my forehead with hers and i hugged her. “Twinkle I’m sorry for what i did to you.

If you want to leave me after all of this is finished then you’re free to do so.” I said trying not to show how badly those words had hurt me. I could hear her soft breathing against my chest and i knew she was contemplating how to respond to what i said. Before i could’ve continued, the door barged open again and in walked the two least liked people in our lives. I smirked looking at their expression seeing our position. To make it worse for them, i wiped Twinkle’s tears and help her get up. “Yes maa?” She asked looking at her irritated face. “What was going on here? Everything alright Twinkle?” Yuvi butted in, “Did that thing touch you? Cause i swear I’ll..” “Swear you’ll what? Beat me? Kill me?” I said hotly. He frowned and then turned to Twinkle. “Twinkle you know you don’t have to stay with him. You can come in our room and sleep with out any disturbances.” He said and started aiming for me. I was also waiting for him so come on b*t*h, come on! But before Yuvi could raise his hand at me, Twinkle ran between us and pushed him away. “I’ll stay with my husband, thank you very much.”

Yuvi looked shocked and angry, “Teri tuh..” He was ready for Twinkle and i was ready for him again but Leela stopped him. “I don’t know what has gone into Twinkle but anyway. One of my business associates has invited us to a party and you can bring your husband along if you want. I really don’t care. Yuvi let’s go.” They both looked at me and smirked and then i realized, this was another one of their cheap plans. “Twinkle, We have to be careful. I think they plotted something real big this time.” I said and she asked, “What do you mean? You saw the look too?” I nodded. “Yes, yes i did. But i don’t have any idea what they’re up to.” I frowned. This was worse than i thought. “Listen let’s think about this tomorrow. I’m going to bed. Coming?” Twinkle asked. “Huh? Oh yea, I’m coming.” I said not listening. What the hell was their plan? “Twinkle I’m coming back, you rest.”

Damn, its so hard to think with all this heat. I left the room and went to the terrace to think and figure out their plan. Good thing i had my laptop on me. I searched for “Business parties” and found one that was happening the day after tomorrow- Ms Yami Samrat. So they weren’t lying about the party. But what are they going to do? God damn it yaar! Ughh. Suddenly i heard silent laughter behind me and i turned around only to find Leela Aunty standing behind me. “Up late i see.” She said. “Yes. You’re also up.” I said glaring at her. “Well, the night is my best friend, whom would i tell my life to if not nature?”

I smiled, “Ha! Your life? That meant all your evil plots and schemes and plans and all of that. Don’t worry nature will give you back your answer soon. Its listening to every word u say and shall give its reponse. The devil doesn’t work with nature, he works inside of you. God is the one with stars and the moon. No one else but Him.”
“Oh? And how do u no the devil is within me?” She asked casually.

“Because you’re greedy. Greed is the only thing that’s bad for your health. Quit it yaar. Too much money won’t get you anywhere.” For some reason i thought putting some sense into her head might help her change but i saw no change of expression in her face so i decided to leave the terrace and not waste my time on her. Before leaving i said, “And whatever you’re planning at that party, I’ll make sure Twinkle doesn’t get hurt or fall into your traps.” And i stormed out, leaving raging eyes of fire, behind.

Hey guys!!
Haa haa late again.. But atleast i posted! ??
Sorry yaar guys, I’ve been taken up alot but since i have time I’ll post.

So its been days since i came here and i saw that most of u have a yashu special episode so yashu, happy birthday yaar ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
And i no i missed alot more birthdays so .. Here’s my treat 🙂

Enjoy!! ??

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  1. Chiku

    Hey romuuuu jaan
    Glaad to see u back. Woaaah its amazing. Finally twinkle believed kunj. I am soo very happy. Wooaaah its lovely. I am loving it. Seriously u r outstanding.
    Plzzz post next soon
    Love u??

  2. Sohi

    Yaar romaisha the ss is awesome but plz post your ff iam dieing to read it plz post it soon otherwise I will not comment ? about the ff liked twinkles concern for kunj do continue and post both ff and ss soon

  3. Romaisha I was waiting for your ff only. Lovely yaar! So well written do post regularly. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee

  4. Rashiverma2199

    Wow….awesome episode…. Loved twinj bond going closer…..

  5. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous epi….finally twinkle believing kunj….

  6. Amazing…nxt epi seems interesting plzzz try to post nxt asap…

  7. Awesome amazing fabulous episode romaisha loved it pldsss asap dear

  8. Kritika14

    Hey Romaisha,
    This was amazing! But I have a question. Like you see, it’s great that twinkle is trusting kunj again but what made her trust him all over again when she couldn’t hear a single word against Leela and Yuvraj? I’m really curious to know the reason behind this. Moreover, the bonding b/w twinkle and kunj was superb. I loved it! Hoping that you post soon!

    Lovess! xx

    1. Ria

      Aye Stupid,
      Don’t you remember that in the previous post. Yuvraj lied to Twinkle of oil being spilt on the kitchen floor whereas she checked there wasn’t any. That’s when she started trusting Kunj. Stupid?

      1. Kritika14

        Oh yes! Thank you! I legit forgot about it ??

  9. Angel20

    Hey Romaisha,
    It was super duper! Way beyond awesome! I just loved it, your descriptions and each and everything was splendid! And btw how many shots are left? I’m very eager to read the next one! The mysterious party!! So please post the next one soon!

    With Love <3

  10. Ria

    Hey Romaisha,
    This shot was just amazing. I lived it so much. I’m glad that Twinkle started trusting Kunj all over again and things are setting back to normal. Although I’m afraid what Leela and Yuvi will do, but kinda happy. Okay, post soon may be?? I’ll be waiting.

    Also, what about your ff? Post it too. Where’s Twinkle? I’m waiting.

    Loads of love?

  11. Anshikajainn

    U r amazing

  12. SidMin

    Loved it too good 🙂 I just loved it 🙂 Twinkle is with Kunj now good to see that 🙂 Post soon 🙂 Love you 🙂

  13. Hi I m silent reader ur all ff…….where r u girl u don’t no how i missed u and ur ff…….I love ur ff very much…….I always remember ur ff and thought when u post ur ff…..its been long time plssssssssssss post ur ff i miss it very much……..and today’s episode was awesome and beautiful…… luv it very much yaar……. Twinj concerns 4 each others was awesome and tw started trusting kunj again and let’s see what’s leela and uvs plan…….and plsss give some romance and all if u want…..hehehe…..and plsssss whenever u get time post soooon ur both ff…..luv u a lodsss….tc…byyyy……..

  14. Kruti

    Hey dear
    The epi was just amazing….sorry haan busy hoon lamba comment nahi de sakti

    Pls post ur ff nd d next part soon

    Loads of love??

  15. Aanya_pandey

    Really good it ws yrr

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