I am married to don (epi-12)

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Sanskar point of view
I am extremely confused with everything one side doctor confirmed that swara’s blood match with killer it’s confirmed she is psycho killer another side pancchi said she innocent and her life is in danger. …yeah pancchi told about doctor sunil mehta
Sanskar rushed to hospital hurriedly
As I rushed towards reception their is no one ….but I have to find doctor sunil mehta. …only he can give the answer to my confusion and problem. …as i moved forward i saw Dr sunil mehta name plate but why this much people outside his cabin i move forward. ..ground below my foot has vanished because Mr mehta is lying on the structure some one has shooted him i asked to one of the man standing he told me some group of goons came and shooted him and burn all documents …….I slowly moved out of hospital
Everything is messed my last hope was dr mehta. ……. . . Now what everything is messed up again i am back from where I started. …I received call from Laksh he asked me to come to mm As soon as possible …..seriously my mind is saying now what. ….I am not in state to get new shock more
Sanskar point of view end

In mm
Sanskar comes in side and see all are standing on hall and shemish also swara comes towards sanskar
Swara-sanskar where are you. ….
Sanskar -i have some work what happen all are gathered here
Swara-don’t know Laksh asked us to do so. ..u have idea
Sanskar -he also called me that’s why I am here
All here screaming voice of Ragini ..all shock to see the scenario Laksh is dragging Ragini and throw her but before her stomach hits the floor sanskar holds her
Sanskar holds Laksh collar
Sanskar -are you out of your mind. ..she is pregnant with your child Laksh
Laksh -teary eye bhai she is cheater bhai she has aborted my first child bhai ….if bhabhi doesn’t told to change ourself she mite abort my second child also
Sumi -Laksh beta forget about past and move forward with present forgive her
Laksh -aunty if I say she is the one who killed your grandchildren and reason for your son and daughter in law death
All shocks Ap came near Laksh and gives tight slap to Laksh
Ap-what nonsense you are saying my child ishita was killed by Ragini …..are u drunk
Laksh -noooooooooooooooo maa I am telling truth …….and bhai she is the sister of sahil and that bustard sahil tried to molest ishita di……
Sanskar holds Laksh collar
Sanskar – what nonsense are you saying
Ragini tears where flowing from her eyes because she knows she will loose her everything today ….Ragini wipes her tears
Ragini -sanskar bhaiya Laksh is telling the truth because of me your nephews died
Sumi comes forward and holds Ragini’s shoulders
Sumi -what was my grandchildren did with you why you killed them
Ragini -???aunty my sorry will not lesser your pain still I am asking apology from u……I planted that bomb for dp sir
Ragini -yes u are right Laksh I am Ragini sen gupta sister of sahil. …I came here for revenge for dp sir my brother told me that he is the reason for parents death i was angry because of u all our family destroyed so I want destroy u all but by the time I know you didn’t killed my parents everything was gone out of my hand by the time reach to save di and jiju they were killed
Ap-you have killed my children
All where blaming Ragini cruelly….swara is standing as lifeless statue and sanskar is noticing her….finally sanskar bust out
Sanskar -jiju is killed by swara
and tell about the proof and blood test matching and psycho killer matter also

