It was the first day of the college and the girls were hell excited. They reach the college with Aryan who goes to attend his classes.

“Let’s go and explore the college. We have time for our classes to begin.” Prachi proposed.

“No yaar, I have to submit some documents to the Principal.” Shahana said.

“Good morning. I can go for a college tour with Prachi.” Rahul said entering the college.

“Ok. But call us as soon as your work gets over. We will go to the class together.” Prachi said.

Prachi and Rahul set out on a college tour where they came across a group of boys. They began commenting on Prachi.

“Such a beautiful piece” said boy 1.

“I think she is a fresher.” boy 2 pointed.

“She’s so hot n s*xy.” boy 3 said in a disgusting tone.

Rahul looses his cool and was about to hit them when a girl came and stopped him. She went to talk with the boys.

“Apologize to her immediately else the consequences won’t be good.” she threatened.

“Why? Is she your sister?” a boy asked.

“Not mine. But if you come to know whose sister is she, you would regret your behavior.” she said.

“Whose sister is she?” another boy was curious.

“She’s Prachi……The sister of Aryan.” she declared.

The boys looked shocked. They said sorry to Prachi and promised that it would never happen again. They fled from there.

“Thank you err……” Prachi stopped as she didn’t know the name of the girl.

“I’m Dimpy. Aryan’s classmate.” she introduced herself.

“Thank you Dimpy di.”

Pakhi comes at that moment and sees Dimpy with Prachi and Rahul.

“What the hell are you doing here Dimpy?” she asked angrily.

“Some boys were teasing Prachi, so I thought of helping her.” she replied.

“Aryan, Ranbir and I are sufficient for helping her. She doesn’t need you. Leave from here.” Pakhi ordered.

Dimpy made a poker face and trotted off.

“Why did you speak rudely to her, di? She really helped us.” Prachi was confused.

“What else can be expected from this thick head.” Rahul commented.

“Shut up you idiot. She’s Dimpy and is trying to woo Aryan since long. I’m damn sure she asked the boys to tease you so that she can impress Aryan through you.” Pakhi explained.

Rahul looked surprised while Prachi chuckled.

“Ok guys. See you later.” Pakhi said and went towards the canteen.

Ranbir called Aryan and told him to come to the canteen.

“Why did you call me here? Don’t we have classes?” Aryan asked.

“Everyone is busy preparing for the freshers party, so our class got canceled today.” Ranbir informed.

“Oh! Where is Pakhi?” he enquired.”

“God knows. She asked me call you and come here and is herself missing.”

“I have some important news for you guys.” Pakhi announced. “I’ll be out of station till Friday, so the both of you have to take the entire responsibility of the freshers party.”

“What! We have never done it without you!” Aryan exclaimed.

“I know. But the work is urgent. I’ll be in contact via phone.” Pakhi said.

“Wait a minute. Why am I being included in it? Aryan is the Cultural Head and you are in his team but why are yo including me? I won’t do anything.”

Pakhi looked as if she would murder him. “You will, because you are the General Secretary. I bet you had forgotten it.”

“Hehe……” Ranbir smiled sheepishly.

“Don’t you dare mess anything or I’ll skin you alive.” she threatened.

The boys surrendered and promised to do everything perfectly.

Meanwhile, Shahana was walking in the corridor. When some seniors stopped her.

“Now who’s this shorty in our college?” boy 1 mocked.

“Looks like she is a fresher.” boy 2 said.

“She is a fresher.” girl 1 replied.

“What your name girl?” girl 2 asked.

“Shahana…..” she answered.

“Where are your manners? Hasn’t anyone taught you that you should tell your full name to seniors?” girl 1 said cupping her face.

“Shahana Khanna. Now excuse me.” she said jerking her face away.

“What’s the hurry Miss Attitude? Entertain us before leaving, we are getting bored.” boy 1 said blocking her path.

“I’m not your servant.” she said angrily.

Girl 1 was about to hit her when Aryan appeared there.

“What’s going on here?” he asked sternly. “Are you ok?” he asked Shahana.

“We were having some fun with the fresher. You mind your own business.” boy 2 said.

“I was talking to her. Go to your class all of you and if I see even one of you near her again, I swear I’ll not spare any of you.” he said dangerously.

They got scared and went away from there.

“Are you fine?” he asked softly.

“Ye…..Yes……I…..I have….to….g…go” she shuttered and ran away.

“Did I ask something wrong?” Aryan thought.

Ranbir was searching for Prachi when he saw her in the library. She had her ear pods on and was reading a book. He entered the library, picked up a random book and sat in front of her. Prachi was so engrossed in reading that she did not notice him.

“Prachi…..” he whispered trying to get her attention.

Prachi was listening to music, so couldn’t hear him. He tried several times but was unsuccessful. At last he got so frustrated that he shouted out her name. This time not Prachi but the entire library was staring at him.

“Did I do something wrong?” he asked.

“Mr. Ranbir, this is a library not a playground. You are supposed to keep silence here.” the librarian said strictly.

“Sorry ma’am. As I don’t come to the library usually, I had forgotten about it.” Ranbir said sheepishly.

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