my married life – episode 10

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Previous part is dedicated for Ragini’s Rasoi.. check it if you have missed:

Friends, this Ragini has hacked my signal..!! that’s why, I have blocked her… (don’t worry. She may enter in middle at any time..!!)

Hahaha… *becoming evil like her..!*
So today, Laksh is here to tell the story..

‘I woke up early as everyday and maa has informed me that we are going for a trip and asked us to get ready soon. Now, I have to wake her.

Why this kind of dangerous adventure I have to do everyday..??
I prayed to all gods and approached her to wake her, I touched her hand.

But, her body is very hot. I checked her forehead. I understood she is suffering with fever. She can’t come with us now.

Then my imagination started…

I’m staying back for her in home. All my family goes to trip. Now, the chance of staying alone with her in home..!!
Excited… excited like an idiot..!

Then I will start taking care of her. I will feed her… I will give her tablets… then, then…
Happy tears appear in her eyes…
She will hug me… telling.. ‘I love you Laksh..!!’
My married love begins..!!

@@@ imagination end..! @@

She then just woke. She was worrying about doing Yoga. I was about to tell her about trip, just then my mom came. She asked me to get ready alone. I nodded head and I was about to go out to tell that I wanted to stay back with Ragini.

Then I heard her voice.

“Mr. Veera Venkata Satya Siva Prasada Lakshya Maheswari..!!”

It is first time she is calling my name, I turned back.

She was panting. Of course, my big name always makes people to pant.

She: what is the trip..? and, why didn’t you tell me..??
She asked as a CID officer to an criminal. I gulped.

Me: I just came to know about it..!! moreover, you got fever right..!!

Then she took out an onion from her hand and threw it on bed.

“It’s onion fever..!!!!” she shouted.

I was shocked. She closed her mouth suddenly with hands and peeped out through door, to check if anyone heard. She then closed the door.

She gave a glare at me.
She: why did you tell I got fever..?? now, I have to drop from trip..!!

Me: then why did you keep onion..??

She shouted: that’s my own problem man…!! I wanted to escape yoga..!

I got laugh. I was controlling my laugh under my lips.

She: don’t laugh..!!

Now I busted into laugh.

She: I said stop it..!!

But, I was still laughing for her childish innocence.

She: Mr. Veera….

She is about to say my name again..
Me: call me Laksh…

She looked at me.

Me: people who love me calls me just Laksh..!!

She crossed her hands on her tummy.
‘I want to go to trip too..!!’

What is she thinking..? trip means entertainment or enjoying..? it’s a trip to a village..!! which is 1,700 kms far away from here..!! that is a family trip for a week. It’s of course entertaining, but… I wanted to stay with her alone all 7days..!! and she wanted to go..?? it is just 3rd day of our marriage..!!

I wanted to explain her…

Me: ragini, I’m going to stay with you…

She: if you want to stay, stay back..!! but, I want to goooooooooooo…..!!!!!!!!

She stressed that, ‘GO’ word.

‘This is my word. My word is the order..!!’ I remembered Sivagami’s dialogue in Bahubali. Same applies here with Ragini..!

Then I went to mom. I said her we are coming too. She agreed.

The luggage packing everything is finished in time.. it was a trip for one week. That too for south a village…where my mom’s family stays… and, we are going for sankrathi celebrations.

I was telling her…but she was busy in getting excited..!!
I still don’t understand…what she is thinking..??


The journey started..!!

With Sanskar involvement me and Ragini are alone in one car. He is a love guru..he can do anything..!!

Adarsh bhai pari bhabhi maa papa in one car. Swara Sanskar chachi and chote papa in one car…

But… me alone with Ragini… for next 21 hours..!!
Along the long way,.,…
A long drive…..

So, much time..!! Just alone with her.
My heart just raised a bit and fell down when she entered into car. She is wearing a green and red combination lehenga. I didn’t understand the feelings in her eyes..
She is happy..??


Or nothing..??

I have already planned what to talk with Ragini.

I wanted to tell her about my childhood… my activities…my achievements…
It’s not like I have to tell them…In middle of talks, I wanted to tell her that I love her…

So, Laksh… get ready…

Our cars started. It was just 7’o clock in morning. We have reached the main road. Traffic is less…

So… I’m ready to say….


“Hello maaa….!!!” My beautiful ghost’s voice.

She is talking to her mom.

“Maaaa…we are going for a trip..!! South India…!!! To relatives house…!!! It’s a green village..!!!” She was excited like hell.

Then with dadi..then with shekar uncle. I don’t know whether their ears are fine or not.. but my ears drums are blasting here.