Its another shock for all
Shekhar -swara how could you kill you’re own brother …didn’t your hand shake for once
Sumi -why swara he loved u like his child how could you
All started taunting swara..so finally she bust out
Swara-i killed him because he asked me to do so …have u heard all of u….I killed him because he asked me do so
Flashback ends
A boy of 12 sitting on couch seeing a photo in album with tears In his eyes.it has been 4 yrs di .. .
2 small children(both are girls ) of 3 years sitting in front of him
Girl -ayush manu who is this
Ayush-my di….swara
Girls-where she know
Ayush-she is with god…..?????
Girl-how what was she doing their
Ayush -she was angry with us na …enough know shivangi and shivanya get ready your maa is waiting for u
Shivanya -no we want to here then rest story
Shivangi -we will go to school tomorrow
Voice -shivangi &shivanya get ready babies and Ayush u also get ready for college
Both children run away
Ayush -Ragini di today I have only afternoon class …so I will go afterwards
Ragini -okay but get ready. ….
Ayush -okay di
Ragini -by hiding your pain you cant overcome it Ayush. .missing swara
Ayush -today 4 yrs ago everything changed I lost my swara di u lost your every thing …..and that creep dp is in jail
Ragini -how can I forget this inauspicious day ….Ayush
Ayush -di forget it you go and get ready.sparsh must be up and ..jiju must be coming …and one member is also coming na after 7 months
Ragini -shaitan ..rukh
Ayush run away Ragini follow him they both comes to hall where shivanya and shivangi are sitting and having breakfast Ayush pump to someone Ayush and the person smiles and hugs each other but Ragini and children smile faints
Ayush -adarsh jiju
Adarsh -saale sahab after a long tym you came here does any mistake happen with us
Ayush -no jiju not like that it’s my di’s in law and moreover mom is not well
Adarsh -how many times I told u all to come here and stay
Ayush -jiju
Adarsh -okay I am not saying anything but u should stay here for a month at least
Ayush-jiju know i have to go but after exams I will definitely
Adarsh hugs Ayush …..and Ayush bid bye to them and goes adarsh give angry look to kids they left their breakfast incomplete and goes to school and servant also leave the house
Ragini point of view
I can’t tell Ayush that I and my little children are living in hell they are treated …I served him food he sitted on chair and eaten first bit and spite it out
Adarsh -what’s this yeak my mouth flavour is spoiled ……don’t you know to cook does ur mom teach
Ragini -but I have tasted it. ..it not bad
Adarsh through the food on Ragini ‘s face .Ragini scream …adarsh go inside his room. ….Ragini clean herself and goes Inside the room ….where adarsh is sitting on a chair and drinking wine …Ragini close the door and undress herself and lies on bed ….then adarsh also undress himself. …..then the house is filled by Ragini ‘s screams all after 5 hrs adarsh sleeps. …Ragini gets up and goes Inside washroom
Ragini see herself in mirror her body is saying as few minutes before an animal had done his haunt for pray

Frnds you can choose profession for them …….according to your wish

Recap -Laksh emotionally break Ragini

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    So emotional dear….!!!!!! Continue soon…..!!!!!!

  3. Rosey

    I’m so much confused yaar I mean suddenly Swara’s death I think she is alive plz post next sooner and clear our confusion

  4. Malika

    what!! im shocked after reading this news!! swara kill adarsh and ragini is the sister of sahil!!! laksh is removing ragini out of home!! everyone is taunting swaragini!! im getting scared !! please do not separate the pairs!! feeling bad for both girls !! im seriously reading this story for the first time!! PREGNANT ragini !! she abort her first child and now she is pregnant of her second child!! what a shock you give me!! im damm speechless!! waiting for next ep to know more information!! and what i am reading ragini and adarsh!! * cries* ragini suffered lotsss! what a twist and turn!! please update soon i am excited!! keep smiling and stay blessed!

  5. Rabia

    but u never told beforee that the swasan part is a flashback and now suddenly u said flashback ends?? how?? plzz remove this confusion in next epi

  6. emotional..tc..

  7. Maryum

    Very confusing yar dont now what happening

  8. Awesome dear

  9. Kakali

    Krishna..!! U made me confuse..!! plz clear everything in next part..!! Hope u will do so..otherwise i won’t be able to read..!! sorry if i hurt u..!! Thnk u.. ;-*

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  11. Im confused… is swara alive or dead??? And confused with the past also… pls post next update soon…

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    Awesome…. Somewhat confused

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    From where this adarsh come?? ?

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  16. Shifa96

    Nice but it’s confusing

  17. Sweeta

    A big shocking episode. …….nd little confusing too…..

  18. Hadi

    what the hell!!! What u did u killed Swara how can u ufff can’t understanding anything if Swara is died in this ff thn u had to told us before I was waiting for swasan love story n ushow her death

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