I never expected she has such a loud vocal cord. Mikes are not needed for her… and her laugh…. we can keep it as alarm tone..!

Haha…I’m just joking. Her voice is ferocious voice for everyone… but I have only listened girlish in it. Yes…!!! Only I have right to identify it..!!

She has at least talked for 45 minutes with her family. And I was getting I’m patient. I want to talk with her..!!!

At last she kept the phone.

Her phone… RIP..!

hmm….now, there is a silence prevailed for few minutes. We have reached outskirts of Kolkata.

I was about to open my mouth again… she again took her phone as if she remembered something.

She started calling for her friends…
“Hai sumathi…kumathi…indumathi… druthi… sristi.. siri..virinchi..”
they are her friends. Are you thinking how I remembered their names..?

For a dialogue starting and ending she was using their names. And…every name ends with ‘I’ same as her name… Raginiiiiiiii…!!!

I wanted to break her phone. But, it was already dead listening to her voice nonstop.

I have asked her straight… “give some rest to that phone..!!”

She opened her mouth… “what to do..?? I’m feeling tensed when I’m alone with you..!! That’s why I’m calling to all…!!”

What…?? What did she say just now..! She is feeling nervous being alone with me…!!!
That means… probably she likes me..!!!

I looked at her… she sealed her mouth as she said something which she is not supposed to say… bcz…her feelings are out..!!

She turned away her face…she was looking out through window… she has covered her face in ghunghat…!

No..!! I want to see her face. Especially, her red cheeks face in shy…! I pressed the window button and the window at her side is opened.

The wind entered into car as storm… her ghunghat fell from her head, reveling her cute little soft chocolate vanilla strawberry face…. but she is sleeping…!!

God…. she should get best sleeping beauty award in world..!!!

Guys… be ready to appreciate my poetry now…

Her eyes are cherry…
Lips are strawberry..!!

Wah waa…wah waa…

Her hair is black
Like the dark night…

Super machi..super..!!

Her nose is sharp…
It’s a mountain top..!!

Amazing bro…!! Amazing..!!

Hmm…I’m feeling romantic….very very romantic…. and…!! I want to tell you a top secret in this situation…!!!

Shhhh…!!! Ragini should never know this….!!!!

Do you want to know that….

It is…..


Ok….. let’s go into flash back…..

Fb start…

It was day before our marriage. My love guru my bro Sanskar forced me to propose Ragini before marriage. I’m going to get married her in 8 more hours. I have less time…!!!

So, that mid night..,we went to her house. Sanskar waited down. I climbed the stairs and went into her balcony. I brought a rose with me.

So, now I have to propose her..!! But, she is sleeping. Very peacefully. I know, if world war 3 also happens she won’t wake up..!

This stupid cupid Sanskar won’t leave me until I say…

What to do…? Shall I lie..?? No…!!! Veera venkata satya siva prasada Lakshya Maheswari never lied…!!!

Never ever…!!

So, I have only choice of proposing..!!

I went into her room. She covered herself in bed sheet. I went slowly near her… and with shivering hands removed the blanket.

I expected to see her moon face…. but I saw…


yes…!!! She has kept a monkey fur doll under her bed sheet.

Is she crazy…??? Of course she is crazy… we all know that…!!!!

I looked for her around…! I went near window thinking that she might gone somewhere again…

But, the window is closed. I turned back…!!!

I was shocked at once… “aaaa…” i was about to shout but closed my mouth tightly with my hand. I saw a ghost…!!!

She is in white dress.

Of course, it’s not a ghost. It’s Ragini. She was looking somewhere as lost and she is walking as zombie. I was walking behind her..,

Oh…she has sleep walk habit..!!

She is walking and she got struck to wall…she was trying to go through the wall…. how she can go…??

I just held her shoulders and turned her other side. She walked as zombie again and came to bed. She sat on bed. And slept as if someone did hypnotism on her…

Guys….you are feeling it so simple right..!!! But, my shirt became total wet with sweat looking at her different angle..!

She hugged her monkey doll and slept.

I took my breath in relief… I covered her in bed sheet. I looked at her face closely. She is very beautiful…!!! Awesome as anything…!!!

I can’t resist…!!! I moved near her… very nearest to her…. our faces are too close…..

“LUCKY..!!!!!” Ragini shouted suddenly. ..,

(Sudden end of flash back with sudden entry of Ragini…)

I was driving properly. I was not about to hit a lorry or a tree. Then why did she shout..?? I didn’t react much..!! I never react too much for anything…

Bcz… I’m very balanced you know..!!

‘What happened Ragini..??’

She didn’t answer me and looked at back seat.

By the way…… WHO THE HELL THIS LUCKY IS…??????

Keep thinking……

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